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  1. Chloe Vincent
  2. Basics  Basics  Industry: Fashion  Founder: Gaby Aghion  Founded: 1952  Headquarters: Paris, France  Style: “Ready-To-Wear” and “Resort” Chloé Collections  Ready-To-Wear  Accessories  Children’s Wear  Fragrance  “See” by Chloé
  3. History  Gaby Aghion, the founder of Chloé was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1921. She moved to Paris, France in 1945 and started Chloé in 1952. With this, Gaby Aghion coined the term “prêt-à-porter” which means “Ready-To-Wear”. She then owned Chloé until 1985, when the company was bought-out by Dunhill Holdings (now Richemont Group). In 1997, Stella McCartney was appointed the Creative Director of Chloé. To boost their sales, in 2001, Kristen Dunst, Natalie Portman and Lou Doillon became costumers of Chloé. Up until 2002, Chloé had not sold bags, shoes or other leather goods. In 2002, Chloé provided a range of these, with their “Paddington Bag” becoming one of the first “it-bags”.
  4. Brand Values  Chloé as a company want to keep that 1950’s look in their clothes; although, in 1997, Stella McCartney was was appointed the Creative Director, bringing a new feminine, romantic and impertinent feel to Chloé but still keeping that vintage look. Chloé as a brand are very simplistic in their marketing strategies, meaning that the customers are loyal on their own account. Their main vision for their range is “sexy but not too serious” – Stella McCartney. They want to appeal to the flirty, romantic, party side of their female customers; with all their print-based media being of women at parties or playing around – very simplistic. Along with this, most of their print-based media are of women moving, this links in with an average woman’s lifestyle.
  5. Product Life Cycle  High Low Rising Stars: Problem Child: I believe that with Chloé, their I believe that with Chloé, their Rising Stars would be their Problem Child would be their “See” children’s clothes range. I think range. I think this because I don't High this because the middle class and believe there are many teenagers celebrities can now dress their that can afford these clothes; children in designer clothes as well unless their parents provide them. as themselves. Cash Cow: Dead Dog: I believe that with Chloé, their Cash N/A Cow would be their fragrance range. I think this because this is Low sold throughout the high-street stores meaning the working class can buy it.
  6. Target Audience  Chloé is aimed at females, this is because, in-fact, there isn’t a men’s range within their collections. I believe that the only time they would receive a male audience is if they are buying gifts for their partners. The females would be aged 25-45; who are in the middle class society as the products provided by Chloé are expensive. There is however, a “See” collection that is aimed at young females. For example, I think that females that would shop in the “See” section would be aged 18-25. In conclusion, each customer of Chloé has their range to look at that would appeal to their fashion choice but with a mutual love of fragrance.
  7. Marketing/PR  In September 2007, Chloé was the first “luxury” brand to offer customers an iPhone-specific version of their website. With this, in 2008, Chloé broadcasted their fashion shows as they took place to allow customers to watch them live. For their Summer/Spring 2012 catwalk; Vogue covered it as part of their Fashion Week. Apart from being covered by various magazines, it appears through research that Chloé doesn’t have any campaign or marketing strategies of their own. Chloé are very exclusive and simplistic in their selling strategies.
  8. Place/Distribution  On the Chloé website, there is a list of website which Chloé products are sold on and where you are in world, depends on which website you’d shop with, for example: Worldwide: USA & Canada: Worldwide: USA, Canada & Europe: Worldwide: USA: USA & Canada: France & Monaco:
  9. Successes/Failures  Chloé do not have any failures throughout their products, but their main successes are their fragrance and women’s clothing. Although their products are very exclusive to certain websites, their fragrance collection are sold in many stores around the world. For example, in the UK Chloé is sold in airports, Debenhams, Superdrug etc. This then brings in extra money for Chloé as the working class can buy their fragrance in high-street stores.
  10. SWOT  Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats • Look • Cost • New Range • Economic State • Fragrance Range • “See” Range • Marketing Campaign • Recession • Appeal • Lack of Marketing • Sales • Competition • Image • Very Exclusive Sales • Offers • Loss of Working Class Sales • Brand Loyalty • Children’s Range • “Ready-To-Wear” Range • More Places To Buy Chloé