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North star company profile

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North Star Marine Solutions DMCC has grown into a diversified commodities merchandising and trading company both in terms of our products and business partners.

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North star company profile

  1. 1. North Star Marine Solutions DMCC www.northstarmss.com
  2. 2. North Star Marine Solutions DMCC North Star Marine Solutions DMCC has grown into a diversified commodities merchandising and trading company both in terms of our products and business partners. We offer marine solution services like ship management, commercial management, vessel inspection and sale and purchase. We are leading provider of marine solutions. www.northstarmss.com
  3. 3. * At North Star, we are independent and reliable. We efficiently merchandise commodities in a sustainable way, while valuing our business partners and employees * Independent – We are a privately owned company.  Reliable – We have the business experience of approximately 8 years  Efficient – We have lengthy experience and employ specialists with expertise in managing ships and moving commodities around the world.  Sustainable – We hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate and individual integrity, and work with business partners who share this commitment.  Valuing our business counterparties – We continually look for ways to improve the economics for our business counterparties.  Valuing our employees – We maintain a work environment that attracts and retains the most talented employees available  At North Star, our values are competence, initiative, work ethic, communication, and team orientation.  We are honest, transparent and straightforward in all our dealings with clients and our employees www.northstarmss.com Vision, Mission and Values
  4. 4.  NSMS is experienced in providing Ship Management services to Owners of LPG, Oil and Product Tankers. Each Group of Technical and Operations Management is structured around centers of competency – fleets of certain ship types – to ensure the ships are handled by our team who understands your business and are centrally controlled to ensure uniform high standards.  Crew Management is an independent division within North Star and was established for the sole purpose of supplying crew to third party clients. Within the company, we are further subdivided to focus specialist resources towards particular markets. This structure allows us to concentrate totally on our contracted clients and avoids the internal conflicts often faced by ship management companies offering a similar service.  In addition to managing the crew of vessels in full management, North Star provides crewing services to a number of third party clients. www.northstarmss.com Ship Management
  5. 5.  Internal ISM audit  Internal ISPS audit  Navigational audit (TMSA)  Pre-purchase inspection  Pre – Vetting / CDI inspection  Charter inspection www.northstarmss.com Vessel Inspection
  6. 6.  We provide Commercial Management for Ship Owners as well as Charterers. Our operation team is headed by ex-Marine Masters with proven experience in the industry. They are prepared to deal promptly and effectively with any circumstance.  We assist Ship Owners and Charterers with Pre-fixtures and Post fixtures for every contract on ocean transportation by vessels on either voyage or time charter. We advise the Ship-Owners on the freight indicative (for voyage charters) taking into account all the disbursements required for any particular voyage wrt voyage days, bunkers, port agencies, add-on insurance covers, security guards, canal transits, etc. We also provide the Charterers with a commercial proposal, helping them understand the costs involved by way of hiring a Ship on a voyage or time charter for any specific product / route. In furtherance, we also advise the Charterers on the estimated CFR/CIF pricing of the product, so as to enable them to furnish the indicatives to the Receiver / Consignee. www.northstarmss.com Commercial Management
  7. 7.  Suggesting the right type / size of Ship, suitable for the required trade  Conducting pre-purchase inspections to shortlist the most suitable candidate.  Vessel registration and classification into any member of IACS class.  Upgrading the vessel to the standard of any IACS class member.  Conducting statutory surveys to satisfaction of flag  Conducting class surveys.  Implementation of ISM / ISPS codes on board and relevant documentation and survey.  Assisting with Vessel’s insurance through H&M underwriters and the P&I clubs.  Technically advising and operating the Vessel on routine basis, including Cargo operations.  Planning, proposing and monitoring Vessel’s routine budgeting and Drydock / Major repairs budgets.  Emergency response team and contingency support from shore. www.northstarmss.com Sales and Purchase
  8. 8. www.northstarmss.com  Drafting Voyage or Time Charter parties.  Checking/Sending the recapitulation of terms and informing Ship’s Master  Checking/Sending voyage orders and advising Ship’s Master  Performance monitoring under terms of charter-party  Laytime calculations  Off-hire calculations  Voyage calculation follow-up and demurrage claims  Calculate and invoice charters for payment of freight on behalf of principals  Claims handling  Assisting owners and Charterers with information to conclude fixtures  Appointing agents and handling disbursements  Checking pro-forma D/A’s and arranging advance payment  Checking and settlement of D/A’s  Evaluating and nominating bunker suppliers  Keeping track of vessel’s ROB and checking figures  Checking bunker invoices and remitting in due course Commercial Management Services
  9. 9.  A highly motivated, ambitious, well organised individual with a constructive outlook towards work practices, having a global experience in shipping operations and technical functions on-board vessels.  More than 15 years of expertise in the Shipping Industry [LNG Carrier , LPG Carrier , Oil Tankers ]. www.northstarmss.com Personal Profile