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Ray Kirby: Lectures are STILL Appropriate

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Dr Ray Kirby's Presentation for Brunel University London's Learning and Teaching Symposium 2015

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Ray Kirby: Lectures are STILL Appropriate

  1. 1. Brunel University London “Face-to-face lectures are no longer appropriate in the digital age” The Case Against Ray Kirby Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering The Case Against 1
  2. 2. Brunel University London The Pedagogic Case Lectures should be based on interaction and should: • Engage • Inspire • Enable discussions • Develop confidence Lectures can • React to questions in real time • Change scope and aims depending on feedback • Encourage active learning • Respond quickly to SSLC and other issues raised by students 17 April 2015 The Pedagogic Case 2
  3. 3. Brunel University London The Pedagogic Case • Digital lectures: • Formal recordings encourage: • Dull, regulated, formal and boring delivery • Passive consumption by students • Remove the ability to interact • This is not new! • We have had the wonders of the moving image for many years. • OU lectures on TV are a classic: dry, dull delivery 17 April 2015 The Pedagogic Case 3
  4. 4. Brunel University London The Pragmatic Case Cultural • Prospective Students Expect to Attend Lectures • This is what we do at “University”, it is seen as a part of “being a student”, a shared experience • Parents expect their children to attend lectures, this is part of what they think they are paying for. • This is how students are used to “learning.” Practical • Our Key Information Stats will look bad and harm recruitment • Students will not use digital forms, so attrition rates will go up. 17 April 2015 The Pragmatic Case 4