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Media Kit | CJ Media | USA TODAY NETWORK

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Detailed Media Kit for Courier-Journal Media, including information about our diverse media portfolio of traditional and digital marketing products and services.

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Media Kit | CJ Media | USA TODAY NETWORK

  2. 2. cjmediasource.com | 3 edit061516 Contact We would love to get to know you, so we’ll start with an introduction. CJ Media is part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. We are an integrated marketing solutions provider with broad media and content expertise - from print and online display to PPC, social, email, video, branded content, mobile and everything in between. Through the Courier Journal, we’re in the homes and hands of over 575,000 Louisville and Southern Indiana - area adult readers every week. We provide the data, insights, tools, and means to reach the largest footprint of engaged and influential buyers in Kentuckiana. But our reach also extends across the country, fueled by the power of USA TODAY MEDIA NETWORK - a leading media and marketing solutions company reaching tens of millions of people every week through a vast portfolio of digital, mobile and print products. WHO IS CJ MEDIA? *Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA HELPING BUSINESSES TO CONNECT, ACT ANDTHRIVE.
  3. 3. cjmediasource.com | 4 edit061516 Contact YOUR GOALS. OUR TOOLS. WE HELPYOU BUILDYOUR BUSINESS. WE DELIVER A PREMIUM AUDIENCE. Your customers seek us out every day, because they value what we offer—engaging news, information and entertainment that’s relevant to them and to Kentuckiana, delivered in all the ways they want it. SMART RESEARCH. UNIQUE RESOURCES. As the leading local media company, we help you solve your company’s toughest challenges and grow your business, thanks to our unmatched combination of local media assets and integrated marketing expertise. SOPHISTICATED TOOLBOX. LOCALLY LED TEAM. We reach your audience in the ways that work best for your business with unparalleled resources — both local and national — to help you find, understand, and motivate. ENGAGED AUDIENCE SOPHISTICATED TOOLBOX INTEGRATED MARKETING EXPERTISE
  4. 4. cjmediasource.com | 5 edit061516 Contact TABLE OF CONTENTS OUR MARKET & EVENT CALENDAR 12-16 COURIER JOURNAL SPECIAL EVENTS Courier Journal Sports Awards 17-20 MOBILE APPS & DISPLAY Courier Journal & Print Edition Cards HQ & Cats HQ 21-41 DIGITAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES Immersive Ads - Gravity High-Impact Display Mobile Display Branded Content Courier Journal Ad Network Video Production & Advertising PPC SEO Social Ads Email Social Media Marketing Maps and Reputation Web Development Lead Capture Pages 42-49 PRINT PRODUCTS & SERVICES Buyer’s Edge PrePrints & Print XPress Direct Mail Spadea & Gatefold Wraps Adscape & Sticky® Notes 50-53 CONTACT INFORMATION
  5. 5. cjmediasource.com | 6 edit061516 Contact OUR MARKET | DIGITAL AUDIENCE PROFILE 2.3mm AVG. MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS* MEDIAN AGE** 42 AVG. MONTHLY TOTAL VISITORS* 4.2mm *Source: Adobe Analytics/Tecnavia Oct 2016 - Sept 2017 **Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA 93,000+ 73,000+ REACHING A WEB SAVVY AUDIENCE 20% higher average household income** 23% more likely to search for info/products on mobile device** 32% more likely to shop online**
  6. 6. cjmediasource.com | 7 edit061516 Contact 528,5237-DAY PRINT & E-NEWSPAPER MEDIAN AGE* 51GENDER* 47% 53% $71k Average Household Income* 8% More Likely to Hold a College Degree* OUR MARKET | PRINT AUDIENCE PROFILE E-NEWSPAPER AND PRINT READERS AUDIENCE SNAPSHOT *Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA
  7. 7. cjmediasource.com | 8 edit061516 Contact OUR MARKET | COMBINED AUDIENCE PROFILE 575,103NEARLY 50% OF AREA ADULTS ARE COMBINED COURIER JOURNAL READERS* MEDIAN AGE* 53GENDER* 47% 53% AUDIENCE SNAPSHOT *Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA Spends 12+ Hoursa Week Online* $783Average Amount Spent Online Purchases
  8. 8. cjmediasource.com | 9 edit061516 Contact OUR MARKET | COMBINED AUDIENCE PROFILE STRONGESTREADERSHIP GROUPS Upper HHI Established Age 35 - 64 HH with kids College Graduates Upscale Professionals Upper Mid HHI Mature Age 55+ HH without Kids College graduates Professionals CONSERVATIVE CLASSICS Wealthy Established Age 45+ HH without kids College graduates Executive & Professionals AFFLUENT EMPTY NESTS Upper mid HHI Established Age 30-49 Mostly without kids College graduates Professionals & Middle Class MID-LIFE SUCCESS Mid HHI Mature Age 55+ HH without kids Some college Working class mix CAUTIOUS COUPLES ACCUMULATED WEALTH *Sources: Nielsen PRIZM 2016, Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA
  9. 9. Media Planning Calendar Events, Custom Publications and Special Coverage
  10. 10. cjmediasource.com | 11 edit061516 Contact MEDIA PLANNING CALENDAR SPECIAL CONTENTAND EVENTS January February March April May June July August September October November December Special Content Coverage: High School Sports School Test Scores College Basketball Season Preview Election Coverage New Car Preview Holiday Shopping Holiday Events Holiday Entertaining Ironman St. James Court Art Show Louder Than Life Festival Louisville Music Awards Events: Coffee with the Courier Storytellers Food & Wine Experience Special Content Coverage: Home & Gardening Remodeling Show NCAA Basketball Tournament - Brackets - Preview Analysis & Predictions - Sweet 16 - Elite Eight High School Sports KDF Macy’s Spring Fashion Show Humana Festival of New American Plays Election Caucus Coverage State Legislative Session Black History Month Events: Coffee with the Courier Storytellers Special Content Coverage: NCAA Basketball Tournament - Final Four - Championship Thunder Over Louisville Kentucky Derby Festival Events & Parties Kentucky Oaks Kentucky Derby Spring Horse Racing Meet High School Sports Election Primary Coverage Spring Break Abbey Road on the River Farmers Markets Events: Coffee with the Courier Better Derby Betting Storytellers Courier Journal Sports Awards Special Content Coverage: Education School Year Preview High School Sports College Football Season Preview Election Coverage Forecastle Festival Lebowski Fest Kentucky State Fair Events: Coffee with the Courier Storytellers
  11. 11. 2014 COURIER JOURNAL BLOCK PARTY. CORNER OF MERIDIAN ST. AND GEORGIA ST. 12-16 COURIER JOURNAL SPECIAL EVENTS Courier Journal Sports Awards Storytellers Project Food & Wine Experience
  12. 12. cjmediasource.com | 13 edit061516 Contact 1. Put your brand in front of an engaged audience Sponsoring an event allows your company to focus your energy on engaging the right audience instead of spending time and money on marketing the event. It’s a turn-key way to position your brand in front of the audience attending the event. 2. Events are great for lead capture Having a physical presence at events and using contests and giveaways as engagement tactics can generate new customer leads for remarketing to in the future. 3. Enjoy the brand affinity sponsorships and sponsored events offer Your brand has the ability to be seen alongside other content that people attending an event value. This connection results in a lift of brand affinity and positions your brand as a leader to that audience segment. 4. Give people the chance to try your brand Events allow you the ability to be creative in your marketing and event activation. Handing out free trials, products and other services your brand offers engages your audience in a new way and can lead to new customers and free publicity, even after the event. 5. Sponsorships and sponsored events can deliver a higher ROI Your brand has the ability to achieve high-impact visibility and engagement to a targeted, more-qualified audience in a short amount of time. By being more focused in your marketing, while being relevant and engaging with your audience, you have the ability to significantly optimize your return on investment. FIVE REASONS why special events build brand loyalty, engaging a targeted, more-qualified audience. SPECIAL EVENT SPONSORSHIPS | UNIQUE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES
  13. 13. cjmediasource.com | 14 edit061516 Contact The Courier Journal reaches over 200,000 high school sports enthusiasts.* From new audiences turning to us for games and plays happening now, to the loyal fans who return game after game, we’re the go-to source for Kentuckiana high school sports. *Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES COURIER JOURNAL SPORTS AWARDS Special Sponsorship Package |June Courier Journal Sports Awards Local area high school athletes will be recognized including public and private schools, with specific sports that sanction. The culmination of the yearlong program recognizing standout people and experiences, will include a red-carpet banquet affair and awards ceremony. High School Sports Fans Read Courier Journal
  14. 14. cjmediasource.com | 15 edit061516 Contact Courier Journal Exclusives • Quarterly Live Performance events. • Sell-Out Crowds • Stories from Local Notables & Neighbor Next Door • Additional StorytellersX live community events at local library branches • Real People tell personal stories on local issues affecting our community. • Unique Storytelling with expansive content online, including photos, video and more. • Expansion plans in development include addition of podcasts, digital only stories, more video and even more Louisville stories. Real People, Real Stories, Unique Experiences COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES LOUISVILLE STORYTELLERS PROJECT
  15. 15. cjmediasource.com | 16 edit061516 Contact VIP Food & Wine Tasting Event • October Event at Norton Commons • Unique experience for local foodies • Small plate samplings and wine tastings • Educational master classes • Kitchen and gadget demonstrations • Celebrity chef appearances COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES FOOD & WINE EXPERIENCE
  16. 16. 17-20 MOBILE TABLET APPS & DISPLAY Courier Journal & Print Edition Cards HQ & Cats HQ
  17. 17. cjmediasource.com | 18 edit061516 Contact COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES MOBILE &TABLETAPPS | MOBILE CAPABILITIES Why advertise on these channels: Incorporating a mobile campaign will provide you with a cohesive and robust program to reach local consumers during various times of day and on their preferred electronic device. Rising smartphone adoption, fast-expanding 4G networks, along with more time spent on mobile devices is driving the explosive growth of mobile ad spending. Additionally, companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft are devoting more attention to mobile media, mobile devices, and therefore, mobile advertising. Mobile is an excellent complement to any desktop campaign. While at work, most website users utilize their desktop to browse the web. In the evenings, we see a decline in desktop but an increase in tablet and smartphone activity. We also see consumers often multi-tasking with simultaneous usage of different devices. With this in mind, our mobile offerings continue to grow and diversify. Louisville Area Mobile Growth Area Adults who Own Any Mobile Device* 2012 17% 2016 80% *Scarborough R1 2016 Louisville area DMA
  18. 18. cjmediasource.com | 19 edit061516 Contact The Courier Journal print edition is on the iPad! The Courier Journal on an iPad with all the stories, photos and ads shown just as it appears in print. Subscribers can use their digital account login to access current and back issues. Get the latest local news for Louisville and Southern Indiana with The Courier Journal’s iPhone, android and tablet app. • Up-to-the-minute local news & weather • Full-screen video and photo galleries • Sports, business, entertainment and life coverage • Commentaries and opinion columns • Breaking news alerts on the go Print Edition COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES MOBILE &TABLETAPPS | SPECIAL ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY
  19. 19. cjmediasource.com | 20 edit061516 Contact MOBILE CAPABILITIES COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES | MOBILE &TABLETAPPS Stay in touch with the Cards and Cats anytime, anywhere. Loaded with all the latest headlines, opinions, live game coverage, photos, videos, tweets, scores, stats and rosters. With exclusive opinion and analysis from the CJ’s UofL and UK sports team, live pre-game shows, game blogs, and videos. Whether you bleed blue or red, we’ve got you covered.
  20. 20. 21-41 DIGITAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES Immersive Ads - Gravity High-Impact Display Mobile Display Branded Content Courier Journal Ad Network Video Production & Advertising PPC SEO Social Ads Email Social Media Marketing Maps and Reputation Web Development
  21. 21. cjmediasource.com | 22 edit061516 Contact DIGITAL DISPLAY Premium Display Advertising Digital display advertising helps your marketing messages get in front of the right audience. 1. Targeted Use demographic, behavioral and contextual targeting to reach different audience segments important to your business across the web and on all platforms. Reduce wasted impressions with a targeted digital approach. 2. Personalized Messaging Tailor your message to resonate with each audience segment and test different variations to see what performs best. Adding in retargeting allows you to serve a follow-up message to your audience based on their previous behavior on your site or landing page. This personalized approach helps raise conversion rates. 3. Interactive/Engaging Digital display allows for video and rich-media elements, such as animation and user-controlled interaction. It creates an engaging platform that is on par with television, but also lets the user continue the engagement instantly on your landing page or website. Engagement builds branding and leads the user down the consumer journey path. 4. Trackable All campaigns come with reporting that measures multiple key performance indicators such as click-through rates, engagement rates and conversion rates. With the proper analytics set-up, we can measure your return on investment with each campaign. Benefits of using:
  22. 22. What is Gravity? Courier Journal’s Gravity ad unit is the world’s first IMAX-style advertising experience. Your cinematic brand video is showcased within a fluid design, full- screen ad unit that auto-plays on a continuous loop with muted sound. It’s BIG and engaging! Gravity is engineered for success. IMMERSIVE ADS GRAVITY Premium Display Advertising Interactive
  23. 23. cjmediasource.com | 24 edit061516 Contact 750% INCREASE in interaction rate compared to the IAB Billboard industry standard ad unit 92% INCREASE in interaction time compared to Gannett’s Pushdown ad unit >50%OF USERS watched the video multiple times 50% INCREASE in interaction rate compared to Gannett’s Pushdown ad unit 90% INCREASE in attention quality compared to the IAB Billboard industry standard ad unit ACTUAL GRAVITY PERFORMANCE RESULTS FOR GANNETT • Largest creative execution • Commands attention • Highest engagement metrics • Home page placement • 20 seconds - 2 minutes looping • HD video capable • 4:3 or 16:9 ratios IMMERSIVE. CAPTIVATING. REVOLUTIONARY. Interactive Specs
  24. 24. cjmediasource.com | 25 edit061516 Contact COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES HIGH-IMPACT DISPLAY Premium Display Advertising High-Impact ads are a dynamic, and visually stunning way to engage the reader, dominate the page, and drive consumer action. Hero Flip This ad unit's prominent center page placement ensures consumers take notice of your product or service. Interactive Specs
  25. 25. cjmediasource.com | 26 edit061516 Contact COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES HIGH-IMPACT DISPLAY Premium Display Advertising IAB Billboard Designed to drive user focus to a single advertising experience for maximum impact. Full rich media interactivity and the opportunity to showcase your brand — even turning the whole canvas into video for maximum impact. This ad unit commands attention, running full width of the web page with full close-ability. Pushdown A push-down ad expands downwards upon initiation, pushing the site content down with it. Your ad takes center-stage! The ad appears consistently but subtly on the top of the web page so viewers can choose to click on it at any point of time. Interactive Specs
  26. 26. cjmediasource.com | 27 edit061516 Contact COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES HIGH-IMPACT DISPLAY Performance Advertising Transition By commanding the entire browser window, this ad ensures that your brand message is front and center From exclusive homepage positioning or a section front to our interactive capabilities, our high impact advertising solutions can increase engagement and interaction with your brand. Interactive Specs
  27. 27. cjmediasource.com | 28 edit061516 Contact Interactive Takeover This ad overlays page content and delivers high-impact creative to engage and inform readers. COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES HIGH-IMPACT DISPLAY Performance Advertising Video Takeover This ad's purpose is to interrupt the user's browser experience and immediately draw attention to the ad message. Interactive Interactive Specs
  28. 28. cjmediasource.com | 29 edit061516 Contact Research shows 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal. So, reaching customers on-the-go is more important than ever before.* *Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com/products/mobile-ads.html **Source: eMarketer, October 2015 Wherever and whenever. Mobile display advertising has changed the way local businesses think and consumers shop. Reaching more people using smartphones and tablets than ever before, CJ Media provides advertisers access to a captive audience in hyper-targeted ways. CJ Media provides trusted mobile sites and apps to an engaged audience. Plus, we can help you reach any mobile audience with our digital demand-side platform and other mobile advertising like geo-fencing. MOBILE DISPLAY| MOBILE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY Adults spend and average of 2 hours, 54 minutes on mobile devices each day**
  29. 29. cjmediasource.com | 30 edit061516 Contact IN-LINE AD ARTICLE PAGE Mobile Display Product Benefits • High visibility placements available, providing a visual and interactive message • Provides reinforcement of market-wide advertising • Reach consumers in the moment of purchase decision • Compliments desktop campaign advertising • Click-through rates are often double the performance of standard desktop display CTRs. Mobile is now. Consumers carry their mobile phones everywhere and they are largely always within a couple of feet of their phones at any given time. Mobile is immediate, personal and timely. It is always on. This makes mobile the medium for your advertising message to your consumers. MOBILE DISPLAY| MOBILE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY
  30. 30. cjmediasource.com | 31 edit061516 Contact COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES | THE CJ MEDIA ADVANTAGE • We utilize best-in-class ad technology . • Expert teams of account managers and digital optimization specialists are on staff to ensure quality planning, execution and constant optimization. • We offer high-quality reporting with actionable insights. 24/7 reporting dashboard tools allow monitoring of campaigns at anytime. • One point of contact ensures consistent results and strategy, along with turn-key campaign management. Be Found. Get Connected. Stay Engaged. From search to social, and everything in between, we’ll help you manage your digital and mobile local business marketing to deliver what matters most to you: new customers.
  31. 31. cjmediasource.com | 32 edit061516 Contact BRANDED CONTENT Engage Consumers Product Benefits: • Break through the clutter and gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience • Ad formats match both the form and the function of the user experience in which it is placed • Educate, inspire, entertain or inform your audience in a matching format • Engage in a way that adds value to the consumer relationship • Position your brand as a thought-leader and seek brand affinity COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES Branded Content is provided and presented by the advertiser, and appears simultaneously on Courier Journal desktop, iPad, and mobile web platforms. These stories are clearly marked to differentiate them from our editorial Content. Syndicate content your content on our local platforms combined with an ad buy and promotion Gannett’s Approach to Native:
  32. 32. cjmediasource.com | 33 edit061516 Contact COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES Benefits • Nearly unlimited reach potential • Run advertising across a multitude of ad exchanges and thousands of websites • Automatically optimizes based on conversion goals • Cost effective to deliver best ROI COURIER JOURNAL AD NETWORK Targeted Display Advertising Audience Targeting Strategy: Benefits • Target by Geo, Segments, Contextual • Brand building Remarketing Strategy: Benefits • Re-engage website visitors who have demonstrated initial interest • One of the best tactics for increasing conversions Cost Per Acquisition Strategy: Benefits • Combines Audience Targeting and Remarketing with conversion tracking • Optimizes campaigns to deliver impressions to those who are most likely to convert • Tracks post-click and post-view conversionsDemand Side Platform
  33. 33. cjmediasource.com | 34 edit061516 Contact Produce captivating video that puts your company above the rest. We offer: • A nationwide network of highly qualified videographers who capture video footage on-site and an in-house, experienced and creative editing team to craft high-quality, effective web marketing videos • Assistance throughout the entire production process including: scheduling, scripting, production releases, editing, revisions and final delivery • Guaranteed 10 day turnaround time for delivery of the first version from the date of footage capture • A wide range of offerings based upon our your needs.Videos can be repurposed in digital campaigns such as pre-roll, in-banner video and rich media executions. Videos can also be posted to your website and on YouTube to increase search visibility VIDEO PRODUCTION COURIER JOURNAL EXCLUSIVES
  34. 34. cjmediasource.com | 35 edit061516 Contact Sites containing video are 53% more likely to appear on the first page*of Google results Video landing pages generate 5x higher engagement and response rates* Video Capabilities: Video is a vital component to a comprehensive digital marketing program. Video boosts online search results while engaging and converting customers. of people take action after watching a video*46% VIDEO ADVERTISING Providing an outlet for your business to share on multiple online platforms, video is an excellent way to connect with customers. We provide your business with a professional, high quality video that you can share on a wide array of different media including social networks, websites and emails. • Pre-Roll Plays ahead of targeted video content on desktop and mobile • Video Takeover Takeover of section front • Social Media Video is highly shareable, great for paid social posts *Sources: Forrester Reasearch, Lightswitch, eMarketer Specs
  35. 35. cjmediasource.com | 36 edit061516 Contact PPC Digital Marketing Services Pay Per Click (PPC) is a powerful component of search engine marketing that places targeted, advertisements within search results and on social networks.These advertisements are used to generate leads and direct traffic to designated landing pages or a client’s website. In addition to branding, PPC ads are designed to highlight a business’s most attractive and sought-after products, services, and special offers. Our experts will work with you to identify your business goals, then develop and manage a PPC campaign on multiple search engines. Product benefits: - Instant visibility - Leveled playing field - Drive immediate leads - Attract targeted visitors - Transparent data and analytics - Only pay when potential customers click on your ad or contact you - Reach customers in your targeted area - Advanced lead tracking and reporting captures daily campaign activity. *Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA Every month, 72.6% of Louisville area adults search online.*
  36. 36. cjmediasource.com | 37 edit061516 Contact SEO Digital Marketing Services On-site techniques: - Optimization of metadata, installation of analytics and web tools - Recommendations for on-site content optimization Off-site techniques: - Press releases distributed to relevant sources - Microsites (and link building for those microsites) - Directory submissions - Social claiming of 100+ social sites (Facebook,YouTube, etc) - Social signals (using those claimed sites to generate interest and engage your customer) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of making enhancements to your website to influence its ranking in search engines and drive traffic to your website. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image, local, video, academic, news, and industry-specific search engines. SEO is a long-term strategy and should be positioned with other immediate lead delivery products. Our Search Engine Optimization specialists will work with you to identify your business goals, then develop and manage the entire campaign on multiple search engines. Product benefits - Brand awareness - Constant promotion - Targeted traffic - Establish credibility - Increase visibility - Beat your competition - 24/7, secure, online access to the Campaign Management Center for all reporting - We optimize with industry best practices to increase the campaign’s overall performance
  37. 37. cjmediasource.com | 38 edit061516 Contact EMAIL MARKETING Reach Customers Through Their Inbox Email yields some of the highest ROI in digital marketing. Email provides targeted and custom crafted messages that reach consumers when they are ready to purchase. CJ Media adds email into an integrated marketing strategy to build loyalty, maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers, and foster repeat business. Email Product Benefits: - Increases web and in-store traffic - Encourages customer loyalty and repeat sales - Provides quick, real-time messaging to engaged consumers - Detailed performance reporting - Cost-effective direct marketing - Custom or semi-custom creative templates - Collect customer emails and actively engage them with timely messages - Reach customers who requested regular correspondence - Cost-effective medium to promote upcoming events, distribute offers and increase customer engagement - Drive website traffic - Measurable to determine ROI - Excellent compliment to all other digital marketing programs as it is a vehicle to market to existing customers or leads - An opportunity to reach a NEW stream of potential customers - Highly targeted geo, demo and lifestyle selects to reach the right audience at the right time - More cost-effective than blanketed direct mail programs - We provide creative development and design recommendations to ensure the best possible results - Detailed performance reporting
  38. 38. cjmediasource.com | 39 edit061516 Contact SOCIAL MEDIA ADS Digital Marketing Services Facebook continues to transform the way people and businesses connect.The secret to social marketing success is having the right strategy at the right time. Identify your customer’s unique qualities and assets, and leverage them to drive results in the four dimensions of social marketing: Connect, Engage, Influence and Integrate. Our Facebook ad management solution delivers targeted ads to a user’s preferred device. Target the right audiences using: - Demographic - Personal - Social - Interests - Behaviors - Geography Product benefits: - Market to a highly engaged and influential audience - Drive sales to both new and current customers - Facebook ads are highly viral and a strong reach tool - Drive measurable in-store and online sales with Facebook Offers - Increase website traffic, responses and qualified leads - Increase conversions, app installs and usage - Complements search marketing efforts 962,865 Louisville area adults visit social networking sites every month* *Source: Scarborough R1 2016, Louisville area DMA $
  39. 39. cjmediasource.com | 40 edit061516 Contact SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT Digital Marketing Services Social media provides businesses a unique opportunity to connect and engage with their current and potential client base like never before.Through social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ andTwitter, companies can manage their online reputation and quickly build a social network of brand supporters. - Custom content creation and management - Develop a custom one-to-one relationship between your business and local customers - Custom analytics to measure the success of the campaigns Product benefits: - Lead capture and creative marketing - Hyper-targeted personal marketing - Increase brand exposure - Competitive differentiation - One-on-one interaction - Increase transparency and credibility - Generate loyalty and advocacy Local consumers are online searching for nearby businesses that offer the products they need. Our Maps/ Reputation Dashboard provides all the tools needed to ensure a business is listed on all the right places and that your online reputation remains intact. - Monthly review of analytics and performance - Customized reputation dashboard for client review/ action items - Syndication across hundreds of partner sites (i.e.:Yahoo!, Bing/Microsoft,TomTom and MapQuest) - Claimed and locally optimized Google+ Local listing - Creation of 50 NAP Citations (business name, address and phone number) per month MAPS & REPUTATION Digital Marketing Services
  40. 40. cjmediasource.com | 41 edit061516 Contact WEB DEVELOPMENT Digital Marketing Services Web development is more than just website building. Lead capture pages are also an essential component of digital advertising. All of your ads and search engine results need a place to land. Generally, there are three options: a lead capture page, proxy page or a website. We work to ensure your lead page and new site will encompass brand recognition focusing on your product/service priorities and relevant content that are search engine friendly. We can also maintain and update the site as well as host it on our dedicated servers. - Templated custom landing pages & websites of all sizes and capabilities - Call-to-action form that generates leads - Social media integration - Hosting & email addresses - Maintenance and updates Product Benefits: - Generates leads with a call to action contact form - Forms an online destination for current and potential customers - Strengthens your brand - Improves credibility - Maximizes return on marketing investments - Provides a strong customer experience - Adds value and satisfaction by offering convenience - Allows you to be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - Includes written text copy and imagery specific to the your industry CSS CSS HTML PHP
  41. 41. The Courier Journal is a daily newspaper with a long and impressive history. The paper, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, has won ten Pulitzer Prizes for investigative reporting. 42-50 PRINT PRODUCTS & SERVICES Buyer’s Edge PrePrints & Print XPress Direct Mail Spadea & Gatefold Wraps Adscape & Sticky® Notes
  42. 42. cjmediasource.com | 43 edit061516 Contact $1.00 retail MT DLY FRIDAY 12.4.15 ll COURIER-JOURNAL.COM ll METRO EDITION ll PART OF THE USA TODAY NETWORK courier-journal.com facebook.com/courierjournal @courierjournal Plenty of sunshine during the next few days with highs climbing into the 50s. Overnight lows in the 30s. WEATHER, 2A Louisville area 36-hour forecast: Haze IceFreezing rain Partly sunny Mostly sunny FairSunny Thunder storms Chance of thunder RainChance of rain ShowersScattered showers Chance of showers Drizzle Partly cloudy Mostly cloudy Cloudy Snow and rain Chance of light snow Chance of snow Snow flurries Snow Haze IceFreezing rain Partly sunny Mostly sunny FairSunny Thunder storms Chance of thunder RainChance of rain ShowersScattered showers Chance of showers Drizzle Partly cloudy Mostly cloudy Cloudy Snow and rain Chance of light snow Chance of snow Snow flurries Snow TODAY 52 | 33 TOMORROW 56 | 36 Autos 1F Comics 4D Deaths 12A Editorial15A Health 1D Lottery 2A Neighbor- hoods 5A Metro 3A Sports 1C TV 5D USAToday1B INDEX After years in the planning and construction, the new Abra- ham Lincoln Bridge — the centerpiece of the Downtown Crossing portion of the $2.3 billion Ohio River Bridges Project — is expected to open to traffic early Monday. l “A lot of work has to be done between now and then,” Andy Bar- ber, the bridges project manager for the Ken- tucky Transportation Cabinet, said at a news briefing under the bridge Thursday morning at Waterfront Park. l But he said officials are confi- dent that the new bridge parallel to the Kennedy Memorial Bridge, for the first time, will begin carrying Interstate 65 traffic by around 5 a.m. Monday. l For the next two weeks or so, the Ken- nedy will remain open for southbound I-65 motorists. But be- fore Christmas, highway officials will close all but one lane of the Kennedy and switch the traffic pattern so the Lincoln is carrying two southbound lanes and three northbound lanes of traffic. The one Kennedy lane will remain open to get south- bound I-65 traffic to I-64 and I-71. See BRIDGE, Page 6A WILL BRIDGE OPENING BE A CHALLENGE TO DRIVERS?Span to start carrying I-65 traffic early Monday; patience urged as transition brings new patterns ALTON STRUPP/THE COURIER-JOURNAL Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Project Manager Andy Barber discusses the scheduled Monday morning opening of the Abraham Lincoln Bridge with media Thursday morning. Sheldon Shafer Development FRANKFORT, Ky. - Funding short- falls at Kentucky Retirement Sys- tems jumped by nearly $1 billion Thursday as trustees lowered the in- vestment outlook for two sorely un- derfunded pension plans that cover state workers and police. The KRS board, citing problems with cash flow, revised down expecta- tions in both plans from 7.5 percent to 6.75 percent, a move that will ulti- mately drive up funding needs in the state budget. Under Kentucky law, the lower projection is not factored into the state’s retirement contributions until fiscal year 2019. However, trustees voted Thursday to forward the infor- mation to lawmakers for considera- tion in the new budget that begins in July. KRS Executive Director Bill Thie- len said the change increases funding needs by about $20 million, half of which typically comes from the state general fund. That’s on top of $60 mil- lion in additional allocations owed to the system next year. Contributions in later years are onlygoingtobehigherifthenextbud- get relies on the old rate, Thielen said. Jim Carroll, co-founder of the pen- sion watchdog group Kentucky Gov- ernment Retirees, said lowering the rate underscores the urgency to pro- videthesystemwithmoremoney,and he cautioned that officials have no margin of error at this point. “Obviously, it’s difficult for the General Assembly, but they shot themselves in the foot - they did not put in the contributions,” he said. “Sure it puts them in a bad spot, but Ky. pension shortfall leaps by nearly $1B See PENSION, Page 6A Mike Wynn State House @mikewynn_cj Trustees lower outlook for 2 underfunded plans Search for a motive continues The day after a couple gunned down 14 and injured at least 17 others, investigators still are looking into their lives and connections. Gov. Steve Beshear on Thursday announced a $15 million increase in funds to help pay for child care for poor working parents in Kentucky overthenexttwoyears,sayinghisad- ministration is taking advantage of some extra federal funds available. The change, effective Jan. 1, will increase payments to centers that ac- cept children whose parents qualify for the program known as the Ken- tucky Child Care Assistance Pro- gram. “I’m proud to approve this rate in- crease to assist low-income working families with access to quality child care across the commonwealth,” Be- shear said. The news was hailed by some child care advocates, including Janet Mas- terson, executive director of Louis- Beshear expands child care assistance $15M increase to help poor working parents See CHILD CARE, Page 11A Deborah Yetter Social services @d_yetter Time: 12-03-2015 22:56 User: jmorris5 PubDate: 12-04-2015 Zone: MT Edition: 1 Page Name: A 1 Color:CyanMagentaYellowBlack Bobby Petrino has been a Cat killer,buthedownplayedthatthis week. Petrino said his unblemished personal record against the Uni- versity of Kentucky as Louis- ville’s football coach is secondary to the achievements of his play- ers over the years who earned those victories. “It is not like my record,” said Petrino, who’s 5-0 against the Wildcats while at U of L and 6-1 overall. “It is the players that played here and guys that played in the games, and I was fortunate enough to coach some of the greatplayersthatplayedhereandcompetedhere Steve Jones U of L Football Petrino tries to stay perfect in UK rivalry See CARDS, Page 4C COMMONWEALTH COLLISION #MT#Metro# The Courier-Journal Saturday, November 28, 2015 1C HS PLAYOFFS: MALE GETS THROUGH SEMIS WITH EASE, REACHES STATE FINAL PAGE 7C sports courier-journal.com/sports @chriswhite_lcj 7 7 7 Sports Director: Chris White, 582-4367, ccwhite@courier-journal.com The movable object meets the resist- ible force. A college football program seemingly stuck in neutral seeks to shift gears against a rival most recently running in reverse. A game that barely registers beyond state borders will be played to determine whether Kentucky and Louisville both finish at 6-6 in a year when the Common- wealth’s preeminent program is based in Bowling Green. If you feel a yawn coming on, you’re not alone. In a good year, the Governor’s Cup game is to Kentucky-Louisville bas- ketball as the Oaks is to the Derby. This year, it’s more like a match race between two claimers that can’t get out of their own way. The prediction here is Louisville 31, Kentucky 23, but it is made without much conviction. The Cardinals rate a slight edge because of the progress they had shown prior to the first half of last week's game at Pittsburgh, but that bewildering effort, the Cards' continuing instability at quarterback and the results of the non- Tim Sullivan Columnist @timsullivan714 See SULLIVAN, Page 4C Picking Louisville, but far from convinced ��� �������� NEW2016CHEVROLET CRUZELSCRUZELS $ 15,995 * 4144BARDSTOWNRD|502.499.0800|1.888.480.18544144 ����� ����� ��� ������� ������� ��� ������ ��������� ���� ���� ������� ��� ���� ��� ��� ������� ��������� ���� �� ���������� ���� �� ����� ����� ���� �������� ������� ������ ������ ��������� ��� ������ ��� �������� AUTOMATIC #160573 MSRP $20,055 BLACK FRIDAY PRICE NEW2014CHEVROLET CAMARO2LTCAMARO2LT $ 26,995 * #140575 MSRP $36,270 BLACK FRIDAY PRICE $ 11,995 * BLACK FRIDAY PRICE NEW2015CHEVROLET SPARKLSAUTOMATIC #151643,MSRP $14,405SPARKLS NEW2016CHEVROLET MALIBUMALIBU $ 17,995 * BLACK FRIDAY PRICE LIMITED LS #160145 MSRP $23,795 THREE KEYS TO VICTORY What does each side need to do Saturday to claim the Governor’s Cup? 5C. THE MATCHUPS A breakdown of what to expect when each team has the football, 5C. STAFF PICKS Members of The Courier- Journal newsroom offer game predictions, 4C. LEXINGTON, Ky. – When Kentucky hosts Louisville in its regular-season finale at noon Sat- urday there will be more at stake than rivalry bragging rights. “We put ourselves in this posi- tion by a few miscues late in the season, with the Vandy game in particular,” UK head coach Mark Stoops said. ‘It is what it is, and now we need to go out and play well in this game. It always has importance. I think it’s very important to us this year.” A victory against Louisville would send Ken- tucky to its first bowl game since 2010. Apostseasonberthandthepossibilityofawin- Jon Hale UK Football See CATS, Page 4C Bowl opportunity on the line for Cats LOUISVILLE AT KENTUCKY: Noon Saturday, Commonwealth Stadium TV: SEC Network // Radio: WHAS-840 (UK) and WKRD-790 (U of L) Time: 11-27-2015 23:44 User: cpomiecko PubDate: 11-28-2015 Zone: MT Edition: 1 Page Name: C 1 Color:CyanMagentaYellowBlack Friday, November 27 • 8:00am - 5:00pm $7500 $5000for Purchase a $50.00 Bearno’s Gift Card and receive an additional $25.00 gift certificate from 8am-5pm. Valid at participating Bearno’s locations only. ($25 bonus gift certificates vaild December 26, 2015 through JFebruary 28, 2016) PLUS: From 5:00pm - Close on November 27: get $125.00 for $100.00 and from November 28 through December 23: get $25.00 for $20.00 CJ-0000397297 DINING: BRASSERIE PROVENCE IS ‘RELAXED PERFECTION’ /// MOVIES: GAME OVER IN ‘MOCKINGJAY PART 2’ 11.19.2015 || WWW.COURIER-JOURNAL.COM/VELOCITY I nternational recording artist and Emmy award winning com- poser Mark Wood will be performing in Louisville Saturday, Dec. 12. Wood, an original mem- ber of the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Or- chestra is bringing his groundbreaking music education program “Elec- trify Your Strings!” to the Ballard High School Fine Arts Center, 6000 Browns- boro Road. Wood will be performing with the students from Westport Middle School’s (electric) Orchestra. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., perfor- mance at 7 p.m. In addition to his solo career and his work with the Trans-Siberian Orches- tra, Wood has worked with Celine Dion, Lenny Kra- vitz, Billy Joel and more. Tickets are $10 each and must be purchased in ad- vance by emailing cory.zi- lisch@gmail.com or calling (502) 554-5340. For more information: www.electri- fyyourstrings.com. Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot races Call me crazy but in rain or snow, sunshine or ice, my favorite part of Thanks- giving Day is taking part in a turkey trot race. Ok - I like the sweet potatoes an awful lot, too. But it’s just a great way to start the day and spend time with the family. One of the oldest races in the area is the The Northeast Family YMCA race, which organizers tell me has been run for 45 years. The race is divided into three divisions: the Long Run (10K): 8 a.m., Short Run (5K): 8:10 a.m. and Kid’s Trot (for ages 10 and under): 9:30 a.m. Registration is online at ymcalouisville.org/north- east or on Thanksgiving Day starting at 7 a.m at Calypso Cove Water Park at the Northeast Family YMCA, 9400 Mill Brook Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Wood to perform in Louisville Dec. 12 Kirby Adams The Buzz See BUZZ, Page 6D PROVIDED Mark Wood, an original member of the multiplatinum- selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, will be performing with the West Port Middle School Orchestra. #KY#Metro# The Courier-Journal Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1D food I n a town renowned for that other brand of fried chicken, Catrina Hill’s was de- clared best in Louisville by Courier- Journal restaurant critic Marty Rosen in 2006. The crust caught his notice, breaking off in tangy, crunchy large flakes. At her restaurant, customers often requested the spice blend for their own kitchens. So Hill would scoop her flour sea- soned with “a little somethin’ somethin’” into a LOCAL GOODSConsumer demand for Kentucky Proud products takes off at Kroger JERE DOWNS @JEREDOWNS Continued on Next Page DAVID HARRISON/THE COURIER-JOURNAL Baskets filled with Kentucky-produced products make wonderful fall gifts. courier-journal.com/lifestyle7 7 Features Editor: Kathryn Gregory, (502) 582-4250, kgregory@courier-journal.com Time: 11-24-2015 18:22 User: bdgray PubDate: 11-25-2015 Zone: KY Edition: 1 Page Name: D 1 Color:CyanMagentaYellowBlack #KY#Metro# The Courier-Journal Sunday, November 22, 2015 I1 courier-journal.com/arts @arts_bureau7 7 7 Features Editor: Kathryn Gregory, (502) 582-4250, kgregory@courier-journal.com C offee table books are always great gifts for just the right enthusiast, and they’re plentiful at holiday time as quick grabs or advance buys. A few suggestions, based on in- terest area, page 4I. Coffee table books make great gifts for the holidays LEANNE ITALIE ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTOILLUSTRATIONBYANDREABRUNTY/GANNETT Time: 11-18-2015 18:01 User: abrunty PubDate: 11-22-2015 Zone: KY Edition: 1 Page Name: I 1 Color:CyanMagentaYellowBlack W e are a city committed to preserving our future by practicing compassion toward our young people and providing them a platform to express their ideas and develop plans to improve outcomes for themselves and their peers. ♥ The One Love Louisville Youth Implementation Team has been serving as a vital piece of the governance structure of the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods since June of this year. This dynamic youth council is the first of its kind specifically for the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, and it makes available a valuable link to the next gener- ation. Each of the members of the Youth Implementation Team has been touched by violence in some form; therefore, each has a slightly different perspective and a unique set of ideas. ♥ The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods was established in 2013 to lessen violence and create more positive outcomes in our most impacted communities. YIT members are accountable for making sure we reach our goals outlined in the Youth Plan of the One Love Louisville campaign. ‘Dear JCPS’ set to give ‘active, critical support’ InresponsetoDavidJones’Nov.26ar- ticle in the Courier-Journal regarding JCPS’ progress and prospects, your clos- ing sentence states, “There is nothing more important to the future of Louis- villethanJCPS’success,andIaskyouall for your active, critical support.” Great news! “Dear JCPS” is a new grassroots organization made up of JCPS teachers and parents engaging in advocacy before – and demanding ac- countability after – JCPS board deci- sions. In less than six months, we have amassed a social media community of more than 2,000 people in Jefferson County. We also host an open letter fo- rum at www.dearjcps.com to solicit con- cerns about JCPS policies and practices in an attempt to provide active, critical support to the board. Mixed messages As an active, critical parent, my ef- forts to provide constructive feedback up the chain within the administration have often been ignored, mismanaged, micromanaged, disputed, minimized and/or lost in the maze of bureaucracy. Many others share my experience. For this process to be successful going for- ward there must be a renewed approach to soliciting our input and providing ac- curate and reliable accounting after- ward. Several of us started Dear JCPS be- cause during recent meetings we ob- served a breakdown in the collection of bothparentandteacherfeedbackbefore it reached the board for a vote. We ral- lied, unsuccessfully, to have a seat at the GAY ADELMANN See JCPS, Page 4H K1 #KY#Metro# The Courier-Journal Sunday, December 6, 2015 1H forum YVETTE GENTRY DAVID HARRISON/THE COURIER-JOURNAL Marcus Seymour, 14, Chris Nuckols, 15, and Yannis Wheatley, 16, are part of the Mayor's Youth Implementation Team. See YOUTH, Page 4H Youth council, a valuable link for next generation, is first of its kind for Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods INSIDE, 4H Four members of the Youth Implementation Team talk about being part of the group. Time: 12-04-2015 19:30 User: jmorris5 PubDate: 12-06-2015 Zone: KY Edition: 1 Page Name: H 1 Color:CyanMagentaYellowBlack K1 #KY#Metro# The Courier-Journal Sunday, December 6, 2015 A3 metro A small grant from Kentucky’s dwindling nature license plate fund could spur economic development, environ- mental education and conservation in one of the state’s larger but often overlooked caves. // The mouth of Hidden River Cave opens up in the downtown of the small city of Horse Cave, about 80 miles south of Louisville and about 13 miles west of Mam- moth Cave National Park. It’s the location of the American Cave Mu- seum, run by the American Cave Conservation Association, which also manages Hidden River Cave for the cave’s owner, the city of Horse Cave. // Late November, with $15,000 from the Kentucky Heri- tage Land Conservation Fund, the city purchased long-sought cave rights under the CSX rail line, which could eventually allow public passage between two city-owned sections of the cave, and easier ac- cesstoamassiveundergrounddome,saidDavidG.Foster,directorof the American Cave Conservation Association. AMERICAN CAVE CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION. Entrance to Hidden River Cave. HORSE CAVE GOAL: TOURISMDeal could fuel adventure tourism in one of the state’s larger but often overlooked caves See CAVE, Page 4A MATTHEW MCCLINTOCK/SPECIAL TO THE CJ Sunset Dome has been off limits to the general public for about 75 years. GARY RUSSELL Blind crayfish are among some 21 species with lives entirely inside Hidden River Cave. JAMES BRUGGERS | @JBRUGGERS facebook.com/courierjournal @courierjournal 7 7 7 Asst. Metro Editor: Nick Hollkamp, (502) 582-4202, nhollkamp@courier-journal.com Jefferson Circuit Judge Olu Stevens is anticipated to resume hearing cases Monday on the heels of mediation with Jefferson County Commonwealth’s At- torney Tom Wine. The two met for “several hours” Fri- day on the orders of Kentucky Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. Wine has now dropped his motion to disqualify Stevens from all pending and future criminal cases, according to a mediation agreement signed by the two men, as well as four Minton-ap- pointed mediators. “The parties now have a better un- derstanding that their words and ac- tions can, to others, give the perception of a bias or prejudice that the individ- ualmaynotintendtoconvey,”readsthe one-page agreement, obtained by The Courier-Journal on Saturday. Wine filed the motion Nov. 18, referencing a series of posts the judge made on his personal Facebook page in which he called Wine a racist who wants all-white ju- ries. He argued the posts showed Stevens couldn’t be fair and un- biased to him and his prosecutors. Stevens has not heard cases since that time, rolling hearings to later dates. The mediation agreement allows Stevens to resume his normal daily docket. Stevens didn’t intend to personally criticize Wine in his Facebook posts andherecognizesWinedoesn’twantall white juries, according to the agree- ment. Rather he was voicing his “pas- sionate concerns for the underlying is- sues and a desire to address the injus- tices created by racial disparity in the juries of Jefferson County.” The agreement also notes both men said neither is a racist. The Facebook posts stem from a No- vember 2014 case in which he granted a defense motion to dismiss a jury panel in a case with an African-American de- fendant. Of 41potential jurors, 40 were white. Wine asked the Kentucky Supreme Court in January to clarify legal ques- tions, including if Stevens had the au- thority to dismiss the jury based on its racial composition. The court has agreed to look at the case. In posts last month, Stevens main- tained he had the right to intervene to make sure a jury is representative of the community. In Facebook posts, he wrote the November 2014 jury panel was “not properly constituted” as it “represented a substantial departure from the racial make-up of the average jury panel.” The circuit court judge also criti- cized Wine for seeking clarification on the law with the state Supreme Court, writing online that Wine was advocat- ing for all-white juries, is against di- verse juries and will “live in infamy.” Stevens, Wine reach accord Judge likely to resume hearing cases Monday MATTHEW GLOWICKI @MATTGLO See MEDIATE, Page 4A Olu Stevens The mood was much different 52 years ago when dignitaries from Ken- tucky and Indiana gathered a huge crowdonDec.6onthejustcompletedIn- terstate 65 bridge over the Ohio River to dedicate the new span that had climbed up out of the water over the previous two years. Glistening silver steel and nearly a half-mile long, the $10 million cantilever bridge was a shining monument to the growth of the region, which had out- strippedthecapabilitiesoftheClarkMe- morial Bridge that had been built 34 years before. Butonthisday,italsobecameamonu- ment to the young president the nation had lost just 14 days earlier. The John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge was dedicated on the day that the president’s widow and his two young children moved out of the White House and into a borrowed home in the George- town neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The bridge was, according to then- highway Commissioner Henry Ward, “the first national monument of its kind” to honor Kennedy. Kentucky legislators — both Democratic and Republican — announced plans the day after Kennedy died to pass legislation naming the bridge in his honor. In the days that followed there would be announcements to rename Cape Ca- naveral for Kennedy, as well as to name the planned national performing arts center on the Potomac River after him. When the bridge was dedicated, the feelings were still raw. The assassina- tion still dominated the news. BytheDecember6bridgededication, This time, bridge opening an occasion to celebrate Joseph Gerth Columnist @joe_gerth THE COURIER-JOURNAL The John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge was dedicated on Dec. 6, 1963, just 14 days after the young president was assassinated.See GERTH, Page 8A Time: 12-05-2015 20:23 User: jmorris5 PubDate: 12-06-2015 Zone: KY Edition: 1 Page Name: A 3 Color:CyanMagentaYellowBlack The Largest Media Reach In Kentuckiana Each week, over 575,000 adults engagewithCourier Journal *Source: Scarborough R1 2017, Louisville area DMA • Main – Metro & state news, classified ads, weather, obituaries • Sports – Local and national sports highlights • USA Today - National & world news, money, life • Velocity – Thursday publication devoted to fun, unique things to do around the region • Food – Wednesday publication devoted to all things food & drink • Health - Friday publications dedicated to covering local issues in health & fitness. • Home – Saturday publication devoted to all things home & garden • Scene & Arts – Sunday publication devoted to arts, entertainment and stylish living. • Features – Puzzles, comics, advice, TV highlights, horoscopes, comments, etc • Marketplaces - Kentuckiana’s Auto Marketplace, Real Estate & Jobs See page 11 for a full listing of special content coverage, special sections and events. A powerful earthquake — Ne- pal’s worst in 80 years — rocked the mountainous country on Sat- urday, killing at least 1,865 people in the region, Nepal’s Home Min- istry says. The quake leveled buildings and centuries-old temples. Doz- ens if not hundreds remained trapped under mounds of rubble. Hospitals in the capital of Kat- mandu were so crowded that many of the injured were treated outside in the open, according to local media. The magnitude-7.8 quake, which shook a wide swath of northern India, Bangladesh, Tibet and Pakistan, also triggered avalanches in the Himalayas, kill- ing at least 10 people on Mount Everest. Strong aftershocks continued to jolt the region as the rescue op- eration got into full swing earlier today, according to the Associat- ed Press. Given the scale of the destruction, the death toll could continue to rise. “My entire neighborhood is still in shock,” said Chiranjibi Gu- TRAGEDY IN THE HIMALAYAS NARENDRA SHRESTHA, EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY Rescuers free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building in Katmandu after an earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday. QUAKE RAVAGES NEPAL At least 1,865 dead from magnitude-7.8 temblor Doug Stanglin USA TODAY “The earth was moving. … I am waiting for treatment but the (hospital) staff is overwhelmed.” Pushpa Das, a laborer whose arm was injured by a collapsing wall after he ran from his house when the quake struckv STORY CONTINUES ON 2B SAUL LOEB, AFP/GETTY IMAGES “This ... so-called overnight success is the product of dec- ades of battles,” a same-sex marriage supporter said. WASHINGTON When lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union filed the first federal law- suit in 1970 seeking same-sex marriage rights, they were almost laughed out of court. “That did not work out well,” recalls James Esseks, who directs the ACLU’s gay rights project. When Evan Wolfson submitted his 140-page, 710-footnote Har- vard Law School thesis, “Samesex Marriage and Morality,” in 1983, his was a lonely voice. “Unfortu- nately,” he wrote, “the law, and particularly the Supreme Court, have often lagged far behind the changes in society.” And when a trial judge in Hawaii delivered the first court victory for same-sex marriage in 1996, lawmakers and voters banned the practice, leading the state Supreme Court to dismiss the case. Nearly 5,000 miles away, Congress and President Bill Clin- ton felt sufficiently threatened to enact the federal Defense of Mar- riage Act. As the Supreme Court pre- pares to hear oral arguments Tuesday in a case that appears likely to give gays and lesbians a constitutional right to marry, the pace of change may seem like a race to the altar. In truth, it’s been a very long courtship. “This so-called quick and so- called overnight success is the product of decades of battles,” says Wolfson, founder and presi- dent of the national same-sex marriage advocacy group Free- dom to Marry. A patient legal strategy, a savvy public relations campaign and su- perior financing and organization have propelled the gay marriage movement past an outgunned and underfunded opposition. That, and having the Constitution on its side, according to dozens of state and federal judges who have struck down same-sex marriage bans over the past 16 months. “It is not the Constitution that has changed, but the knowledge of what it means to be gay or les- bian,” federal District Judge Rob- ert Shelby ruled in Utah in December 2013, igniting the spate of like-minded decisions that followed. ‘WAITING FOR THE OTHER SHOE’ The question before the high court is simple: “Does the 14th Amendment require a state to li- cense a marriage between two Gay marriage’s long road to court Case to be heard Tuesday has been 45 years in the making Richard Wolf USA TODAY v STORY CONTINUES ON 2B USA TODAY — THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR *** SECTION B 04.26.15 USA SNAPSHOTS© Busy courts The number of civil cases pending in U.S. federal courts reached a high in 2014. Increase in recent years: 267,495267,495 311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353311,353 337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302337,302 300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469300,469 ’13’13’09’09 ’11’11’10’10 ’12’12’12’12 ’14’14 Note Fiscal years ending Sept. 30 Source Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts ANNE R. CAREY AND PAUL TRAP, USA TODAY JEWEL SAMAD, AFP/GETTY IMAGES Tech industry revels in market IN MONEY Television trend: It’s good to play the president DAVID GIESBRECHT, NETFLIX IN LIFE This is an edition of USA TODAY provided for The Indianapolis Star. An expanded version of USA TODAY is available at newsstands or by subscription, and at usatoday.com. Find USA TODAY Sports in today’s local sports section. WHAT’S HAPPENING ONLINE WHAT’S HAPPENING ONLINE WHAT’S HAPPENING ONLINE NICOLAS ARMER, AFP/GETTY IMAGES uBad buzz: How Whole Foods imagines a world without bees uAboard the newest extreme roller coasters TODAY’S MUST-READS TODAY’S MUST-READS TODAY’S MUST-READS Find it all at usatoday.com and on our free apps. ABC This Week: Peter Schweizer, author of a book about the Clinton family foundation; Rep. John Delaney, D-Md. NBC Meet the Press: Gov. Asa Hutchinson, R-Ark.; David Boies and Ted Olson, the lawyers who argued before the Supreme Court for overturning a California proposition that banned same-sex marriage. CBS Face the Nation: Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio; New York Police Commis- sioner William Bratton; Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry; Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council CNN State of the Union: Kasich; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. Fox News Sunday: Schweizer TODAY ON TV Thousands of protesters in Baltimore took to the streets Sat- urday for what they had prom- ised would be their biggest march yet after near-daily demonstra- tions last week over the death of Freddie Gray. The demonstrations came a day after police said Gray did not receive medical attention early enough after being arrested April 12 and that Gray was not buckled into a seat when he was trans- ported in a police van. Police said some of the protes- ters turned violent, breaking win- dows and throwing items at police. An intersection near the Orioles-Red Sox game at Camden Yards was crowded with rowdy protesters but police cleared them, allowing traffic through. By Saturday night, at least 12 people had been arrested and two in- jured, according to the Associated Press. Gray, a black 25-year-old, died of a spinal injury he suffered while in police custody. He was arrested for reasons police have not disclosed and af- ter having tried to run away from officers, police said. Officers held him down, handcuffed him and loaded him into a police van to transport him to the station. Saturday afternoon, protesters vowed to “shut down” the city and marched through the streets, snarling traffic. Many held signs and chanted “No justice, no peace.” “It cannot be business as usual with that man’s spine broken, with his back broken, with no jus- tice on the scene,” Malik Shabazz of Black Lawyers for Justice told the Associated Press. Shabazz demanded the arrest of six officers involved in the ar- rest of Gray, who died Sunday, a week after suffering the spinal in- jury. The officers were suspended with pay and are under criminal investigation by the department. The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing the case and Gray’s family is conducting a probe. Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis, who is leading the investi- gative police team looking into Gray’s death, said that three bike officers encountered Gray and another man. Both men ran from police, who chased the pair through a neighborhood on the city’s west side for several blocks. Davis said that when the offi- cers caught up with Gray and ar- rested him, he should have received medical attention then. Thousands protest death of suspect in police custody Marchers get violent, Baltimore officers say Yamiche Alcindor @yamiche USA TODAY NOAH SCIALOM, EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY Malik Shabazz, of Black Lawyers for Justice, leads protesters Saturday. 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  43. 43. cjmediasource.com | 44 edit061516 Contact Your advertising message can be delivered to our subscribers 7 days a week through the Courier Journal. Each Wednesday and Sunday, we give you the ability to EXTEND your reach and deliver your message to non-subscribers as well. This solution allows you virtually total market coverage. Why Buyer’s Edge? • Geographically targeted • High visibility • Delivered to paid subscribers and non-subscribers • Full color • Customized creative available • 52 week distribution L ook at the list of winners at re- cent coffee trade show com- petitions. Coffee-centric cit- ies like Chicago and Portland, of course, are represented. But in the past few years, a new city has started to make its place known among the ranks: Louisville. In the past year alone, Sunergos Cof- fee was recognized for having America’s Best Espresso, a local barista placed sec- ond in a latte art championship andQuills Coffee took home the regional title for America’s Best Coffeehouse, with Vint placing third in the same competition. The city’s efforts have caught the at- tention of people across the specialty cof- feeindustry,fromwell-knownroastersto bottom-level baristas. But in a foodie town where bourbon distilleries and tal- ented chefs reign supreme, coffeehouse owners have questioned where they fit in at the local level. “We’ve not nearly arrived yet,” said Matthew Huested, co-owner of Sunergos Coffee. “I would love for Louisvillians to make a conscious decision to buy Louis- ville coffee. With that kind of economic backing, there’s no limit to what we can do with coffee in Louisville. At the same time, there’s a wonderful movement “We’ve not nearly arrived yet,” said Matthew Huested, co-owner of Sunergos Coffee. “I would love for Louisvillians to make a conscious decision to buy Louis- ville coffee. With that kind of economic backing, there’s no limit to what we can do with coffee in Louisville. At the same time, there’s a wonderful movement hap- pening. We’ve not yet become a city that’s associated with coffee as we are with horse racing or baseball bats or bourbon. But we can be.” Specialty coffee has been in Louisville since at least 1962, when John Conti opened a gourmet coffee company that now roasts more than 1.5 million pounds of coffee annually, according to its web- site. However, the coffee movement didn’t make significant strides until the ‘90s, when Heine Brothers’ Coffee, the Highland Coffee Company, Safai Coffee and Day’s Espresso & Coffee started shops that laid the groundwork for doz- ens of coffeehouses that have opened since. Back then, Starbucks was not yet in Louisville, but it was quickly gaining ground in cities that had already devel- oped local coffee scenes, such as Chicago andLosAngeles--whereGregandNancy Hofer lived at the time. Several of Greg Hofer’s cousins in Los Angles owned successful coffee shops, and when the couple moved to Louisville in 1995, they knew the coffee movement would eventually make its way inward. Though Heine Brothers’ and Safai had opened shops the year before, the Hofers thought the scene could only continue to grow. In 1999, they opened their shop, Highlands Coffee Company, on Bard- stown Road. “Wefeltlikeweweregettingajumpon it,” Nancy Hofer said. “L.A. was like the crystal ball of what we thought was pos- sible here. But the better difference in Louisville is really that sense of commu- nity and people connecting with each oth- er. Bigger cities might be ahead on some things, but they never have that warmth. I think Louisville is the perfect combina- tion of big city conveniences and small town charm.” Since the sudden spurt of the ‘90s, the local coffee scene has continued to grow steadily with a dozen companies opening morethan30coffeehousesandroasteries citywide. The movement has reached passed the Highlands into other neigh- borhoods — including Jeffersontown, Portland and Fairdale — and has even stretched across the river with Quills and Heine Brothers’ launching stores in Southern Indiana. ALTON STRUPP/THE COURIER-JOURNAL Coffee beans are stirred recently in the roaster at Red Hot Roasters at the corner of Lexington Road and Payne Street in Louisville. Is coffee Louisville’s other signature drink?BAILEY LOOSEMORE @BLOOSEMORE Reach over 340,000 households across the Louisville & Southern Indiana area Total Market Coverage Solution BUYER’S EDGE Total Market Coverage *Source: 2015 Circulation household estimate; Scarborough 2015 R1 Louisville DMA Specs
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