Reimagine Growth: Define your mobile acquisition strategy for today

24 Jun 2020

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Reimagine Growth: Define your mobile acquisition strategy for today

  1. Learn the Growth Secrets of Top Mobile Brands In association with
  2. Define your mobile acquisition strategy for today
  3. You’ll learn about… Deep linking, providing a seamless user experience, and Ad fraud prevention Optimizing CAC:LTV, and the acquisition to retention flywheel Leveraging data to execute acquisition campaigns
  4. Our Speakers Niranjan has been with Tata CLiQ since the inception and has played various roles as the business scaled up from 0 to 1000 Crores over 3 years. SREELAKSHMI Sales Manager Sreelakshmi works as a Sales Manager in AppsFlyer providing custom solutions for Indian marketers for their mobile attribution and analytics requirements. NIRANJAN SANE Head of Customer Retention
  5. Q1 / 2019 Sree Lakshmi 06 / 2020 Reimagining Mobile Growth Why Mobile Attribution Is A Mobile Marketing Must- Have for Effective User Acquisition
  6. Agenda User acquisition and its challenges Mobile attribution and marketing analytics Strategic budgeting for user acquisition Where to connect with new users Using attribution data to optimise UA campaigns Types of app install ad formats Bring users back to your app
  7. Let’s Dive In
  8. Mobile Attribution And Marketing Analytics
  9. To Attribute Or Not Attribute...
  10. Reason 1: Inform UA Decisions With Attribution Data Multiple Channels App Stores Value-Driven In-App Activity Marketing Touch Install Connect value back to acquiring channel & optimize
  11. Partners Agencies UsersAdvertisers Reason 2: One Universal SDK
  12. User Acquisition And Its Challenges
  13. Challenge 1: Complicated And Fragmented Landscape Multiple identifiers ...Fragmented environments ... Device ID Google Advertising ID Apple IDFA Microsoft Advertising ID Mobile web Mobile app
  14. Challenge 2: Fraud Fraud Rate for Non-Organic Installs (Global, Jan 2019 - May 2020)
  15. Challenge 3: Churn Burns App Retention Rates (Global, Overall, YoY)
  16. Strategic Budgeting For UA
  17. UA Budget Planning Strategies BUDGETING TOP-DOWN BOTTOM-UP Fixed Sum Proposed estimates ● Approved total ● Safety margins ● Product performance ● Adjustment risks ● Market ● Partner ● Campaign Allocations Reinvestment ratio
  18. Key Criteria For UA Budget Planning Risk Appetite Opportunity Costs UA Sense
  19. ● Arrive at the right budgeting approach for your organization and growth goals. ● Come up with a reasonable estimate that is grounded in caution. ● Be rigorous in validating your potential budget against existing market conditions. How To Plan Your Budget Key Principles for Planning a UA Budget Define Parameters Goals Draft Budget Validation Proposed Budget Execution Feedback
  20. Where To Connect With New Users
  21. Organic Share Is Declining Organic vs Non-Organic Installs (Global, Overall, YoY)
  22. Optimize Your Paid Media Campaigns US Total Media Ad Spending Share, by Media - 2018 vs 2022 (Forecasted) Source: eMarketer, June 2020
  23. Sources To Find New Users
  24. Self Attributing Platforms: Paid Media’s Most Prominent UA Channels
  25. Other Sources Of User Acquisition ● Ad-Networks - Premium SDK networks, Affiliate Networks ● Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) ● Out-of-store/ Pre-installs/ Pre-Burns ● Owned media marketing - Emails, SMS, Referrals, M-site, QR codes Source: eMarketer, November 2019 How do App Marketers Worldwide Allocate Their Mobile Acquisition Marketing Spending?
  26. Selecting Media Partners
  27. How Many Media Partners Should You Work With?
  28. One Size Does Not Fit All App Group Low Spenders Medium Spenders High Spenders News and Entertainment 1 5 15 Finance 3 8 19 Food & Drink 3 9 19 Gaming 2 6 17 Shopping 4 11 23 Travel 3 8 16 Utilities 1 3 10 App Group Low Spenders Medium Spenders High Spenders News and Entertainment 1 5 15 Finance 3 8 19 Food & Drink 3 9 19 Gaming 2 6 17 Shopping 4 11 23 Travel 3 8 16 Utilities 1 3 10 Average Number of Media Partners by Category (2020)
  29. Types Of App Install Ad Formats
  30. Banner Ads Interstitial Ads
  31. Native Ads Carousel Ads
  32. How To Measure The Performance Of Your Ad Creative A/B testing is paramount to your success. You’ll conduct A/B tests by concurrently running two versions of each ad, where a single variable such as your icon, headline, description, color palette, layout or visual differs. Following are other things you can test for your ad creatives: ● Image ad vs. video ad ● Square video ad vs. portrait version ● Video ad vs. a carousel ad with two videos ● Install now call to action vs. a download call to action
  33. Use Attribution Data To Optimize UA Campaigns hem Back to Your App!
  34. Performance Metrics Campaign Cost Impressions Clicks Installs Engagement & Revenue Loyalty Uninstalls Organic Keywords (Google Play) Marketing KPIs CPM Conversion Rate CPI (cost per install) CPA (cost per action) LTV (lifetime value) ROI / RoAS Mobile Attribution Detailed Insights Across Every Media Source
  35. EXCLUSIVE!Advanced Cohort & Retention Reports The most critical reports for Gaming, Travel and eCommerce Flexible Grouping Examine trends specific to users who engaged with your app via the same ad, campaign, media source, country, and much more. Holistic Performance View Get insights on user acquisition campaigns, retargeting campaigns, or both. Examine data on an app-level or account-level at once. Measure all KPIs Choose from the industry’s largest selection of filters and dimensions. Measure ROAS to compare performance of media channels, keywords, and much more.
  36. in Action Deliver the Right User Experience for Every User Deep Linking Deferred Deep Linking App Installed? App not Installed? At launch, users are sent to the optimal in-app destination
  37. Media Partners Tech Stack Partners Social | Ad Networks | DSPs | Publishers | Retargeting Networks Product Analytics | Marketing Automation | Marketing Cloud TV | OTT | DMP | CDP | ESP | Data Warehousing | BI Tools Integrated Partners AppsFlyer’s Universal SDK 6,200+ Integrated Partners
  38. But Wait....
  39. Bring Users Back To Your App
  41. Retention Rates Are Low Non-Organic Retention Rates (Global, Overall, YoY) Organic Retention Rates (Global, Overall, YoY)
  42. Social Media Smart Acquisition EmailRetargeting Post-Install Engagement Push Product
  43. EXCLUSIVE!Smarter Segmentation Booked a ride Installed the app Don’t have the app Target new users with App Install Ads Identify Your Audiences Create Event-Based Segmentations Push to Networks Segment current users & build lookalike audiences Retarget your high-value user segments based on events & rich in app attributes Booked a ride Installed the app Don’t have the app Universal API’s Database Split audiences across different networks for A/B Testing & incremental analysis
  44. Mobile = crowded, competitive, and demanding The Bottom Line Marketers need to rely on attribution data and retargeting campaigns to bring users to their apps and keep them there!
  45. Mobile Acquisition and Retention Strategy Head of Customer Retention NIRANJAN SANE
  46. Why focus on Mobile App? Mobile App outperforms Web on all customer metrics 4-7x Engagement Rates 380% Higher Lifetime Value 5x Higher Brand recall 4-7x Engagement Rates 2.5x Higher Frequency of Shopping 188% Better Exploration 45% Less likely to do price comparison 280% Higher Advocacy (1/2)
  47. Why focus on Mobile App? (2/2) Marketing costs are lower by 40-50% Opportunities to engage regularly with the customer Pseudo Loyalty and active consideration Smoother customer journey and experience Natural hooks like referrals, sharing can be deployed Sticky customer base, can drive LTV outcome on CAC investments
  48. Acquisition - Methods & Metrics • Balance between lower funnel and mid or upper funnel acquisition • Need of strong onboarding campaigns, using automated orchestration and multi-channel marketing Creatives, Brand driven Product Ads, Shopping driven Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) (All variable costs towards acquisition) (Total Customers Acquired)
  49. Mobile App Acquisition - Channels & Strategies Reaching Potential Customers CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI, CPA… Social Networks Search, Discovery Other Networks Mobile App Activation > > > App Install Exploration Cart Addition Shopping Lookalike Audiences Basis Loyal Shoppers > Seed Audience 1. Custom Audience 2. Facebook page 3. CRM Data
  50. Deep-Linking - Seamless & Superior UX • Major break in customer journey comes post app-install, as customer reaches the homepage • Deep-linking – Directs customers to the exact product that was shown in the ad removes friction • Deferred-deep link (DDL) – Checks for app; if absent, then installs; launches desired screen • Dynamic Deferred Deep Link – Identifies the page on mobile site; redirects to app install; same screen as m-site launches; customer journey continues seamlessly Ad seen Customer has App Yes No Customer is directed to App Store for install Desired screen opens In the app 2-3x Lift in Conversion Rates 35-40% Reduction in CAC
  51. Managing engagement on your Mobile App • Use case of your business depends on the sector and features provided • Customers need reasons other than the primary use case to regularly engage with the brand • Reactivating dormant customers also becomes a cyclical task • Optimizing notification frequency is critical to retention Source:
  52. From Acquisition to Retention - The Flywheel Non-Shoppers (Installed or Browsed web, not shopped) Trialist (Only 1 order) Adopter (2-4 orders) Loyalist (5+ orders) UNDESIRED CUSTOMER COHORT Deal seekers, Category Shoppers etc. who will never turn profitable for business MARKETING COSTS (Variable Mktg, Discounts) PROFIT PER CUSTOMER The Recipe: 1. Turn customer cohorts PROFITABLE 2. These cohorts generate a positive and sustainable cashflow 3. Use the cash to acquire more customers 4. Incentivize ‘desired behaviours’
  53. Thank You!