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Social Media Principles
A conversation and a discussion on the Social Media Principles

Chris Heuer
Founder, Social Media ...
Welcome to the social world...

• Welcome to the era of conversation

• Spin doesn’t work, people smell BS a mile away, a...
Social Media is tearing
down the walls that keep
us apart and changing
the rules that have kept
us from being human
There is no secret sauce...
It’s not about pulling
levers  getting results

Being social is a way of thinking
from which you can create new
photo by Dave Gray - Xplane


It’s more art then scien...
Your perspective and your attitude is what will
determine success or failure...
Which is why I think these Social Media Principles
are where we must start.
The Social Media Principles

  • Be Human

  • Be Aware

  • Be Honest

  • Be Respectful

  • Be a Participant

  • ...
Be Human
 Don’t Just Be Human, Be Yourself
Be Aware
 Don’t Just Be Aware, Be Smart
Be Honest
 Don’t Just Be Honest, Have Integrity
Be Respectful
 Don’t Just Be Respectful, Live by the Golden Rule
Be a Participant
 Don’t Just Be a Participant, Contribute Value
Be Open
 Don’t Just Be Open, Be an Agent of Change
Be Courageous
 Don’t Just Be Courageous, Be Willing to Fail
Chris Heuer
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Great Products aren’t
sold, they’re bought

“Advertising is the tax you
pay for mediocre products.”

 - Peter Hirshberg
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Your perspective and your attitude Social Media Principles

Your perspective and your attitude is what will
determine success or failure...

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