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Altimeter’s Disruption Strategy Open Research State of Research and Consulting

Altimeter’s Disruption Strategy
Focus primarily on digital disruption impacting organizations across
Give away great research on digital disruption for free under Creative Commons.
Typical readership of a report is 100,000 versus a few thousand for technology
research firms
Greater readership means more feedback and input from the ecosystem,
reducing research costs and improving quality
Speaking generates not only high-margin revenues but also markets ideas and
the firm broadly
Exposure to large audiences also generates more research touch points, further
lower costs and improving quality
Not a key focus for either Industry Research or Management Consulting firms
Introduce consulting offerings based on research-driven assessment and best
Focus on common pain points caused by disruptions that can be addressed by a
central database of frameworks
Bundle deliverables into larger strategy consulting projects and supplement with
consultants dedicated to focusing on client deliverables