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From Alternative Banking To Alternative Data

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Presentation by Julian Kaljuvee, CEO, Founders Capital Ltd, at the KRIEK Ukrainian Banking Forum, 19 April 2019, Kyiv (www.kriek.co)

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From Alternative Banking To Alternative Data

  1. 1. + From alternative banking to alternative data Founders Capital Ltd
  2. 2. +Alternative banking 2
  3. 3. + Alternative banking 1  Unbundling the European bank – lots of action in this space
  4. 4. + Founders Capital Ltd - Investments  Founders Capital Ltd, a small Fintech angel syndicate became active in 2008 with an investment objective to capture opportunities in the following emerging key alternative finance and fintech areas:  Market Place Lending (MPL) – invested in a range of market place lending companies including those focusing consumer finance (Bondora), real- estate (EstateGuru) and SME lending and invoice finance (Investly)  Balance Sheet Lending (BSL)- capitalising on the changing regulatory landscape in the the EU and backing up new types of ethical alternatives to payday lending (Credio)  MPL Roboadvisor– setting up a buy-side market place lending (MPL) operation that would give investors a single entry-point to market place lending across multiple platforms (PeerCap)  ETF Roboadvisors – disrupting the mainstream wealth management space and offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional wealth managers and independent financial advisors, initially by focusing on the expat market (Smartly.sg)  Secondary Market for Private Shares – creating a market place / secondary market where investors / founders can offload private shares (SharesBook) 2
  5. 5. + Track Record 3  Bondora.com:  Business: No 1 Consumer MPL lending in N / E Europe, No 1 globally in terms of returns  Initial investment: 10k EUR (2007)  Current valuation: 100M EUR going into Series B in 2019 (Series A including Valinor Managament and Rocket Internet at 40M EUR post money) (2014)  Cumulative return: 300X or 300,000% over 6 years  Investly.co:  Sector: SME lending and invoice financing  Initial investment: 20k EUR (2013)  Current valuation: 4M EUR, backed by Speedinvest, No 1 CES Venture Capital in Fintech  Cumulative Return: 200X (20,000%) (over 2 years)  EstateGuru.co:  Business:: No 1 Property Bridging MPL platform in Continental Europe  Founding valuation: 50k EUR (2013)  Current Valuation Estimate:: 13m EUR (based on current public loan book size)  Cumulative Return: 260X, or 26,000% over 2 years
  6. 6. + References  Founders Capital - www.founderscap.co.uk  Investly – www.investly.co  Bondora - www.bondora.com  EstateGuru – www.estateguru.co  Smartly – www.smartly.sg 6
  7. 7. +Alternative data for financial markets 7
  8. 8. + What is Alternative Data in Financial Markets?  Definition – all non-financial data not generated by the trading activity in the markets, and / or not directly reported by companies  Individuals: social/sentiment, web traffic, app usage, survey  Business Processes: Credit/debit card, web data, public Data, email/consumer Receipts  Sensors: geo-location, satellite , weather  Data cost: typically Business Processes > Sensors > Individuals 8
  9. 9. + Preferences by funds Data source with the greatest number of providers: Social/Sentiment Highest grossing data source: Credit/Debit Card Most utilized datasets: Web Data, Credit/Debit Card Most insightful datasets: Credit/Debit Card, Web Data Least insightful datasets: Geo-location, Satellite 9
  10. 10. + Alternative data stack 4  Large number (400+) data providers globally
  11. 11. + Growth of alternative data 4  Growth is been exponential over past decade, especially the US and now arriving in Europe
  12. 12. + References  Quandl (now Nasdaq) – www.quandl.com  Open Factset - open.factset.com  AlternativeData.org – www.alternartivedata.org 12