Xmas 2006 - Module 5 Holiday 2006 Support

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Des outils d’aide à la vente qui font marcher les affaires !

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  • Speaker notes: Trainer – key message for this slide Boost your holiday sales POS focused on Core 2 Duo & new generations of Viiv and Centrino Duo with Core 2 Duo inside Here’s how we can support you in your sales activities around the busy holiday period. Our flexible holiday campaign catalogue contains a palette of exciting solutions tailored to fit any shop floor space, exhibition area, window or other display area. The catalogue is available on 10th October 2006. There’s a choice of eye-popping banners and posters as well as other compelling materials – all designed to attract more customers and build more sales for YOU! Whatever you need, whether for laptops, desktops or both, we’re happy to take your order and supply your tailored package in good time, ensuring prompt delivery in the run-up to the busy selling season. What’s more, we've also taken great care to ensure the display materials can be quickly and easily put in position, which allows you to keep focused on your sales! Finally, we've something for you, too. A great on-line game with cool prizes coming soon – watch out for more information from your Intel representative! But first, let's take a look at the items in detail... (Click next slide)
  • Speaker notes: These posters and banners are flexible, easy to install POS items with clear and engaging messages that captivate and inspire customers. The system stickers support sell-up, by clearly showing which systems are equipped with the top-of-the-line Intel Technology. They reinforce other collateral for the Intel® Core™ Duo based systems, making overall sales messages for this top-end technology more effective. When customers want additional information, this fact-filled flyer is packed with hard-hitting but easy to understand messages which classify technology according to Intel’s best-better-good strategy, to help you sell up. It also contains space for your own recommendations for customers, or their own written notes. Always useful, the flyer dispenser has generic branding which means it can be re-usable for future campaigns.
  • Speaker Notes: These clever displays are fixed directly onto laptops and monitors, designating exactly which systems contain which technology, and show your customers inspiring messages directly tailored to the systems they are looking at. Easy to install, they fit all laptop sizes. The Best-Better-Good table is a comprehensive product comparison sheet clearly pointing out the BEST products to help you sell up. Convenient quick-reference cards are a smart and easy way to choose the POS which best support your sales goals. On top it helps you identify the BEST products on shelf. Pallet wraps are an unusual, eye-catching way to make use of otherwise unusable floor space – by turning pallets into attractive display space for your key sales messages. All of these POS items will help your store generate more customer interest and more sales. But there’s more to keep the customers coming… (click next slide)
  • Speaker notes: Stay tuned… In October, we will present the latest Intel online game for sales people. You will quest for symbols and the more symbols you collect online, the closer you get to the prize! Watch this space… more to come!
  • Xmas 2006 - Module 5 Holiday 2006 Support

    1. 1. Des outils d’aide à la ventequi font marcher les affaires ! • Dopez vos ventes grâce à des supports de PLV accrocheurs. Ils sont faciles à mettre en place : multipliez vos ventes TOUT DE SUITE ! • Et bientôt : des jeux en ligne géniaux, assortis de cadeaux à gagner…
    2. 2. Les supports de votre RÉUSSITE• Poster A1 et banderole • Messages clairs pour motiver vos clients• Autocollant pour les configurations OPTIMALES • Cf. positionnement relatif des marques Intel® • Il renforce les accroches marketing • Réservé aux PC et portables équipés du processeur Intel® Core™2 Duo• Dépliant de 4 pages • Il insiste sur les points forts et arguments de vente pour le processeur Intel® Core™2 Duo • Il met en évidence les possibilités de vente croisée• Présentoir à dépliants • Les dépliants sont bien visibles • Il sera réutilisable la saison prochaine
    3. 3. Les supports de votre RÉUSSITE• Cavaliers pour PC et portables • Adaptés à toutes les tailles de PC portables • Points forts et arguments de vente• Tableau de positionnement relatif des produits • Fiche comparative• Fiche de référence • Elle vous aide à choisir les supports de PLV les plus efficaces en accompagnement de votre action commerciale • Elle permet de repérer rapidement le produit le plus haut de gamme dans un linéaire• Box-palette • Transforme une surface inutilisée en espace de promotion
    4. 4. ET BIENTÔT… Multipliez vos chances Soyez gagnant en partant en quêtedes meilleurs processeurs au monde1
    5. 5. Avertissements1 Pour savoir pourquoi les processeurs Intel® Core™ 2 Duo sont globalement les puces les plus performantes au monde,rendez-vous sur www.intel.fr/core2duo.© 2006, Intel Corporation. Tous droits réservés. Intel, « Intel. Leap ahead. » et les logos correspondants ainsi que IntelCore, Core 2 Duo et Core 2 Duo Inside ont des marques déposées ou enregistrées dIntel Corporation ou de ses filiales, auxEtats-Unis et dans dautres pays.* Les autres noms et dénominations peuvent être revendiqués comme marques par des tiers.