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#businessagility : fake marketing or real new trend ?

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Pitch: A FlowCon 2019, je vous convie à construire ensemble la réponse à cette question dans un "confelier" (conférence introductive de 20 mn + atelier coopératif de 25mn).
3 parties :
1) Agile : une catachrèse
2) businessAgility: un ecosystème observable
3) échanges en format FishBowl

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#businessagility : fake marketing or real new trend ?

  1. 1. #businessagility: fake marke)ng or real new trend?
  2. 2. www.ckti.com et www.interventionsbreves.fr Twitter @ckeromen et mail : ckeromen@ckti.com linkedin.com/in/christophekeromen Agile&SystemicCatalyser forhelpingnewwaysofcooperativeintelligenceemerge h=ps://www.amazon.fr/Ce-que- sport-appris-dagile-ebook h=ps://www.amazon.fr/dp/ 1729126030 2018 - 85 pages https://www.slideshare.net/ckti/presentations https://www.lesingecuivre.com/
  3. 3. Businessagility 20’ BA Introduction 25’ Explore BA together 5’ Summary
  4. 4. Interviews Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 5mndiscussionwithyourneighbours How is this topic of some interest for me? Photoby PhilCoffman on Unsplash
  7. 7. Businessagility #businessagility: fake marke)ng or real new trend?
  8. 8. Agileisqualifyingasystem Describes adapta)on to a purpose Living creature 1327 Software Development 2001 « Dogfight » 20th Manufacturing 1991 catachrèse catachresis
  9. 9. "what we are trying to do now is something different" – A Cockburn quoted by Mike CoDmeyer 2001-AgileisqualifyingaHUMANsystem Describes adapta)on to a context IT Team Enterprise Heterogeneous Team of Teams Agile Manifesto team level agility problem Scaling Society
  10. 10. Hardforcompaniestobeagile
  11. 11. Employees CustomersContext Unfitness Non-agilitysymptoms Unfitness
  12. 12. Relationshipbetween Agile-ITbasedontheAgileManifestoforSoftwareDevelopment &companiesproblems? Agile Manifesto describes a mindset adapted to perform in complexity « We don’t know what we don’t know »
  13. 13. Agileisamindset a different way of understanding AND ac?ng in the world 3 laws of the « Agile Mindset » 1) small everything 2) customer 3) network hDps://www.infoq.com/presentaNons/3-laws-business-agility/ (17'21) hDps://www.amazon.fr/Age-Agile-Smart-Companies-Transforming/dp/0814439098 An operational way of thinking
  14. 14. Hypothesis of Business Agility: Agile mindset is required for business systems to thrive in complexity
  15. 15. ThismindsetwaspartiallydescribedintheAgileManifesto Andforagivencontext Principle 11: To recognize that there is more to agile than agile These include Lean, Design Thinking, Management 2.0 and 3.0, organiza)onal behavior, psychology, etc. A holis5c, mul5modal approach that best serves the customer is the order of the day. h=ps://agnos)cagile.org/April 2017 « We are uncovering be=er ways… »
  16. 16. hDps://dandypeople.com/blog/enabling-business-agility-in-a- nutshell-free-infographic-poster/ « there is more to agile than agile » (hDps://agnos5cagile.org/)
  17. 17. Definitionofagility The ability to thrive in an environment of conNnuous and unpredictable change deploying effecNve response to both opportunity and threat, within mission hDps://www.researchgate.net/publicaNon/ 286185807_Agile_and_Lean_Systems_Engineering_A_Complimentary_and_Contradictory_RelaNonship Rick Dove, co-author of Agile 1991 report The 21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy Technology ProductInnovation AgileWay ofWorking Change is the new black! Relying on our 3 capacities
  18. 18. « Business agility is not about the power of the lever. It’s not about the performance of individuals, not about team performance, not even about product performance. It’s all about company performance » hDps://goulding.io/2019/08/06/shid-led-shid-right-stuck-in- the-middle-with-you/ « We all need to get behind the agile IT community, product teams and sodware development groups in order to truly connect the dots within an enNre Business. Agile needs to be all-encompassing. End to end. Value-based. »
  19. 19. Businessagility:leaders hDps://xscalealliance.org/ blueprint.html hDps://www.netobjecNves.com/ hDps://elevateagile.com/ Peter Merel Evan Leybourn hDps://theagiledirector.com/about/
  20. 20. Businessagility:differentmodels hDps://www.agilebusiness.org/ page/whaNsagile hDps://businessagility.insNtute/ requisiteagility.org Manage Change and Uncertainty
  21. 21. Anecosystem hDps://businessagility.insNtute/learn/domains-of-business-agility/
  22. 22. AgileWayofWorking « The values and principles behind the Agile manifesto focus on collaboraNon, transparency, empowerment and communicaNon. These apply, just as well, and someNmes beDer, to finance, HR or sales & markeNng teams. »hDps://theebasummit.com/whats-eba/ hDps://www.infoq.com/arNcles/book-governing-agile-organisaNon/ Business Agility Agile Way Of Working Agile Way Of Working For HR Agile Way Of Working For Marke)ng, Sales Agile Way Of Working For C-Level « The ability to adapt to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a compeNNve market. » Evan Leybourn
  23. 23. Businessagilityconferences hDps://www.agileconference.org/ Rarely has the Case for Business Agility been so clear. From lean management to failing fast; from disciplined agile to agile procurement – every concept, every principle, every element of organisa?onal performance is being drawn toward the mindset and behaviours that characterise Business Agility, and with good reason.
  24. 24. Anewapproach hDps://theebasummit.com/whats-eba/ hDps://agilityhealthradar.com/enterprise- business-agility-health-radar- assessment/
  25. 25. Clearlyanalternativetothis…
  26. 26. hDps://www.scaledagile.com/safe-5-preview/ SAFestrikesback SAFe5.0Preview
  27. 27. FromBusinesstopractices « Agile-augmented » mindset & principles WHY HOW WHAT practices instantiated in the context https://www.scrumalliance.org/community/articles/2014/july/unspoken-agile-topics frameworks Scrum SAFe… Alignment Business Agility Feedback InspiredbySimonSinek-TheGoldenCirclehttps://youtu.be/l5Tw0PGcyN0 STARTWITHWHY! GoldenCircle WHAT Outcomes Continuous Transformation Flow
  28. 28. 3keypredictorsofbusinessagility 453 respondents in 274 organiza)ons Customer Problem Customer Satisfaction Go! Stop!More! Less!
  29. 29. Perceptionofagility "Our organiza)on’s structure, policies and procedures incen)vize our teams to act in the customer’s best interests at all )mes. When there is a tradeoff between what is good for the customer and what is good for the company, we priori)ze the customer.” 10
  30. 30. hDps://www.visualfriends.com/visual-facilitaNon-fishbowl/ « We need to tell a much better story » Mike Cottmeyer 1st: evolution of the offer or evolution of the market?
  31. 31. Links Agile is qualifying a system hDp://www.soluNonsiq.com/the-third-wave-of-agile/ hDps://www.amazon.fr/Age-Agile-Smart-Companies- Transforming/dp/0814439098 hDps://www.infoq.com/presentaNons/3-laws-business- agility/ hDps://agnosNcagile.org/ hDps://dandypeople.com/blog/enabling-business-agility-in-a- nutshell-free-infographic-poster/ hDps://www.researchgate.net/publicaNon/ 286185807_Agile_and_Lean_Systems_Engineering_A_Compli mentary_and_Contradictory_RelaNonship hDps://www.soluNonsiq.com/partners/business-agility- insNtute/ hDps://www.agilebusiness.org/default.aspx hDps://agilityhealthradar.com/ hDps://www.infoq.com/presentaNons/panel-debate-agile- business-agility/ Business agility hDps://www.agilebusiness.org/page/whaNsagile hDps://businessagility.insNtute/ requisiteagility.org hDps://www.netobjecNves.com/ hDps://xscalealliance.org/blueprint.html hDps://elevateagile.com/ hDps://www.agileconference.org/ hDps://theagiledirector.com/about/ hDps://theebasummit.com/whats-eba/ hDps://www.infoq.com/arNcles/book-governing-agile- organisaNon/ hDps://businessagility.insNtute/learn/domains-of-business- agility/ hDps://theebasummit.com/whats-eba/ hDps://agilityhealthradar.com/enterprise-business-agility- health-radar-assessment/ hDps://www.scaledagile.com/safe-5-preview/ hDps://www.scaledagile.com/assessment/ hDps://youtu.be/l5Tw0PGcyN0 hDps://www.infoq.com/presentaNons/panel-debate-agile- business-agility/
  32. 32. 3wavesofagile(2016) http://www.solutionsiq.com/the-third-wave-of-agile/