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The Uberization of Work

Call it the "sharing economy", the "gig economy" or "workforce virtualization", the bottom line is that on-demand platforms and services are fundamentally changing the way the world works and how we interact with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The future is here, consumer and enterprise models are converging. From sales and marketing to product engineering, HR to operations, businesses are leveraging on-demand workforces and platforms to scale faster and smarter than ever, gaining a competitive advantage in the process.

The Uberization of Work

  1. 1. …and how startups need to leverage it to scale UBERIZATION the WORKof
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  13. 13. Routine, Tedious...but CRITICAL!
  14. 14. On-Demand Workforce © 2010-2015 CloudFactory Limited “CloudFactory helped us scale with accuracy and speed during this time of dramatic growth! “ Matt McNamara Director of Engineering Expensify Experiencing double-digit growth, Expensify needed a reliable partner able to accurately process large volumes of receipts according to complex business rules. Through Expensify’s “SmartScan” feature, users simply upload photos of their receipts. CloudFactory processes that data in near real-time and the information is synced with their user’s accounts. The benefits of partnering with CloudFactory Customer Story Drastically improved turnaround time from a median of 15 mins to under 3 mins! Confidence to seamlessly handle double-digit monthly growth. Better defined business processes for more scalable growth. Processing tens of thousands receipts a day. Product leadership that is focused on innovation rather than back-office operations.
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