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Grand challenges in restoration ecology

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Here is short talk brainstorming on the potential need for a set of grand challenges for restoration ecology.

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Grand challenges in restoration ecology

  1. 1. Grand challenges in restoration ecology
  2. 2. Destruction is so easy, restoration so hard.
  3. 3. Loss can be informative
  4. 4. Even tiny ones.
  5. 5. Global losses have introduced significant need for restoration
  6. 6. add remove observe needs-driven syntheses
  7. 7. Science for Nature & People
  8. 8. grand challenges
  9. 9. grand challenge is global
  10. 10. grand challenge is a specific critical barrier or set of barriers that if removed help solve an important problem health
  11. 11. innovation
  12. 12. the attributes of a grand challenge major impacts if solved ambitious but achievable compelling & intrinsically motivating Goldilocks level of specificity drive & harness innovation fromTom Kalil,White House
  13. 13. Grand challenges in restoration: steps to build 1. Questions that restoration examines 2. Challenges to effective restoration 3. Matching of questions to challenges 4. Solution synthesis/general blueprint
  14. 14. Sample questions 1. How well does conservation biology and restoration ecology 
 support and enable one another? 2. Does fundamental ecological theory significantly contribute to restoration ecology or does most restoration begin with a ‘problem’ that needs a solution? 3. Is most restoration ecology manipulative? How are mensurative experiments and observation leveraged in restoration ecology?
  15. 15. Sample questions 4. How inter-related are management and restoration in 
 their alignment of needs and research agendas? 5.Are there syntheses of the local-versus-regional drivers 
 that influence the outcome restoration efforts? 
 6. How commonly are the human factors included in restoration efforts or in experiments?
  16. 16. foundations
  17. 17. foundations
  18. 18. restoring natural capital is an opportunity Aronson
  19. 19. Grand challenges in restoration are interdisciplinary