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SXTXState Presentation

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Students present the result of their work during SXSW.

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SXTXState Presentation

  1. 1. SXTXState Project 2013Texas State graduate studentscover SXSW Interactive
  2. 2. The Project• Weekly Hangouts &In-Person Meetups• SXSW Coverage• Mobile Reporting• Website Design• Social Media & Promotion• Ushahidi Mobile App• Hackathon• Taco Party
  3. 3. Our Team• Brittany Black – social media• Kiana Fitzgerald – text content, features• Megan Kilgore – Ushahidi application lead• Emily Lyons – website redesign• Sara Peralta – multimedia content, mobilereporting• Faculty: Dr. Cindy Royal• Faculty Support: Dr. Jacie Yang, JonZmikly and Ryan Stewart
  4. 4. DesignLogo iterations:
  5. 5. DesignFinal logo designs:• Main Logo:• Social Media Logo:
  6. 6. WebsiteNew DesignOld Design
  7. 7. WebsiteWebsite redesign overview:• Kept a WordPress format• Visual display• New color scheme and logo• Responsive layout for mobile• Refined categories
  8. 8. Ushahidiu-sha-hi-di[oo-shah-hee-dee] – a Swahiliword meaning“testimony”
  9. 9. Ushahidi DesignUshahidi design overview:• Utilized new project theme and colors• Responsive layout for mobile• Created logo (Kiana):
  10. 10. Ushahidi Design
  11. 11. Hackathon
  12. 12. Hackathon
  13. 13. Hackathon
  14. 14. Hackathon
  15. 15. Hackathon
  16. 16. Hackathon
  17. 17. Social Media
  18. 18. Social Media
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. Social Media
  21. 21. Social Media
  22. 22. Social Media
  23. 23. Social Media
  24. 24. Social Media
  25. 25. Social Media
  26. 26. Content – Before SXSWiPreviews:Coverage of notable panels and events before theSXSWi conference. 30 articles.Process:Team members assigned to beats butcollaborative approach allowed flexibility.
  27. 27. Content – Before SXSWiWeekly News Roundup:provides visitors with the latestin panel sessions, tech news &social media issuesTop 5:provides visitors with the top5 relevant panels by SXSWsession category6 articles 6 articles
  28. 28. Content – Coverage of SXSWiTim Berners-Lee(inventor of World Wide Web)Elon Musk(SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal)
  29. 29. Content - CoverageRachel Maddow (MSNBC)Top viewed SXTX video ~ 900 viewsMatthew Inman(The Oatmeal)
  30. 30. Content - Notable interviewsPaul Qui(South Bites)David Karp(Tumblr)
  31. 31. Content - Notable interviewsAndy Carvin(NPR)Michele Norris(NPR)
  32. 32. Content - Notable interviewsAdrian Grenier(Entourage, SHFT)W. Kamau Bell (TotallyBiased)
  33. 33. Content – SummaryContent Highlights:• Articles• 42 articles produced beforeSXSWi.• 81 articles produced over 5 dayscovering SXSWi.• Total of 123 articles!• Multimedia• 44 videos produced, 38 onlocation coverage• 29 Storify curated stories• 1 SoundCloud audio story• Mobile• SXTXState Stories: 48 geotaggedstories• GroupMe to coordinate coverage
  34. 34. Analytics - SXTXState.com050010001500200025003000Visits Unique Visitors Pageviews201120122013Site Traffic YOY2011-2013
  35. 35. Analytics - SXTXState.comGlobal VisitorsJanuary 20 – March 17
  36. 36. Analytics - SXTXStories.comSession/Speaker35%Official25%Party18%Food12%Free10%Top 5 Story Categories
  37. 37. Analytics - SXTXStories.com0501001502002508-Mar 9-Mar 10-Mar 11-Mar 12-MarSite Traffic During SXSW InteractiveVisitsUnique VisitorsPageviews
  38. 38. Analytics - @SXTXState
  39. 39. Analytics - #SXTXState• 624 tweets with #sxtxstate• 140 tweets with @sxtxstate account in 2013
  40. 40. Analytics - #SXTXState
  41. 41. Analytics - Instagram• 59 photos shared• 68 likes
  42. 42. Analytics - YouTube• 1,517 views• Top Video:RachelMaddow– 586 viewsduringSXSW– 867 totalviews
  43. 43. Post-SXSWi: Student reflections• Brittany Black“South by Southwest has been anamazing experience. Exhausting, butamazing. My brain has absorbed somuch information and I have had thechance to meet so many inspiringand influential people.”Post-graduation plans:Communications and EmployeeEngagement staff at Hewlett-Packard.
  44. 44. Post-SXSWi: Student reflections• Kiana FitzgeraldOn SXSWi, it “leaves meenlightened, exhausted, well-connected andhonestly, a bit depressed. It’s always difficultto go back to your regularly scheduled lifeafter being introduced to so many newideas, people, products and concepts in asuch an inviting environment, surrounded bypeople just like you.”Next steps: Invited to attend the DiverseVoices reception at the annual White HouseCorrespondents Weekend in WashingtonDC.
  45. 45. Post-SXSWi: Student reflections• Megan Kilgore“It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by thatmuch knowledge flying at you from alldirections at once. It was absolutelyexhausting, and I wouldn’t have missed itfor the world.”Post-graduation plans: Joining the CapitalArea Food Bank as the Digital MarketingManager in May 2013.
  46. 46. Post-SXSWi: Student reflections• Emily Lyons“I think it was especially rewarding for mebecause I’m at this crossroads of my life –nearing the end of my formal graduateeducation and considering where I’mgoing from here. I was inspired by thestartup panels I attended, and took awaysome great inspiration for my futurecareer.”Next steps: Joining the Capital Area FoodBank as the Digital Marketing VISTA forthe Summer of 2013 and graduating Fall2013.
  47. 47. Post-SXSWi: Student reflections• Sara Peralta“As a whole, I sincerely believe SXTXState’scoverage of SXSWi rivals that of any“professional” coverage of the event. I continuedto be amazed by my cohorts’ instinct fornewsworthy content and their drive to secureinterviews with the conference’s biggest names.From David Karp, W. Kamau Bell, MicheleNorris, Gary Vaynerchuk, and more, our teamsuccessfully interviewed the same high-profileleaders in tech and communications as majornews outlets.”Next steps: graduating Summer 2013 andattending the SALT Institute Multimedia SummerImmersion program.
  48. 48. Post-SXSWi: Looking AheadStudents are working on panel proposals for SXSW ’14,so they can join SJMC alumni as SXSW speakers
  49. 49. Thank You• Find this presentation atslideshare.net/cindyroyal• Visit SXTXState.com and SXTXStories.com