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Student Learning Community

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Submitted for the LTEA Conference 2008 Poster gallery. For more information see http://networked-inquiry.pbwiki.com/LTEA2008-Poster-Gallery

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Student Learning Community

  1. 1. S tudent Learning Community 2.0 Project University students are already using web 2.0 tools for a variety of activities. This includes in their learning and research. ( Article from CILASS ‘crucIBL newsletter (Issue 2)’ article.) The Student Community Learning 2.0 project aims to develop partnerships between Computing Services, students and departments to encourage the use of web 2.0 tools in student learning and research; beyond the ‘classroom’ and outside the formal structure (unsupported and un-assessed). It will explore and disseminate the safe and appropriate use of web based collaboration tools for students to enable inquiry-based learning and collaborative learning and research approaches outside the ‘classroom’ (without ‘The University’ invading ‘student spaces’). This will be a community by students for students. Mark J Morley CiCS The University of Sheffield [email_address] +44 114 222 3017 The project is looking specifically at a middle ground between the formalized institutionally provided computing facilities and the non-academic computing environments of social networking, social bookmarking, video upload sites, messaging, etc. It is envisaged that there will be a shift of the latter Web 2.0 tools towards this student mediated middle ground. Patrice Panella CiCS The University of Sheffield [email_address] +44 114 222 1135