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Turn Digi June 2020

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UTM FTW - How to win at GMB with UTM tagging

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Turn Digi June 2020

  1. 1. @clairecarlile Turn Digi Claire Carlile July 2, 2020
  2. 2. Claire Carlile ➔Likes swimming in the sea (especially when it’s really cold) ➔Likes working with local businesses to help them do fabulous SEO and local SEO ➔Has been doing both for a long time @TurnDigi
  3. 3. UTM FTW - How to win at GMB with UTM tagging
  4. 4. @clairecarlile Why add UTMs? @TurnDigi
  5. 5. @clairecarlile What can I tag?
  6. 6. @clairecarlile @TurnDigi
  7. 7. @clairecarlile
  8. 8. @clairecarlile @TurnDigi ● be consistent (your GA reports will thank you) Tips on UTM tagging
  9. 9. @clairecarlile @TurnDigi ● keep them lower case (GA is case sensitive) Tips on UTM tagging
  10. 10. @clairecarlile @TurnDigi ● don’t get your medium and source in a muddle Tips on UTM tagging
  11. 11. @clairecarlile How I’m UTM tagging
  12. 12. @clairecarlile @TurnDigi ● 10-percent-off-july ● summer-sale ● new-opening-times Getting granular with Google posts
  13. 13. @clairecarlile @TurnDigi Is revenue everything? Microconversions FTW
  14. 14. @clairecarlile Give credit where credit is due Searches for ‘plumber near me’ Clicks on your listing in the map pack, clicks through to your website Makes a brand name search 24 hrs later, clicks on Google Ad, books an appointment
  15. 15. @clairecarlile Always be assisting
  16. 16. @clairecarlile Keeping it all nice and tidy
  17. 17. @clairecarlile http://bit.ly/GMB-UTM-GUIDE A gift from me, to you, 🎁 with love
  18. 18. @clairecarlile
  19. 19. @clairecarlile Thank you