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Cisco storage networking protect scale-simplify_dec_2016

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Cisco Enhances Data Protection, Increases Bandwidth and Simplifies End to End Storage Management

• Enhance disaster recovery and Business Continuance
• Integrated FCIP on Director Class
• Nexus 9K for Storage Networking
• 100G /50G/25G IP Storage connectivity
Simplify Operations
• DCNM Connect
• Storage End-to-end Provisioning

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Cisco storage networking protect scale-simplify_dec_2016

  1. 1. Adarsh Viswanathan, Senior Manager, DC Product Management Cisco Enhances Data Protection, Increases Bandwidth and Simplifies End to End Storage Management Protect. Scale. Simplify. Cisco Storage Networking
  2. 2. IT Environments Experiencing Accelerating Transitions Infrastructure Agility Needed to Enable Greater Speed of Business Sources: Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), Cisco Cloud Index, IDC, Gartner, IDC WW Integrated Systems Forecast 2014- 2018 (Nov ‘14) IDC WW Hyperconverged Systems 2015-2019 Forecast (April ’15) Industry Dynamics 40% CAGR by 2017 Internet of Things 69% CAGR by 2017 Cloud 69% CAGR by 2014–19 Analytics Data Center Trends 85% by 2018 Server Virtualization 65% Growth by 2017 Software Defined Infrastructure 7x Growth SSD by 2018 Increased Flash Usage Effect on Storage Infrastructure 6% CAGR by 2015–2018 Integrated Platform 14% CAGR by 2015–2018 Integrated Infrastructure 58% CAGR by 2015–2018 Hyperconverged Storage Growth 10xGrowth in Information Created by 2020 Higher Demand on Multiprotocol Storage
  3. 3. Cisco Storage Networking Rate of Innovation Is Accelerating Innovation Industry-Leading FC Performance, Reliability SAN Scale 2002 2013 2014 2015 2016 40G FCoE Deploy MDS/Nexus Families to Reduce Storage Networking CapEx and OpEx • Virtual SAN (VSAN) • Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Tools • Inter-VSAN Routing • Integrated Multi-Protocol FC, FICON, iSCSI and FCIP • Integrated SAN Extension for DC/BR • FCoE • Single LAN/SAN Management 2002–2013 NEW: October 2016 Protect • Enhance disaster recovery and Business Continuance • Integrated FCIP on Director Class Scale • Nexus 9K for Storage Networking • 100G /50G/25G Storage Connectivity Simplify Operations • DCNM Connect • Storage End-to-end Provisioning
  4. 4. Cisco Multi-Protocol Product Portfolio: SAN, LAN, and Compute 12+ Years of Proven NX-OS Operating System Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) Cisco MDS 9700 48x16G Line-Rate FC LAN/SAN SAN 16G COMPUTE Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers Cisco UCS 6300 Series FI Cisco UCS 6200 UP Cisco Nexus 9000 Cisco Nexus 7000 Cisco Nexus 5600 Cisco Nexus 9300 Cisco Nexus 3000 Cisco Nexus 2000 24 x40G FCoE Cisco MDS 9250i Cisco MDS 9148S 48x10G Line-Rate FCoE Cisco MDS 9396S Nexus 5672UP-16G 16G FC: Nexus 2348UPQ Cisco MDS 24/10 SAN Extension Module Consistent and Simplified Features, Management, and Programmability Cisco Nexus 9200
  5. 5. Protect: Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance San extension using FCIP
  6. 6. Real world Example http://www.zdnet.com/article/delta-system- outage-heres-what-went-wrong/ “While power was stabilized and restored quickly, after the malfunction "critical systems and network equipment didn't switch over to backups. Other systems did," said Delta COO Gil West. The systems that failed to switch over suffered from "instability", he continued, affecting the performance of a customer service system used to process check-ins, conduct boarding, and dispatch aircraft” What is your Disaster Recovery Plan ? Are we prepared? At the least expected moment Disaster Strikes
  7. 7. Introducing SAN Extension Module 24 x 16G FC Ports 8 x 1/10 GE IPS Ports 2 x 40GE IPS Ports Higher Performance Higher Density Enterprise Class • Disaster Recovery • Business Continuance Multiple Services Hardware-based Intelligent Fabric Applications Ports • 24 x 16G FC line-rate Ports • 8 x 1/10GE IPS (FCIP) Ports • 2 x 40GE IPS (FCIP) FCIP Ports
  8. 8. Customer Case: Build High Performance, High Density Redundant SAN – beyond Metro MDS 9700 MDS 9700 MAN/WAN Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Tapes/VTLs (Backups)Nexus 7000/ 5000 Hosts FC FCoE FC FCoE FCIPFCIPStorage High-performance Applications at Scale Moving large data at high-speed at 1/10/40GE speed Replicate/Backup Large Data From multiple data centers to a central location within short backup windows with 10GE/40GE FCIP Geographically Dispersed Replicate Data across the globe DC1 – New York DC2 – Sydney
  9. 9. Solution Benefits Enabling Long Distance High Speed BC/DR over IP networks Integrated Modular Solution for High Availability and Scalability Investment Protection Backward compatible fifth generation FCIP solution Established solution, proven technology
  10. 10. Hybrid SAN Extension over FC and FCIP
  11. 11. Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) Design • Same Port Channeling and VSAN Concepts as Fibre Channel • Port Channel multiple FCIP interfaces to separate Ethernet switches/routers • Each WAN link carries multiple FCIP tunnels - Multipathing • Load balancing based on SrcID, DestID and OXID FCIP Write/Tape Acceleration over Redundant WAN links
  12. 12. • Feature interoperability with Cisco MDS FCIP solutions • Compatible with previous Cisco MDS FCIP solutions Interoperability / Compatibility
  13. 13. High Performance Storage Connectivity 10/25/40/50/100G
  14. 14. Cisco UCS UCS FI 6200/6300 Cisco MDS Only End to End FCoE/IP StorageSolution in the Market Industry’s Broadest Storage Networking Portfolio FCoE/IP Support Nexus 7700/7000 Nexus 5600 Nexus 2300 Nexus 9000 10GE 40GE 25/50/100GE* Cisco NEXUS Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) / NX-OS mode MDS 9000
  15. 15. Customer Problem – Large Cable Operator Need faster service, wire once architecture , and reduce cost BUSINESS CHALLENGE ● Application availability and speed. ● Power, Space and Cable reduction. ● OPEX reduction ● Management reduction ● Internal customer satisfaction. ● Move to agile model Range of options that can be quickly provisioned via intelligent FCoE fabric Infrastructure – Heterogeneous Environment • HP and Dell - Server • HDS and EMC VNX - Storage • Around 3000 VM (endpoint).
  16. 16. Solution: FCoE on Nexus 9000 Existing Platform Support: Q2CY16 Cisco NX-OS release 7.0(3)I3(x) onwards FCoE-NPV across T2 based platforms Nexus 9300 N9K-C9396PX N9K-C9372PX N9K-C9372PX-E N9K-C9332PQ Nexus 9500 N9K-C9504 / N9K-C9508 with following line cards: • X9432PQ • X9464PX • X9536PQ • X9564PX • X9636PQ Industry’s broadest FCoE / IP Storage Networking Portfolio
  17. 17. Customer Benefits Integrating FCoE and Programmable Fabric – Faster, Cheaper and Simple Nexus 7009 with 10/40GB ports. Nexus 9508 in the second DC. ACI fabric with 9372 and 9336. Nexus 93180YC-EX Future Nexus 2248 and 2232. BENEFITS • Capex reduced due to less cabling , less optics, less ports. • Empowered customer. Customer can anticipate and prioritize network and application changes. • Increased efficiency and accuracy in the storage network. • Save much time in migration time and learning a new device • Future FCOE implementation in Nexus 9000/ACI.
  18. 18. Introducing FCoE and IP Storage Capabilities on Nexus 9200/9300-EX Q4 CY16 Cisco Cloud Scale Technology 48p 10/25G SFP + 4p 100G/ 6p 40G QSFP Nexus 92160YC-X 36p 40/100G QSFP Nexus 9236C 72p 40G QSFP Nexus 9272Q 56p 40G + 8p 40/100G QSFP Nexus 92304QC NX-OS mode IP Storage Connectivity Flexible port configurations – 1/10/25/40/50/100G FCOE* FEX Support: Nexus 2232PP HP/IBM FEX Nexus 2348UPQ * FCOE 10/40 Support only IP 1/10/25/40/50/100 ** Q2CY17 NX-OS mode support Nexus 9200 Series 48p 1/10GT + 6p 40/100G QSFP Nexus 93108TC-EX 32p QSFP 32p 40/50G | 24p 40G + 6p 100G 28p 40G + 4p 100G | 18p 100G Nexus 93180LC-EX 48p 10/25G SFP + 6p 40/100G QSFP Nexus 93180YC-EX Nexus 9300-EX Series ACI and NX-OS mode ACI and NX-OS mode ACI and NX-OS** mode
  19. 19. Large Financial customer Nexus 9000 for IP Storage 9200/9300 Leaf 10GE NIC 10/40G 10GE Nexus 2348T FEX VXLAN Programmable Fabric 10/40G 40G IPSAN Nexus HP/IBM/2 232 FEX* 10/40G iSCSI Storage Cloudscale Storage with Nexus 9000 • High Performance / High Density convergence • Prioritize IP storage and guaranteed lossless behavior • Micro segmentation ( more secure) • Automation, Rapid deployments and pervasive security • Telemetry for better trouble shooting 10/25/40/50/100G Connectivity, Smart Buffers and Flowlets for Traffic Management Only Solution in the Market with Multi-protocol support. Customer Challenges: Performance of iSCSI, Ease of provision, Security, Service Velocity
  20. 20. Simplify Management: SAN Automation
  21. 21. DCNM 10.x Enhancements • Next Gen upgraded HTML interface • SAN Automation • Create and Assign Storage • SAN management • Zoning, Device Alias, PMON from Web Client • Slow Drain Enhancements • Upgraded internal Database for Enterprise Deployments • MDS and Nexus N1K-N9K device support Availability Early Q2CY16
  22. 22. Simplification with SAN Automation with DCNM Simplification of complex and tedious tasks by automating SAN management tasks Manage end-to-end connectivity for you to help simplify the entire deployment process Provision and assign storage directly from DCNM Automate* with a policy driven deployment to ensure consistent deployment of servers and storage *Future Release
  23. 23. Why can’t I use a single management system for end to end provisioning including Storage Arrays ? Can I automate ? Storage Administrator Challenges JoeJanet • Manage/Provision Current Environment • Monitor/Troubleshoot Current Environment • Capacity Planning • New Installs • Backup/Replicate
  24. 24. DCNM Connect Storage Automation Create and assign storage (Volume) to hosts Create the storage as defined by the user DCNM SAN Automation (DCNM Connect) Volume Creation Associate Host to TargetAssign Volume to Host Service Velocity: Reduce from 40+ clicks to 3 clicks
  25. 25. DCNM 10 Topology Pop out information on the right side Show link level utilization See source/destination and speed Display Tx/Rx on graph format Link summary information
  26. 26. DCNM 10.1(1) Topology View end to end performance and status Show switch details Show link traffic on any of the online interfaces See side-by-side interface utilization from the topology
  27. 27. DCNM 10.1(1) Slow Drain Analysis New web Based Slow Drain Analysis – New for DCNM 10.1.x New interface in consolidated on one screen Parameter information provided within the screen Schedulable jobs Events classified by Level
  28. 28. DCNM 10.1(1) Slow Drain Analysis New Slow Drain Analysis report Show the results of the report Slider bar focuses on the data you want to see Graph data in the bottom section Filtered by Non-Zero by default
  29. 29. “Our original Cisco MDS systems have run without disruption since their deployment. We’ve had the Cisco MDS 9513 platforms for 8 years, and we expect our Cisco MDS 9710 systems to last a long time as well, giving us extraordinary return on investment.” Luis Sánchez Vidal, Engineering-Architecture & Global Deployment, IAAS & Open System Storage Management, BBVA
  30. 30. Cisco Channel Partners Other Flash Vendors: Storage Array Interop Only Cisco MDS 9000 Family Extensive Industry Partnerships
  31. 31. Storage Networking for Agile Data Centers Simplify Automate Physical and Virtual Datacenters using REST API and third party cloud software platforms With Nexus and MDS to evolve SAN architectures for Massive Data Growth Scale Fibre Channel and Ethernet Storage Networks with Superior Performance, Scale, and Architectural Flexibility Protect