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MTX Solutions

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MTX Solutions

  1. 1. Smart City, Smart Energy 1. Company Introduction MTX SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS is a high-tech energy management company registered in Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of energy use and to reduce the overall cost of energy in Canada, China and other countries around the globe. MTX Smart Energy Solutions aims to synergize the energy we use in working, studying and living every day to create a green, low carbon footprint, healthy, lifestyle. MTX creates practical application of clean technology in energy management to create strong, sustainable economic development in both Canada and China. The company has been working closely with the Ontario provincial and the Canadian federal governments, some provincial and municipal governments of China and State agencies. MTX has established a strategic partnership with the Mars Discovery District as a part of the “Science and Technology Business Incubator Centre of Canada 2015”. MTX provides extraordinary solutions to improve the living environment of citizens, primarily the environmental conditions in China through a number of science and technology outreach projects. In particular, the “Electric Energy to Natural Gas” project will enable China to launch itself into applications that are greener and more efficient which will revolutionize the energy industry. MTX has great prospects after acquiring DR. YOU-ZHI TANG, a leading industry professional recognized by the Canadian government as the pioneer of “low carbon” solutions, as President of the company. With our innovative staff and well-recognized leaders, MTX will redefine smart energy solutions. As an expert in energy and clean technology, Dr. Tang has over 30 years of experience in environmental protection and clean technology integration. In the past 10 years, Dr. Tang has contributed to numerous cooperative projects in Science and Technology between China and Canada. Since the beginning of 2015, Dr. Tang has been leading the MTX team in promoting the project “Power to Gas” in the Smart Energy City series. This project is not only valued at tens of billions of dollars, it will also help millions of Chinese citizens realize the potential of smart energy in lifestyle changing. 2. Core Members of the Company Dr. You-Zhi Tang, President Dr. Tang served as Vice President of North America’s third-largest engineering group, CH2M HILL in the Canadian office and held various positions in senior management of other large Canadian engineering and environmental protection companies. He currently serves as the chairman of the Canadian Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD and in recent years, Dr. Tang has been involved in a series of successful mergers and acquisitions of several clean technology companies. With his deep academic background, years of executive experience, entrepreneurship and network connections, he has helped many Chinese companies enter the North American market. As a scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Tang has a profound understanding of clean technology development and low carbon solutions. He is the only Canadian scientist to date to
  2. 2. have funding from the cooperation projects between China and Canada resulting from Harper’s visits to China. Steve Xing, Vice President Steve is the Vice President of Business Development at GBD Corporation, a sponsor of the Toronto Chinese Credit Union, a sponsor of the Canadian National Humanities and Technology Association and is currently a shareholder of Canada Lightway Green New Energy Co., Ltd. With a bachelor degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in electrical engineering, Steve not only has a strong background in science and technology but is highly capable in strategic planning, strategic marketing and international business. Before joining MTX, Steve successfully helped a company increase its solar energy sales from 0 watts to 3 million watts. His design on “Auto City”, a project aiming to centralize automotive services and products was recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of China and brought in $30 million in investment to Canada. Steve was also able to bring $8 million in financing to a manufacturing enterprise from Ontario within a year and a half. Rogan Mo, Chief Operating Officer Rogan was the president of the Immigrant Settlement and Development Association(ISDA). He has a rich marketing background and extensive other management experiences such as serving as the director of the North American global marketing department at his last position. Rogan has established an expansive network of business relationships with well- known companies such as Borregaard, Goodyear, Mitsui Chemicals, UBE industrials and OXEA. 3. What is the “Smart Energy Solution”? The “Smart Energy Solution” can be compared to a vice governor in charge of energy who works 24 hours a day arranging energy allocation, scheduling and recycling. This solution offers efficient energy usage and storage, it also creates many high-tech employment opportunities for the city or municipality it is integrated into. By creating these jobs, it helps to rapidly develop the local economy and surrounding industries while also ensuring that the local environment is protected. It will bring us: 1) New growth in Chinese economy in the next decade 2) Foster development for China’s industries 3) Realize the desire for better environmental conditions of Chinese citizens 4) Guaranteed source of energy from hydrogen generated 5) Provide cheaper energy to the public 6) Zero emissions and pollution 7) Security and convenience 8) Economic growth in all industries in municipalities reached 9) Create many local employment opportunities 10) Comprehensive improvement on the quality of urban life
  3. 3. 11) Development of new energy and environmental strategies 4. Project Introduction a. Power to Gas Project scale: The Chinese government has pledged to invest 2 trillion in green technology evert year, the gross value of this investment is expected to reach more than 4.5 trillion by the end of 2015. Project Features:  Protects the environment by eliminating pollution  Promote local and global economic development of China  Create a large number of employment opportunities  Reduce overall energy consumption  Integration of all forms of energy production, eg. Thermal, nuclear, hydro, etc. b. Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Fuel Station Construction Project scale: The conservative estimate of this market in China is 0.2 to 1 trillion USD and the global market size is estimated to be around 0.5 to 3 trillion USD. According to a forecast by Japan’s professional institute on energy research, the global market size of hydrogen fuel will gradually rise from 80 billion USD in 2015 to about 5 trillion by 2030. Project Features:  Energy conversion from excess power to hydrogen of 80% to 90%  Device varies in sizes to allow for flexibility  The cost of a fuel stack is similar to the cost of a geothermal power station  Hydrogen fuel cells create zero emissions and is high in efficiency  Hydrogen fuel cells can work for a significantly longer time with higher reliability  Less moving parts and general maintenance  More conducive to remote control of power equipment reducing actual maintenance time  Europe and America have a large number of successful cases
  4. 4. 5. Project Performance Dr. You-Zhi Tang has been involved in a number of clean energy cooperation projects between China and Canada which include: I. Financed by Environment Canada, two demonstrational projects on low-carbon technology cooperation have been carried out in the Jiangsu Province of China. One of these projects is the use of geothermal energy to heat and cool water for the Jishan Base of Jiangsu Software Park. This was completed in March 2011. The second project was a similar application of geothermal energy in heating. This project provided cooling and heating for 160,000 square meters of four large 17- storey buildings. The ground-source heat pump system is not only the largest in China but is currently the world’s largest single ground source heat pump system. This project was completed in 2012. II. In February 2012 when Canadian Prime Minister visited China, he and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao announced a series of bilateral cooperation projects in Beijing, seven of which were science and technology projects with joint funding from both governments. One of these projects was successfully completed under Dr. Tang’s planning, participation and facilitation. The project is separately funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. It has been carried out cooperatively by scientists and engineers from enterprises in both China and Canada in the area of energy-saving technology for the petrochemical industry. III. On November 8th, 2014, under witness of Canadian Prime Minister Harper, Dr. Tang participated in the signing of the China-Canada investment intention agreement contract. This contract included 30 million USD in the China World Summit Wing in Beijing (?), it aims at jointly promoting cooperation regarding air pollution control. Dr. Tang is the only Canadian scientist who has been funded three times from Harper’s visits. 6. Project Services As a smart solutions company, MTX SMART ENERGY SOLUTIONS Inc. provides relevant services in the field of energy and clean technology such as technical innovation, research and development, raising funds, commercialization, and other integrated commercial “one-stop” services. These services include (but are not limited to) reverse acquisition, initial public offering (IPO), merger and acquisition services, private equity investment, cooperative joint venture or licensing, feasibility research, market research and business planning services.