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DNA-Nutrigenomics and Relationships to Blood Chemistry Analysis

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DNA-Nutrigenomics and Relationships to Blood Chemistry Analysis

  1. 1. Genetic Testing (Evaluating your DNA ) Right now through saliva testing, technology is now available that can pinpoint what diseases and illnesses you could possibly develop as you get older. Also depending on the severity of the genetic weaknesses, when you factor in where you live, what you eat, whether you exercise too much or too little you can also gauge at what point in your life these diseases will develop. Whether your own unique genetic potentials are expressed in your life is largely determined by the levels of toxicity that you are exposed to. All Your exposure to toxicity can arise from; environmental pollution such as heavy metal poisoning recurrent infections and other internal microbe imbalances incorrect food choices digestive system weaknesses intake of pharmacy medicines and other drugs the level of emotional and work stress you suffer and the list goes on and on and on......living in our world is now fraught with biological danger 24/7 If these toxic burdens become excessive in your life the chances are you will develop diseases and sub- optimal health earlier in life specifically if you have been dealt the appropriate susceptibility within your own DNA-Genome. One of the most important mutations that can occur within our body is in relation to the so called Methylation Cycle. If your body is unable to do this so called “methylation” effectively because of genetic mutations in specific methylation enzymes then you have an increased risk of —> cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, mood disorders and chronic fatigue. Would you believe that nearly 50% of all us have some dysfunction in this process we call methylation. Given that we are ever more exposed now to toxins more than ever before in our world its no wonder cancer diagnosis continues to rise at an ever increasing rate along with lesser issues like chronic fatigue and all of the other problems listed above. All the toxic elements in our world from radiation, electromagnetic fields (EMF), your own dental amalgam (mercury) fillings to pesticides, genetically modified foods and toxic minerals in our drinking water are impacting on your body organ system function. This then will accelerate your genetic pre-disposition toward expressing illness at a much younger age as will the associated lack of physical and cognitive performance that persists as well. Nutri-genomics explores the relationship between your diet, your nutritional status and your genes. These interactions have far-reaching potential in preventing diet- related diseases we are at risk of we age into our 40’s and beyond while also making your lives more physically enjoyable with less day to day suffering along the way. Unfortunately over the last 3-4 decades in particular our human DNA has become weaker and modified due to the effects of this toxicity we co-exist with on our planet. Consequently cancer for example is now afflicting younger people in 2016 much more than was the case back in 1985. references — http://www.forbes.com/sites/elaineschattner/2014/11/06/for-reasons-unknown-colonand-rectal- cancer-rates-are-rising-in-people-under-50 Younger individuals are also now afflicted with fatigue & many other health problems at a much younger age compared to the generations of young adults like myself that lived and breathed their way through the 1980’s without so many health drama's.
  2. 2. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and Your Own DNA Patterns So how can we determine whether these genetic mutations that are hidden within your DNA are currently causing you problems or are soon about to. Despite all good human intentions it is highly unlikely that your current doctor or G.P is currently doing a meta-analysis of your blood test results in a way that resembles anything like a functional assessment. Most doctors simply use basic reference ranges for all those strange numbers that come back in your sets of results and these reference ranges are only designed to pick up the presence of disease rather than diminished function of your various body organ systems like your intestine, liver, pancreas-blood sugar disorders, adrenal glands, heart & cardiovascular system, etc etc Functional medicine as opposed to western medicine ( based on the use of pharmaceutical drugs ) is based on an in-depth knowledge of human biochemistry and physiology, and how various body organ systems work in synergy with each other. Functional Medicine practitioners like myself will look at patterns in the various numbers that come back in your results rather than looking at say kidney function alone in isolation. In this way you can see how different imbalances in one organ system can effect the other and derive a better clue to the actual causes underlying the symptoms an individual presents with in a consultation. Blood Chemistry testing done in this functional way using pattern analysis is an entire world away from what is done now in normal general medical practice. How often have people come back from the doctor and been told your blood tests look fine yet they don’t feel that way. Blood chemistry pattern analysis allows us to see whether any of your body organ systems are showing signs of weakness well before a doctor will tell you there is any problem whatsoever based on normal pathology lab reference ranges. Indeed all the answers as to whether your genetic weaknesses for disease are being expressed now OR are still dormant is seen through the numbers in your own functional blood chemistry panel determined through this process. Evidence of chronic dehydration, trace mineral + anti-oxidant vitamin depletion and amino acid deficiencies are written into these numbers in your own blood chemistry panel. The levels of these nutrients in your blood and tissues as determined through blood chemistry assessment is the key biological fundamental that determines whether your body is winning or losing the war against degeneration and disease onset. Say for example you have found out you have major genetic risks for developing heart disease through your genetic testing. Does this mean you should be concerned? No not really, as only through a correct analysis of your own blood chemistry panel can determine whether this weakness is showing up or still dormant. That information is either a testament to the way you have been eating, hydrating and handling emotional & environmental stressors in your life OR is a sign that you need to change something soon before your strike health problems. IS YOUR LIFESTYLE KILLING YOU QUICKLY DUE TO YOUR OWN GENETICS DO YOU WANT TO TAKE STEPS TO CHANGE YOUR HEALTH OUTCOMES ! I instruct my own medical people and pathology company to do a much wider range of blood chemistry tests than your normal doctor would run. I want to screen for all the information we need to do an accurate pattern analysis on all those blood chemistry numbers and then cross reference those numbers with your DNA genetic risk profile as performed by the genetic lab we use here in Australia. This then allows me to construct dietary and nutrient-supplement program that will focus on what you need to exactly to support your own genetically determined biochemical-metabolic weaknesses that would otherwise lead to early disease onset.
  3. 3. The pervading media opinion is that if you find out your own genetic weaknesses and potential for disease then there is nothing you can do about it except stress out! This is entirely untrue and this media pitch is designed to stop you from finding out your own potential health weaknesses that can prevent you from taking back control over your own health outcomes. Now more than ever before groundbreaking new dietary-nutritional research information can put into a practical day to day living platforms that along with suitably advanced nutritional formulae can completely nullify any silent metabolic disease push present and ongoing in your body that is being programmed through your genetics. In so doing then you have then unlocked those hidden mysteries within your own body that can impact on your quest for eternal quality of life while you are alive and the longevity angle you may be seeking ! Christopher Manton Naturopathic doctor (N.D) - Nutritional Biochemist – Registered Dietitian (R.D) B.App.Sci., Dip. Ed., M. Nut & Dietetics., Ass.Dip.Nat (Australia) ..member CMA Optimum Health Essentials 1691 Pittwater Road Mona Vale NSW 2103 http://optimumhealthessentials.com.au Phone Clinic : (02)9999 1680 Fax Clinic: (02) 9999 6797 Mobile : 0468 826 082 Wholistic Natural Medicine 2/372 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032 http://wnmed.com.au/ Phone Clinic : 9662 4634 E info@wnmed.com.au www.healthdetective.com.au www.restorehydration.com WEB
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