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Psy final project presentation slides


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Psy final project presentation slides

  1. 1. Social Psychology / PSY30203 Group members: Claudwie Tan Wan Sien / 0317997 Nhat Dinh / 0313309 Ang Wei Yi / 0317885
  2. 2. First Impression - One person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. - Not deliberate & instantaneous: a quick glance / for someone to evaluate you for the first time - Characteristics: age / race / culture / language / gender / physical appearance /accent / posture
  3. 3. Halo Effect - People tend to associate a good quality with other positive qualities, and vice versa. - Cognitive bias: an observer's overall impression of a person influences his or her feelings and thoughts about that entity's character. - Occurs without our active awareness
  4. 4. Stereotype - The process by which we draw inferences about others base on knowledge of the categories to which they belong. - A self-fulfilling prophecy - What is beautiful or attractive is good effect: physically attractive people are superior to others
  5. 5. Confirmation Bias - Tendency of people to favour information that confirms their belief or opinion.
  6. 6. Non Verbal Communication - Non-verbal cues: behaviours / gestures / eye contacts / expressions - Emotional expression: observable verbal & non-verbal behaviours (communicate an individual’s internal emotions to others) - Facial expressions: information can be conveyed with a smile or a frown
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  8. 8. The End / Thank You.