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The Future Of Social Networks

  1. The Future Of Social Networks Charlene Li Vice President & Principal Analyst Co-author of Groundswell Forrester Research March 4, 2008
  3. They are online with their social networks
  5. Theme Social networks will be like air.
  6. My multiple identities
  7. My Facebook social graph Missing Colleagues Parents Extended family School parents Neighbors Babysitter Walking group
  8. My real social graph is much more complex
  9. Let’s end the insanity
  10. Relationships today are explicit – and a pain Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Plaxo
  11. New “entrants” will challenge the incumbents Millions of regular users Search & deep content Ad and content networks Relationship maps
  12. Relationship mapping will be automatic and permission-based
  13. What people do today on social networks
  14. Dave has a nice book review on Facebook
  15. But it would be more helpful on Amazon “ See friends’ reviews”
  16. How Yahoo! could incorporate social networks Search based on what my friends finds relevant See which of my friends owns a Focus – and what they think of it Compare daily portfolio performance to friends’ Elevate stories tagged by friends – anywhere
  17. The under-rated value of networks
  18. Evolution of open platforms Walled garden services Portal aggregators 1993 1999 2003 2008-9 2013 Search freedom Data portability Ubiquitous social networks
  19. Thank you Charlene Li +1 650.581.3833 [email_address]