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Webinar - What's New at Cloudflare (8/23/18)

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We’ve been working hard developing new features and products that can improve your applications’ security and performance. See what’s new at Cloudflare this month.

Learn about:
Reusable nested groups and bypass policies for Access
Rate Limiting’s new actions and triggers
Rocket Loader upgrade
Dynamic Steering for Load Balancing

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Webinar - What's New at Cloudflare (8/23/18)

  1. 1. Speaker Anand Guruprasad Solutions Engineer Cloudflare
  2. 2. 2010 Launched at Techcrunch disrupt 700+ employees and counting 9 Offices San Francisco // London // Singapore // Austin // Miami Washington D.C. // Champaign // Boston // New York Cloudflare at a glance
  3. 3. Learn more about Cloudflare here: https://www.cloudflare.com/lp/cloudflare-overview/
  4. 4. Agenda Security ● Access ● Spectrum ● Rate Limiting Performance ● Load Balancing ● Rocket Loader Product Launch ● Stream
  5. 5. Cloudflare Security Access | Spectrum | Rate Limiting
  6. 6. Access WHAT’S THE PRODUCT? Secure Application Access Without A VPN WHAT’S NEW Access supports reusable nested groups and bypass policies WHY More granular control
  7. 7. Access Control user access to applications Monitor User Access and Change Logs
  8. 8. Spectrum WHAT’S THE PRODUCT? Secure non-web TCP applications by proxying traffic through Cloudflare WHAT’S NEW Supports multiple ports for TCP applications WHY A single application with multiple ports (e.g. SMTP, which uses ports 25, 465, and 587) can use the same hostname to protect it from DDoS attacks.
  9. 9. Spectrum Easy Configuration in Dashboard or API
  10. 10. Rate Limiting WHAT’S THE PRODUCT? Fine-grained control to block visitors based on request rates WHAT’S NEW New Actions and Triggers WHY • Challenges (CAPTCHA and JS Challenge) as an Action • Matching Header attributes in the response (from either origin or the cache) as the Trigger.
  11. 11. Rate Limiting
  12. 12. Cloudflare Performance Dynamic Steering | Rocket Loader
  13. 13. Dynamic Steering for Load Balancing WHAT’S THE PRODUCT? Automates traffic steering across origins in multiple geographic regions WHAT’S NEW Round-trip time (RTT) is calculated across multiple pools of load balanced servers to determine the fastest server pools WHY RTT data enables load balancers to redirect traffic across the routes with the least latency
  14. 14. Rocket Loader Upgrade WHAT’S THE PRODUCT? Rocket Loader allows you to serve Javascript faster WHAT’S NEW Updated to deliver faster performance for website paint & load times by prioritising website content over Javascript WHY Increased compliance with strict content security policies
  15. 15. How Rocket Loader Works How to Enable Rocket Loader
  16. 16. Product Launch Stream
  17. 17. Cloudflare Stream is now generally available
  18. 18. Complexity Existing video publishing and delivery platforms are difficult to integrate and support. Building a platform requires special skills and resources. Cost Increasing costs of supporting multiple video components and delivery from storage. Storage Encoding Distribution Player Analytics Control Popular video discovery platforms target viewers with promotional content to draw viewers away from customer sites Recommended videos The YouTube problem Complexities of building a video platform Video streaming challenges
  19. 19. Simplify video delivery Fast playback and control Deliver high quality videos using the included player with adaptive bitrate streaming on any device. Easily upload videos Simple drag and drop video uploads that allows videos to be published using a unique URL or embeddable code Affordable Pay for video storage based on total video length, regardless of file size. Video streaming costs are based on the number of minutes watched instead of bandwidth.
  20. 20. Cloudflare Stream
  21. 21. Simplify video delivery 1. Drag and drop the video upload 2. Publish it using a unique URL ...or using an embeddable code
  22. 22. Pricing
  23. 23. // Questions? Contact us: anand@cloudflare.com |enterprise@cloudflare.com