Intel, numéro un mondial       de l’innovation dans les          semi-conducteurs• 40 années d’expérience• Numéro 5 des ma...
L’avantage Intel• À la pointe de la révolution des divertissements   dans la maison numérique• Nouveau processeur Intel® C...
Avertissements Performances relevées sous SPECint*_rate_base2000 (deux sessions simultanées). Le rendement électrique corr...
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Xmas 2006 - Module 4 About Intel

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Intel, numéro un mondial de l’innovation dans les semi-conducteurs

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  • Speaker notes: Trainer – key messages for this slide: Intel delivers best sales training for best products. The better your knowledge, the better sales person you become. Discussion: What you get from Intel training ? What do you all hope to get from these training sessions? Who would like to start? ( discuss attendees hopes and aspirations then sum up as follows… ) Intel has always set the standard, and is doing so again with its platform solutions. Intel’s platform approach is all about meeting your customers' needs in both their work and personal lives. Two examples of this are the new generations of Intel ® Centrino ® Duo mobile technology for connecting on the go Intel ® Viiv TM technology, which is currently turning the living room into an entertainment centre – both powered by the Intel ® Core TM 2 Duo processor. Intel ® is the fifth most recognised brand in the world. Intel earned that place by developing the world’s most advanced computing technologies – technologies that give computer users across the globe powerful, dependable, exciting products and a fulfilling and rewarding user experience. But a vital link between Intel ® and the end customer is you and your professionalism as a salesperson . It is each of you, using your specialist knowledge and sales skills, who will make recommendations to customers and create sales. So it’s important that we keep you up to date with the very latest developments through training sessions like these. And we do that by ensuring that the training we deliver – whether it’s through workshops, instore coaching or online through the Retail Edge program – matches the same level of quality and value that we build into all our products. Ask your manager for more Intel ® training. Sign up for Intel ® Retail Edge online. Improve your skills. Be the best at selling the best. Why? Because the more you know and understand, the better able you will be to advise your customers, and the better will be your achievements as a salesperson. Put simply, the more you learn, the more you can earn. So let’s start by looking at the subject of sales techniques… ( click next slide )
  • Speaker notes: Trainer – key message for this slide: It’s not what Intel makes, but what Intel makes possible. As we all know, users are demanding – and expecting – more and more from their PCs. Our processors and platforms rise to this challenge. Because more processing power means better performance and that, in turn, means an enhanced user experience. In the new Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo processor, Intel has delivered a giant leap in performance and energy-efficiency. It’s probably the most exciting and significant event in computing since the launch of the Pentium processor ten years ago. So when you talk to your customers, lead with the Intel ® Core™2 Duo processor. Highlight its remarkable performance achievements with them. Underline its power-saving capability. Demonstrate what your customers can both achieve and enjoy... And let them share in the Intel advantage! © 2006 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved
  • Xmas 2006 - Module 4 About Intel

    1. 1. Intel, numéro un mondial de l’innovation dans les semi-conducteurs• 40 années d’expérience• Numéro 5 des marques les plus connues dans le monde• Une entreprise qui donne le « la » à toute la profession• Des processeurs qui équipent plus de  500 millions de PC dans le monde
    2. 2. L’avantage Intel• À la pointe de la révolution des divertissements  dans la maison numérique• Nouveau processeur Intel® Core™2 Duo  révolutionnaire. Jusqu’à 40 % plus rapide et rendement électrique en hausse de plus de 40%.1 Grâce aux technologies Intel®, vos clients peuvent aller plus loin et se divertir davantage.
    3. 3. Avertissements Performances relevées sous SPECint*_rate_base2000 (deux sessions simultanées). Le rendement électrique correspond à la 1 puissance de dissipation thermique. Comparaison entre les processeurs Intel ® Core™2 Duo E6700 et Intel® Pentium® D 960. Les performances effectives peuvent varier.Consultez (en anglais) à ce sujet.© 2006, Intel Corporation. Tous droits réservés. Intel et le logo Intel, Intel Core et Core Inside sont des marques déposées ou enregistrées dIntel Corporation ou de ses filiales, aux Etats-Unis et dans dautres pays.* Les autres noms et dénominations peuvent être revendiqués comme marques par des tiers.