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HOW TO Use Google for a Paperless Office

learn how to protect your documents and create efficiency for yourself and your teammates by utilizing Google Apps!

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HOW TO Use Google for a Paperless Office

  1. 1. HURDLE BUSTERS Use Google for a Paperless Office Saving paper = making paper! Chelsea Dygert #ConsultMent #YesPhx
  2. 2. Let’s Create Context Name Business you’re working on? Considering? Experience w/ Google Drive? How did you hear about Eureka / My talk? Chelsea Dygert #ConsultMent #YesPhx
  3. 3. WHY: #YesPhx 1) Business Efficiency 2) Reduced Waste 3) Environmental Friendliness 4) Prevents Destroyability
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover: #YesPhx 1) External paperless options 2) Gmail 3) Google Drive 4) Google Plus
  5. 5. Mainstream Tool (most inclusive) ● Microsoft 365 ●Basecamp --Does not allow same-time editing ●Google Apps (for Work) Source: Forbes 5 Steps for Paperless Office Options
  6. 6. Places to Request from: ● Paperless Statements from Banks Chase, BOA, {12 mo} Wells Fargo, Citibank {7 years} ● Electronic Invoices from vendors ● Storage for sending YouSendIt / Dropbox / Google Drive (Save and store these docs internally) Externally
  7. 7. Google Apps ● Gmail Can still have company name …Chelsea@DygertConsultment.com ● Google Drive -Folders -Presentations -Documents -Sheets -Calendar -Hangouts / Chats Internally**
  8. 8. Getting Started Google Drive: Drive.Google.ComGo through: Log in process Browse files (can have some functionality offline - yay)! Shared Creating New Real time Collaboration Messenger / Chat within items Download onto your computer (work MORE offline) --Switching between accounts on your desktop version
  9. 9. Getting Started Google Calendar Go through: Show calendars Create event Add descriptions for reminder notes Add location for map services Share a calendar with others
  10. 10. Getting Started Google Docs / Sheets / Presentations Go through: Creating new Collaborating Sharing from within Message / Chat / Comment / send link
  11. 11. Getting Started Google Plus Go through: Logging in (through Gmail) → grid → +Chelsea Fill out your profile (SEO SEO SEO) Write posts, +1 posts, Share posts, Tagging Hashtagging Circles (Following) Reviews Communities Hangouts Google Authorship (no more)
  12. 12. OBJECTIONS? ● Too many passwords to remember ○ ANSWR: LastPass is free and RoboForm costs about $30. ● Security ○ ANSWR: Have you ever heard that “Google was hacked?” ○ Scalability creates extra security ○ More $ to invest in security, more internal measures ● Google / Gmail policy terms ○ Read them
  13. 13. Connect: Chelsea Dygert Dygert #ConsultMent Chelsea@DygertConsultMent.com @cimforgiven at Local coffee shop #YesPhx