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Innovation training

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The California Learning Center is proud of the achievements of all our clients who strive for excellence with us, both in training, and in their professional to act as a knowledge workers.

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Innovation training

  1. 1.  California Learning Center (CLC), established at 2006 United Arab of Emirates, We have been the forefront of the Vocational Education and Training industry in the UAE. Achieving the local success that meet the demands of the UAE’s local market and in the Middle East Clients.  California Learning Center (CLC) recognized by Educational and Governmental Organizations (ACTVET), aims to boost training and educational opportunities for; Government | Corporates | Individuals | Schools
  2. 2.  The Evaluation of Potential Creativity (EPoC) is the first tool and the most comprehensive and competitive on the level of the measurement, analysis, and description of potential Creativity & Innovation among age groups (male and female) of 5-18 year,
  3. 3.  The (Creative Profiler) is considered to be the latest global tool to measure latent creativity & Innovation among individuals.
  4. 4.  The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally accredited & universally recognized as an English language assessment of the highest standard throughout the world.
  5. 5.  Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several mental benefits.
  6. 6.  UAE - Abu Dhabi, Airport Road - Alkaramah - Kuwait National Bank Building – 503  Email : info@clc.ae  Tele No. : +97124913750  Mobile : +97155 2443998  Web : http://clc.ae/