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Mike Southon - CMI Conference 2010

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Mike Southon's inspirational speech from the CMI Conference held in October 2010

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Mike Southon - CMI Conference 2010

  1. 1. Political Leadership – why does it matter? Why political leadership really makes a difference What lessons businesses can learn from politics How political leadership helps shape economies Mike Southon Political and Business Columnist, Financial Times mike.private@beermat.biz
  2. 2. Not These
  3. 3. Definitely These
  4. 4. The Jury is Out (History Will Decide)
  5. 5. Class of 2010
  6. 6. The Seven Year Cycles You should try as many things as possible You should make a serious attempt at something You might decide to try something different You are often at the peak of your powers Represents maturity and self-awareness You might want to plan your legacy You become an Elder Statesperson 21 - 28 28 - 35 35 - 42 42 - 49 49 - 56 56 - 63 63 - 70
  7. 7. Class of 2010 1969 (41) 1961 (49) 1967 (43) 1966 (44)
  8. 8. Definitely These Arrested 1963 (45) President 1994 (76) Assassinated 1865 (56) Prime Minister 1940 (66) Assassinated 1948 (79) Assassinated 1968 (39) Slave Act 1809 (48)
  9. 9. Because I have to TO CREATE WEALTH So Why Be A Politician? Make money Make a difference to myself and my family Make a difference to the world Have fun Freedom
  10. 10. SPRING SUMMER AUTUMN WINTER Creator Trader StarMechanic Deal MakerAccumulator SupporterLord Grounded Intuitive Extrovert Introvert
  11. 11. Politics vs. Business “All political lives…end in failure” Few businesspeople make good politicians Branding: this time it’s personal
  12. 12. Driven By The Media Present the vision Carry people with you Communicate well
  13. 13. Driven by Time Politicians live and die every five years “A week is a long time in politics” The Other ‘Seven Year Rule’
  14. 14. Opposition is More Fun than Government “Like being in a band”
  15. 15. Star Mechanic Deal Maker Accumulator Wealth Dynamics www.wdprofiletest.com
  16. 16. Opposition is More Fun than Government “Honour without responsibility” “Like being in a band” “Be careful what you wish for” Secretary of State for Business 2010 (67)
  17. 17. Being in Government Everyone else is ‘Lobby Fodder’ But for the elite, an even bigger horror awaits….. Only fun for about 50 people Constituents on your back, all the time…..
  18. 18. Something No Businessman Has to Face
  19. 19. The Civil Service Expert at ‘deal making’ and ‘the ratchet effect’ Were here before, and will still be here after Expert at raising issues and ‘grow-back’
  20. 20. August 1st 1971 The difference between: Money Wealth
  21. 21. How to Create Wealth – ‘Guanxi’ Treat people like you want them to treat you Always help people (without going broke in the process) Tell the truth
  22. 22. Definitely Him Declaration of Independence 1776 (44)
  23. 23. Conclusions Like business, it’s all about teams A great politician understands ‘vision’ and ‘flow’ Entrepreneurship is about avoiding all of the ‘nonsense’
  24. 24. It’s Easy! Nothing You Can Do that Can’t Be Done
  25. 25. Political Leadership – why does it matter? Thank You! Mike Southon Political and Business Columnist, Financial Times mike.private@beermat.biz