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Bpm Pro Cycling Euro Tdf

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Sponsor the Team and join the journey and receive excellent commercial returns.

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Bpm Pro Cycling Euro Tdf

  1. 1. PresentsPro Cycling Sponsorship
  2. 2. The OPPORTUNITYMassive marketing opportunity with reachto over 1 Billion peopleROI of 10 times investment Tour de France - €40 million Overall season - €100 millionHigh visibility branding through Team kit Signage, team vehicles, support staff Communication; newsletter, websiteIntegrated media opportunity Television race coverage (>250 days) Traditional and Cycling media Social media and cross marketing Documentaries telling the story
  3. 3. Cycling means BUSINESSBusiness and cycling require enormousdrive and perseverance. The New YorkTimes declared “Cycling is the New Golf”and as cycling enthusiasts outnumbergolfers, tennis players and skierscombined, many of the worlds mostsuccessful business leaders are cyclists:from RIM/Blackberrys Jim Balsillie toVodafones Vittorio Coalo.BPM Pro Cycling can help you reachthousands of business leaders throughinnovative marketing and hospitality.
  4. 4. Cycling is a GLOBALPlatformIn Europe alone, 25 million people linethe streets each year as on sitespectators. That equals 280 sold-outWembley stadiums per year! No othersport allows for a live connection with thismany enthusiasts.Cycling fans are more likely to havecollege educations and above averageincomes.
  5. 5. Cycling is HOSPITALITYMore than 75% of targeted clients acceptinvitations to hospitality cycling events.Responsible for this high acceptance rateare the unique content and stunninglocations of such events. Speed, colour,drama, cultural diversity and passiontouch the heart and spirit of the viewer.BPM Pro Cycling has the experience toattract executives, and we haveactivations experts on hand to assistKPMG in achieving success andcaptivating the client’s emotion.
  6. 6. Return on InvestmentCycling has an audience over 1 billionannually and can provide a return of 10times the underlying investment. ROI isachieved through:  Over 250 days of racing, across 4 continents  Major television coverage delivers billions of impressions  Free and open access drives huge attendances  Flexibility to vary branding by region  Global platform tailored to drive key stakeholder participation and involvement
  7. 7. TV contacts in Europe and the USA
  8. 8. Expertise and experienceBPM Pro Cycling has significantinternational pro cycling expertise acrosscontinents and cultures. With commercial and direct pro cyclingexperience combining more than 60 years theSenior Management Team has the qualities tosuccessfully manage the Team to meet it’sobjectives. The Senior Management Team has strongcultural diversity bringing European, NorthAmerican and Australian cultures together intoa formidable outfit. The Senior Management Team has workedwith the following pro cycling teams; CervéloTestTeam, Silence-Lotto, Navigators, FlyVAustralia, TVM.
  9. 9. Leading leisure sport in Europe and the USA
  10. 10. Race kit (example)
  11. 11. Team vehicles (example)Team car Equipment truck Team bus
  12. 12. Communications
  13. 13. ContactChristopher White CEOPhone: +61 417 743 525E-mail: chris.white@pegasusracing.com.au