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As Ecommerce and Online Sales Surge, Experts Expect Other Industries to Improve As Well

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Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital endorses Social Marketing as a highly successful online campaign tool that would boost up local businesses’ competence, thereby helping them maximise on the social infrastructure and customer-relationship building opportunities that the social network brings.

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As Ecommerce and Online Sales Surge, Experts Expect Other Industries to Improve As Well

  1. 1. As Ecommerce and Online Sales Surge, Experts Expect Other Industries to Improve As Well©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Perth SEO Company Oracle Digital endorses Social Marketingas a highly successful online campaign tool that would boost uplocal businesses’ competence, thereby helping them maximiseon the social infrastructure and customer-relationship buildingopportunities that the social network brings.Oracle Digital, the leading SEO and Internet Marketing Company in Western Australia,has been strongly campaigning for its Social Marketing strategies which have beenproven to help build reliable backlinks, boost page ranking, and improve customerrelationship, among other benefits. This recent undertaking is in line with current statisticsthat show the increasing popularity of social networks – and the untouched potential thatthis platform entails.With the increasing popularity of social networking, marketing analysts consider it asamong the best platforms to help businesses reach their target market across the bordersand build-up a sustainable consumer relationship. Taking advantage of these socialplatforms, local businesses will be able to reach further and influence prospective clientsto support their products and services that would in effect lead them to dominate theirniches as a reputable business.A recent report from SmartCompany has revealed Amazon’s plan to build a warehouse inthe country. According to market analysts, this impending move, considering that it comesfrom one of the retail giants online, is most likely influenced by the fact that online saleshas been growing at a very fast rate in Australia. They also believe that this move byAmazon will ensure faster shipping times, lower costs and generate more sales.This latest development is further supported by Ben Hegerty, Savills Associate DirectorInvestments. Hegerty explained that this planned move by Amazon makes clear sense,considering its popularity and the support it gets from the locals. He says, “They’repopular here… they could cut down on costs.”Further reports have stipulated that the recent development plan by several onlinecompanies to build their corresponding local warehouses in the country will help boost theindustrial property market in the long run. A recent analysis undertaken by Knight Frank -a leading private agency on global property and consultancy in Melbourne, shows how theavailable industrial-spaces-for-rent in the first quarter of the year fell down byapproximately 16%. The report also added that buildings and properties in prime locationsare also doing well – and is expected to become even better.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Hegerty further correlates this improvement in the industrial property market to theincreasing popularity of e-commerce and online companies. He says, “Even the cheaperimporters such as Sonic, they’re in the market in a big way. It’s pretty simple, in that youhave less manufacturing on shore. Goods have to come from somewhere to service amarket, and they need to be stored.”The undeniable popularity of eCommerce is largely considered by most experts as a bigfactor that may affect bricks and mortar businesses. They strongly suggest that traditionalcompanies must take the essential steps and engage in online marketing strategies, likeSocial Marketing, to further their cause.The crucial role of Social Marketing in the business world is likely supported by ClintMaher, Oracle Digital’s Director of Operations. Maher says, “Social media has become sobig nowadays that it would be unwise for a company to ignore the huge market that thisplatform brings into the forefront. Fortunately, there are numerous companies all over whoare willing to provide assistance to those who are interested.”He further adds, “In order to have a successful campaign, however, one must only dealwith those companies who have the expertise, the reputation and the technology to speakof. Otherwise, you might get less than you deserve.”With this objective in mind, Oracle Digital has lately marketed its most up-to-date SocialMarketing strategies in order to help businesses efficiently promote their product and/orservice offerings. This, of course, is aside from the company’s other online services, suchas its powerful off-page and on-page optimisation techniques, blog management,and reputation management.Oracle Digital is recognised as one of the leading Digital Marketing Company in Perth,which also serves clients from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. For moreinformation about the company and their services, please call 1300 899 851 or visit theirwebsite at http://www.oracledigital.com.au.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3