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Liberating Structures Practice Session

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Some slides I had INTENDED to use at my follow up practice workshop at ETUG 13 (but projector foo -- did not use)

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Liberating Structures Practice Session

  1. 1. Infecting EducationwithLiberatingStructures @ETUGNancy White@NancyWhitehttp://www.fullcirc.com channelingKeith McCandless fromhttp://www.liberatingstructures.com
  2. 2. Liberating Structures…including and unleashing everyonehttp://www.liberatingstructures.comKeith and Henri… (and thanks for theirpermission to share their agendas, images, etc.)
  3. 3. McCandless and LipmanowiczMcCandless and Lipmanowicz
  4. 4. A repertoire to help us…1. BE together2. Engage WITH each other3. Unleash everyone(sensemaking/application)
  5. 5. Human Spectrogram• I’ll tell you the questions
  6. 6. So far…So far…1-2-4-AllWhat, so what, what now (W3)15% solution
  7. 7. Impromptu NetworkingWhat question do we want toexplore in the next 60 minutes?
  8. 8. Variants• Mad Tea Party – a.k.a. speed dating
  9. 9. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  10. 10. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  11. 11. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  12. 12. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  13. 13. Trial BalloonFor LS SeriesIn SeattleMcCandless and Lipmanowicz
  14. 14. Inspired by McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  15. 15. TRIZ
  16. 16. TRIZ Variant:"If our approach to teaching andteaching andlearning onlinelearning online was totally obliterated last night, what partswould you re-establish?""What new functions or attributeswould you add?"
  17. 17. 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 < lunch > 910 11 12 13 14Seattle Workshop 1 A G E N D AA G E N D A1. Impromptu Networking2. TBD3. 1-2-4 All4. 15% Solutions5. Troika Consulting6. Nine Whys7. Generative Relationships8. Users FishbowlLunch9. TRIZ10. What³ Debrief11. StoryBoards12. Celebrity Interview13. Panarchy14. Webbing or Mad TeaMcCandless and Lipmanowicz
  18. 18. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  19. 19. Topic orPhaseGoal LS Micro-StructureWhy thisLS?Steps/TimingFacilitator/ParticipantsMcCandless and Lipmanowicz
  20. 20. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  21. 21. 25/10 Crowd Sourcing“If you were 10 times bolder,what big idea would yourecommend? What first stepwould you take to getstarted?”
  22. 22. McCandless and Lipmanowicz
  23. 23. 15% Solution“Where is your 15%?” Where do you havediscretion and freedom to act?”
  24. 24. Troika Consulting + Kanban• What next?
  25. 25. ••••2. Where are we starting, honestly?NextWeekNextMonthNextQuarterNextYear•Action••••••Task••••••Action••••••Task•••••• Current status:•• Current status:••••••GOAL 3••Strategy Safari G A M E P L A NGOAL 11. What ishappeningaround usthatdemandsadaptation?GOAL 23. Given our purpose,what seems possible now?4. What isat stake if wedo not change? •• Current status:•5. How are we breaking away fromthe current state toward the future?McCandless