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World Investment Conferences - Recommendations of interactive workshops

Workshop 1 New products: R&D and innovation in Europe
New products and new services stem from knowledge and ideas. Europe has a formidable scientific tradition, institutions and talent, but competition to attract R&D+I is intensifying worldwide.
What kind of R&D activities can still be undertaken or outsourced in Europe?
Is it always smart to locate R&D+I far from manufacturing plants?
Is Europe still seen as a first market for innovative products?
Can European businesses win competitive advantage with new types of innovation?
Can the European public sector help European businesses speed up the introduction of new products or services through PPP or innovative public procurement?

Workshop 2 Manufacturing and Assembly
What factors determine Europe's competitiveness, and how can it be improved?
Even in unlikely industries, there can be sound reasons to manufacture or assemble in Europe. How can the continent win a bigger share?
What products and associated services can be manufactured/ assembled efficiently in Europe?
Why are some companies relocating their activities in Europe?
How do technology, clustering and a ‘made in’ label help reinforce the strengths of a European location?

Workshop 3 Is Energy Technology the new IT?
Europe has limited fossil energy resources and some countries are opting out of nuclear generation. But EU member states have set ambitious targets to improve energy efficiency and the share of electricity from renewables.
Will this combination make Europe an essential place to invest in R&D+I, energy equipment, services and smart infrastructure?
Will smart meters and distribution grids keep pace with distributed generation?
Do austerity measures pose a threat to green energy ambitions?
Will technology gains make 'green' energy cost competitive, and when?

Workshop 4 New talents: How can we improve education and training?
New talents: to improve its innovation potential and enable its businesses to deliver better products and services, Europe needs to raise education standards of many of its young people and retrain some of its workforce. Even in countries with high unemployment, companies may struggle to recruit people with the skills they need.
How can companies respond effectively to their customers’ concerns?
What type of information do they collect?
How best should they communicate about their achievements?
Does Corporate Social Responsibility deliver commercial benefits, or is virtue its own reward?
How does talent improve innovation potential and enable companies to deliver better products and services?

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World Investment Conferences - Recommendations of interactive workshops

  1. 1. Recommendations
  2. 2. Workshop 1:New products:R&D & innovation in Europe Increase industrial relevance of EU research by focusing resources via a clear European strategy for research and innovation Encourage large innovative companies to transform innovation into jobs, to complement the pioneering innovation of start-ups and SMEs Use PPP and public procurement to leverage innovation, whilst stimulating open markets and common standards throughout Europe 3
  3. 3. Workshop 2:Manufacturing and Assembly Help people & governments understand how manufacturing has changed to pave the way to revitalize it Get research ideas to market faster and simultaneously speed action by public agencies, to enhance competitiveness Foster smart specialization by regions while encouraging European synergies 4
  4. 4. Workshop 3:Is Energy Technology the new IT? Europe urgently needs a common energy policy for the next decade with a master-plan for implementation - underpinned by political impetus Energy efficiency is a necessary anchor of energy policy Meeting the needs of investment in infrastructure and the smart grid requires a stable political and legal environment
  5. 5. Workshop 4:New talents, new responsibilities Integrate Corporate and Social Responsibility within company business activities to help solve society’s problems, by listening to customers, employees and other stakeholders Reduce barriers to talents moving within Europe and stimulate social mobility Bolster transparency by promoting wider use of better reporting tools that capture gender and cultural diversity