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The Future of Work: Social and Mobile Technologies That Matter

Webinar by Charlene Li on June 8, 2012. Audio recording and slides also available at http://learn.gotomeeting.com/060812-NA-G2MC-WBR-SM?ID=70150000000YDip

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The Future of Work: Social and Mobile Technologies That Matter

  1. 1 The Future Of Work Social and Mobile Technologies That Will MatterJune 8, 2012#futureofworkCharlene LiFounder and Principal Analyst@charleneli
  2. The connected customer sees the world differently, requiring 2 dynamic, real-time engagement© 2011 Altimeter Group
  3. 3 Meeting the needs of Dynamic Customers requires Adaptive Organizations Rigid Organizations Adaptive Organizations© 2011 Altimeter Group
  4. Four Technologies That Matter© 2011 Altimeter Group 2012
  5. Work Gets Fun Thanks To Gamification© 2011 Altimeter Group 2012
  6. Making work “fun” has been an age-old pursuit© 2011 Altimeter Group
  7. 7 Enterprise apps aren’t exactly “fun”!© 2011 Altimeter Group
  8. 8 Reward points for specific behaviors© 2011 Altimeter Group
  9. 9 Badges drive achievement levels Deloitte uses the program to train clients and consultants, awarding virtual badges and allowing users to “unlock” more complex courses as they advance.© 2011 Altimeter Group
  10. 10 LiveOps Inc., which runs virtual call centers, uses gamification to help improve performance of its 20,000 independent contractor call agents. LiveOps gives out virtual badges and points for tasks such as keeping calls brief and closing sales. Leaderboards let the agents compare their achievements.© 2011 Altimeter Group
  11. 11 Poll: How likely is your organization to deploy internal gamification in the next 12 months? 1. We already use gamification. Yipee! 2. We have plans to do this. Fingers are crossed. 3. We are looking into it. Fingers are double- crossed. 4. It’s not anywhere on the horizon, but there’s hope on the horizon. 5. Bah-humbug! There’s a reason why work is called “work”.© 2011 Altimeter Group
  12. Rich Mobile Apps Make Selective Appearances© 2011 Altimeter Group 2012
  13. 13 Enterprise Mobility Takes Various Forms Corporate Field Complex Information Collaboration Computing Access Goal: Goal: Goal: On the go access to Gathering, collection Access to a full common information. and collaboration of computing experience, information gathered from anywhere. in the field.© 2011 Altimeter Group
  14. 14 Executive dashboard for iPads Source: Quadbase© 2011 Altimeter Group
  15. 15 Bass Pro Shops is deploying a mobile sales learning program with iPads (via OnPoint Digital) The program is intended to replace the current online training, done on a shared workstation in the break room.© 2011 Altimeter Group
  16. 16 Rehab care uses tablets to bring information to patients in new ways© 2011 Altimeter Group
  17. 17 Chatter allows any employee to share expertise anywhere, at any time Chatter “turns the company into a meritocracy,” according to Marc Benioff, who said SalesForce is “changing the compensation systems to reflect the folks who are really making a difference.”© 2011 Altimeter Group
  18. Device and Interactions Get Smarter© 2011 Altimeter Group 2012
  19. 19 My smartphone isn’t very smart Who do I talk with most Prioritize my Add travel time Respond to quickly contacts based based on my Or ignore completely on behavior locations© 2011 Altimeter Group
  20. 20 What would you do with a Watson in your pocket? “By the end of this decade, the equivalent of Watson will fit in our pocket.” – Dr. John Kelly© 2011 Altimeter Group
  21. 21 21© 2011 Altimeter Group
  22. Social Data Remakes Workflows© 2011 Altimeter Group 2012
  23. 23 Enterprise Social Networks Provide Context© 2011 Altimeter Group
  24. 24 Performance reviews today “So, what have you done “Well, I did that big for the last year?” project last October and in June I went to a conference.”© 2011 Altimeter Group
  25. 25 Constant feedback on enterprise social networks change performance reviews • Information creation increases • Data captured implicitly • Data readily accessible &used© 2011 Altimeter Group
  26. 26 Performance reviews in the future “Looking at your activity, “Yes, and you can see it appears youve really that at first they didnt gained the support of the back in October.” IT team for our plan.”© 2011 Altimeter Group
  27. How to Prepare© 2011 Altimeter Group 2012
  28. 28 #1 Establish your Enterprise Mobile Control Plane Mobile Business Case Governance Technology Workforce Control Plane© 2011 Altimeter Group
  29. 29 Control Is The Foundation Of Mobile Business Corporate Field Complex Information Collaboration Computing Access Need: Need: Need: Content Collaboration Consumption Mobile Control Plane Governance Technology Mobile Device Service Policy Ownership Management Management Data Identity & Access Synchronization Management© 2011 Altimeter Group
  30. 30 #2 Assess your Social Business Maturity 5. Holistic • Enterprise goals 4. Strategic • Chief Social Business Officer • Business unit 3. Formalized goals • Multiple hub & • Department spoke 2. goals Engagement • Hub and spoke 1. Presence • Two-way • # of fans and conversations followers • Dept specialists • Corp comm or agency Poll: Where are you in terms of social business maturity?© 2011 Altimeter Group
  31. 31 #3 Create a coherent social business strategy 3. 1. 2. Strategy Organizational Discovery Development Development Determine goals and objectives Establish three year Hub & Spoke vision creation Assess readiness Develop and Listening roadmap prioritize initiatives Competitive and opportunity analysis Lay out the three Understand dynamic Training roadmap year roadmap customer journey© 2011 Altimeter Group
  32. 32 #4 Invest in training But most organizations will spend less than $25,000 on social media training© 2011 Altimeter Group
  33. 3 Offer training at all levels of the organization Center of Executives Excellence Business Employees Units 2011© 2012 Altimeter Group
  34. 34 #5 Prepare for changes in information flow and decision making Rigid Organizations Adaptive Organizations© 2011 Altimeter Group
  35. Develop the ability to give up the need to be in control© 2011 Altimeter Group
  36. © 2011 Altimeter Group 2012