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Li Tao Chang work collection

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Li Tao Chang work collection

  1. 1. A Collection of Li Tao Chang’s Works at W HOTEL Taipei
  2. 2. 1 2 3 41. Buche de Noel for Christmas 2011, made withchocolate mousse and creme brulee interior.2. Mousse fromage blanc with yuzu for a function.3. A macha strawberry birthday cake to surprise a VIP.4. Grand Marnier chocolate mousse cake for a function.
  3. 3. 2 1. Part of the dessert display at W Hotel Taipei’s buffet restaurant.1 2. Mignardise for the dessert display - Chocolate macarons, white chocolate truffles, chocolate bonbons, macha financier, pate de fruit
  4. 4. Dessert display for a private function
  5. 5. To add to the funkiness of the hotel, this decor of bird cage was made witha marzipan cake placed inside. Around the cake were biscuits meringue.
  6. 6. The cake that was made for JeremyLin. The couch, the basketball, andthe cartoonish figure of Jeremy wereall made out of marzipan. The couchsignified the one he slept on early inhis career.
  7. 7. A special function for a group of VIPs. With the concept of“chef’s table”, our kitchen was turned into the dining room.Parts of the lego bricks were made out of chocolates.
  8. 8. 1. An edible turntable made for a DJ competition.1 2 2. A cassette tape with its tape pulled out, both made with marzipan. The sets were to be filled with other petite fours and placed in each of the contestants rooms.

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