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2012 SEO Fantasy Draft

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Imagine you're just starting out in SEO. Who do you listen to? What information can you trust? Here's a very short guide to find the internet marketers I wish I'd known when I first got into the biz. Check out the last slide for a list of 101 internet marketers with links to their Twitter profiles.

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2012 SEO Fantasy Draft

  1. 1. @chriscountey Webimax.comSEO FANTASY DRAFT 2012 @chriscountey
  2. 2. 2012 SEO FANTASY PICKSDisclaimer: I love my current team atWebiMax. But if I had to pick SEOs fromother teams for a Pro Bowl of SEO, here’smy roster. @chriscountey
  3. 3. TEAM GOOGLEX X XX XGOOGLE @chriscountey
  4. 4. GOOGLE PLAYBOOKAlgorithm UpdatesBrand AffinityAuthorshipFreshnessSpeed @chriscountey
  5. 5. SEO FOR GOOGLE MEANS THATGoogle is the ref. @chriscountey
  6. 6. SEO FOR GOOGLE MEANS THATGoogle is the ref.Google is the stadium. @chriscountey
  7. 7. SEO FOR GOOGLE MEANS THATGoogle is the I see you went 10 yards. Yeah, a first down is now 11 yards. Sorry!game andmakes therules. @chriscountey
  9. 9. SERP COMPETITIONBacklink ProfileBrand StrengthSocial EngagementContent Generation @chriscountey
  10. 10. HOW FAR DO YOU HAVE TO GO TO WIN?And makes the rules. ORGANIC GOOGLE TRAFFICNOT INDEXED @chriscountey
  11. 11. THAT DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU’VE BEEN Banned DomainAnd makes the rules. Unnatural Link Warning ORGANIC GOOGLE TRAFFICNOT INDEXED Penguin Panda @chriscountey
  12. 12. @DR_PETE Real Name: Dr. Peter J. Meyers Team: SEOmoz Learn: Google Algorithm Updates in painful detailhttp://www.seomoz.org/google-algorithm-change @chriscountey
  13. 13. ON-SITE SEO PLAYBOOK MaximumAnd makes the rules. Indexing, Crawling Unique Page Titles, URLs, File Names ORGANIC GOOGLE TRAFFICKEYWORD RESEARCH Code Architecture, Microdata, Authorship Trust Signals, Page Speed Content Created as a Resource @chriscountey
  14. 14. @ALEYDA Real Name: Aleyda Solís Team: Orainti Learn: SEO Project Management, mobile SEO and international SEOhttp://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-seo-project-management-jedi-challenge-may-the-seopm-force-be-with-you @chriscountey
  15. 15. OFF-SITE SEO PLAYBOOK Local, Quality BusinessAnd makes the rules. Directories Guest Blogging ORGANIC GOOGLE TRAFFICKEYWORD RESEARCH Relationship Building Social Media Engagement Awesome Content @chriscountey
  16. 16. @MATTMCGEE Real Name: Matt McGee Team: smallbusinesssem.com/search engine land Learn: Small business SEO, blogs, social media for small business, relationship buildinghttp://www.smallbusinesssem.com/better-than-link-building-authority-building-haro/5963/ @chriscountey
  17. 17. @PORTENTINT Real Name: Ian Laurie Team: Portent Interactive Learn: Creating great contenthttp://www.portent.com/blog/internet-marketing/the-marketers-code-of-ethics.htm @chriscountey
  18. 18. @ROSSHUDGENS Real Name: Ross Hudgens Team: rosshudgens.com Learn: Scalable link building, competitive analysishttp://www.rosshudgens.com/scalable-link-building/ @chriscountey
  19. 19. CREATE YOUR ROSTER!Here is a great list of 100 internetmarketers compiled by @McKremiehttp://www.mckremie.com/blog/2012/06/101-must-follow-internet-marketers-on-twitter-google/ @chriscountey