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We are eating up our world

A presentation on an under-rated topic which is dear to my heart.
I know some of you might disagree, but please spread the message: it's a real issue we should all be well aware of.
Many people are already advocating, but in the end it's up to us.

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We are eating up our world

  1. eating up our world how small changes in our habits can make a huge difference we are
  2. planet we live on a
  3. and there’s just one
  4. take care of it we should
  5. We need to begin to manage this planet as if our life depended on it, because it does." It fundamentally does. Jason Clay “ ” WWF Senior Vice-President
  6. ravaged yet we have the Earth
  7. air image by mrk_photo on flickr.com
  8. water image by kk+ on flickr.com
  9. land image by crustmania on flickr.com
  10. Did you know?
  11. 50 years within image by bubbo-tubbo on flickr.com
  12. population will reach 9 billion
  13. triple consumption will
  14. to face it we have only image by igerard on flickr.com
  15. SUSTAINABILITY Ok, but what can I do?
  16. let’s start with dinner
  17. Sustainability is complicated, but dinner is a reality that we all very much understand, so let's start there! Barton Seaver “ ” Chef in Washington DC and advocate
  18. Did you know?
  19. livestock production biggest culprits in is one of the
  20. image by the round peg on flickr.com
  21. image by the|G|™ on flickr.com
  22. Did you know?
  23. it uses 70% of the agricultural land image by youngdoo on flickr.com
  24. of Earth’s land surface
  25. it requires 1000 times more water than vegetable cultures
  26. it produces 18% of all the greenhouse gas
  27. Did you know?
  28. an adult should eat ½ a pound of meat per week
  29. Do I have to become vegetarian?
  30. no but you can cut your meat consumption
  31. your footprint would be smaller
  32. you would be healthier
  33. you’d leave a healthier world
  34. to future" generations
  35. image by kelsey6 on flickr.com
  36. this guy " invented a" trick to " consume " less meat
  37. Nothing with a face " Monday to Friday. " On weekend: your choice. weekday-veg it’s called Graham Hill “ ” TreeHugger Founder
  38. why don’t you " give it a shot?
  39. spread the word and please even if you won’t try
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