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Financial Inclusion through Digital Banking in Georgia

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David Birman, former Chief Digital Officer, Bank of Georgia at the VII Ukrainian Banking Forum, organized on October 11 and 12, 2018 by KRIEK (Formerly CIS BANKERS)

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Financial Inclusion through Digital Banking in Georgia

  1. 1. Financial Inclusion in Bank of Georgia
  2. 2. Everyone should be able to manage their money effectively and securely, through both having access to a bank account and the confidence and capability to get the most from it
  3. 3. BOG Digital Banking channels overview Mobile Banking mBank •Main app for iPhone and Android Tskapp •Android contactless pay Digipass •OTP token app for iPhone and Android SMS Bank •Text banking for all mobile devices Internet Banking iBank •Internet banking branded for RB, SOLO and WM Express Online •Legacy internet banking for all individual clients Business Online •Internet banking mostly made for Corporate; also used by MSME Banking Websites BOG.GE •Bank’s main website BOG subbrand websites •RB, MSME, CB, WM eSesxi.ge •Online lending ePay.ge •Online payments Product micro websites Banking Devices Paybox ATM
  4. 4. UX?
  5. 5. UXMC
  6. 6. Markswebb CIS+Georgia Mobile Banking Apps Study Independent research company arranged study between 86 banks from CIS and Georgia mBank achievements: • N1 in Georgia • N3 in CIS by Usability (UX) According to the research, together with good results in Usability, we still need to significantly improve and enrich app Functionality 6
  7. 7. Thanks David Birman bir@man.ge