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More Than 15%: Girls and Women in IT & STEM

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This short slide presentation was prepared for a short "lightning talk" at the Rails Girls Galway workshop, 21st June 2014. The presentation explores the reasons for the under-representation of women in STEM and some of the initiatives which have been tried to redress this gender imbalance. The presentation concludes by advocating a holistic approach including not just initiatives to support and advocate for girls and women, but initiatives to change IT and STEM culture -- in schools, universities, labs, community & maker spaces, and workplaces.

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More Than 15%: Girls and Women in IT & STEM

  1. 1. More than 15%: Girls and Women in IT & STEM Catherine Cronin • @catherinecronin • Rails Girls Galway • 21/06/14 Image:CCBY-NC2.0catherinecronin
  2. 2. STEM “...a pathway to be curious, to create, to think and figure things out.” – Ainissa Ramirez source: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/02/12/saving-our-science-anissa-ramirez/
  3. 3. STEM ~15% persistent & progressive under-representation of women
  4. 4. STEM 85% 15%
  5. 5. STEM 85% 15% gender role socialisation
  6. 6. STEM POPULAR ACTIONS • media campaigns • role models • mentoring 85% 15%
  7. 7. BUT after 30+ years of interventions ~15% women in STEM
  8. 8. STEM 85% 15% why only focus our efforts here?
  9. 9. STEM 85% 15% science & technology are socially constructed, not neutral.
  10. 10. STEM change STEM culture to be more inclusive. challenge gender stereotypes. challenge gender stereotypes. role models, mentoring, networking, skill-building.
  11. 11. #WomenInvent
  12. 12. @science_grrl
  13. 13. https://twitter.com/catherinecronin/itwomen/members #ITwomen Twitter list
  14. 14. More than 15%: Girls and Women in IT & STEM Image:CCBY-NC2.0catherinecronin Coder Dojo “To increase the proportion of girls & women in STEM, it will take more than the efforts of 15% (women already in STEM). We all must work together to change STEM culture.”
  15. 15. Thank you! Catherine Cronin @catherinecronin slideshare.net/cicronin delicious.com/cicronin/itwomen Image CC BY 2.0 visualpanic