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Pitch Book Presentation

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The ultimate interview leave behind, a condensed version of your portfolio tailored for a specific opportunity

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Pitch Book Presentation

  1. 1. Job Seeker’s “PITCH BOOK”Version 3.0 Career Renewal KenSepos Ruth-Ann McKellin Rick WescottJanuary 20, 2013 Chuck Ytzen
  2. 2. Agenda What is a Pitch Book? Comparison - Resumé / Portfolio / Pitch Book Contents of a Professional Portfolio Contents of a Pitch Book Do’s and Don’ts Pitch Book Sample of:  An Architect  A Sales Professional  Business Process Improvement Analyst  Sales / Printing Professional
  3. 3. What is a Pitch Book?Definition:A marketing tool created and used by an investment firm. Afirm will create this book filled with information about thefirm, and then use this as a tool when attracting new clientsfor the firm. These books will often include generalinformation about the company, broad financial informationdescribing their achievements, and specific stories aboutspecial events or situations the firm has encountered.1[1] www.investorwords.com/6879/pitchbook.html
  4. 4. Resumé, Portfolio, Pitch Book Resumé Portfolio Pitch Book General in scope  A book of records of  Creative approach to Professional your ENTIRE establish the match and help Summary professional career! make the decision maker’s job Target Position  Displays a composite easier! Career Track in picture of your  Thorough review of Reverse education, experience, a opportunity and the target Chronological ccomplishments and skills company Order  Helps you to show who  Contains selected success you are and what factors from your career track Education /Training potential you have that make a FIT to the target Awards /  Used for any job position Recognition opening and multiple  Fine-tuned analysis that functional roles results in a PITCH to make a value proposition  Used for one job opening and one functional role
  5. 5. Contents of a Portfolio Statement Documents  Key Accomplishments  Personal Mission Statement  Institute a new procedure  Branding Statement  Increased profits/sales Skills  Education /Training  Core Competencies  Degrees/Diplomas  Certifications  Supplementary Skills  Licenses  Supplier/Customer feedback  Professional Recognition Career Documents  Awards/Honors  Resume  Additional Information  Project examples  Recommendations  SARs – Situation, Action, Results  References Authorship  Personal Contact  Published Materials / Patents information  Grant Proposals / Business Plans
  6. 6. What is a Pitch Book Landing a job Analyze the Pitch the Land the Seek out opportunity Fit Job Pitch Book For a Business For a Job Seeker Created and used by a business Created and used by prospective organization employees This book filled with information This book filled with informationMarketing Tool / about the firm and then used by about yourself and then used them as a tool to secure more as a tool when interviewing for a business new career opportunity Includes general information about Includes specific information about the company yourself Broad financial information Specific information describing your Content / describing their achievements / professional achievements Specific stories about special events Specific stories about special events or situations they have encountered or situations you have encountered
  7. 7. In summary:A Pitch Book is a marketing tool created and used byprospective employees. They will create this book, filledwith information about themselves, and then use this as atool when interviewing for a new career opportunity. Thesebooks will often include general information aboutthemselves, specific information describing theirachievements, and specific stories about special events orsituations they have encountered.……an extension of your resumé, the ultimate leavebehindInstead of being “out of sight, out of mind” after theinterview, become……”out of sight, IN MIND”
  8. 8. Contents of a Pitch Book Personal value/branding statement Core competencies/skills that match the opportunity Job Functional requirements Demonstrated Success in each area Additional skills and expertise What would you bring to the organization Your added value statements Recommendations Contact Information
  9. 9. Do’s and Don’ts DO  Limit to 8-10 pages  Add information on anything that adds value in the eyes of the employer  Make it a very professional-looking document  Leave behind a copy for everyone you meet in the interview process Do NOT  Go overboard  Include copyrighted or proprietary material
  10. 10. Testimonials“I spoke to my hiring manager about what it was that put me over the top. Shementioned that I and another candidate did a pitch book but that mine focusedon the position and the characteristics she was looking for in the idealcandidate. “ anonymous job seeker“This is a differentiator. Why wouldnt everyone do something like this.” RR Donnelly Hiring Manager“In 23 years of interviewing candidates I have never seen anything like this. Morecandidates should consider something like this.” DDCA Architects Principal
  11. 11. Pitch Book Example Chuck Ytzen Architect
  12. 12. Charles Ytzen – Job Title Interview date COMPANY NAME / LOGOcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336
  13. 13. “creating building and planning solutions to meet and exceed your project expectations”cmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336
  14. 14.  Revit 2011  Planning  AutoCAD 2011  Schematic Design  SketchUP  Design Development  Powerpoint  Construction Document preparation  Microsoft Word  Bidding & Negotiations  Microsoft Excel  Construction Administration  Microsoft Outlook  Construction Observations  Performance Testing  Building code analysis  Sustainable Design  Client Interface  Written & Oral Communicationscmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Technical Skills & Core Competencies
  15. 15. Project Management  PMP trained, lead multiple project teams simultaneously while maintaining project budgets and schedules Project Organization  Provide thorough review of program requirements, code requirements, and project objectives to effectively allocate available resources Technical expertise  Experience in the design and development of numerous building envelope systems as well as experience in field and laboratory performance testing of curtainwall systems Leadership  Engage the strengths of each team member through a “participative” style of management to lead design teams that meet and exceed project objectives Project Oriented  Work closely with Owners, Developers, and Contractors in establishment of project goals and maintaining budgets and schedules through effective value engineering Mentoring  Believe in mentoring of junior staff in ways that that are challenging and instructive providing an environment conducive to professional developmentcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Key Attributes
  16. 16. 1. 8-12 years in architectural practice  Over 12 years experience managing project design teams in a variety of project types an scopes 2. Strong AutoCAD, Revit experience,  Over 10 years hands-on AutoCAD experience, in SketchUp, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite addition to managing project utilizing Revit and other 3D modeling programs 3. Illinois licensed architect  State of Illinois, Lic. 001.009638 Licensed expires 11/30/2014 Member of ALA 4. LEED accreditation  LEED Green Associate, GBCI Certificate 10474175 Certificate expires 12/28/2014 Member and volunteer of USGBC 5. Multi-task, team player, can-do attitude  Managed projects varying in scope and in various design phases simultaneously while assuming non-project related tasks 6. Demonstrated experience with client  Served as single point of contact for clients interaction and ability to lead team providing services that developed lasting professional relationship that foster client retention; completing multiple projects for several clients 7. Strong knowledge of building codes and  In depth knowledge in the application of model regulations building codes, standards, and regulations in ways that meet and exceed project objectivescmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Job Requirements
  17. 17. Crosspoint Building 1 Design firm: Heitman Architects Laborer’s Pension Fund Design firm: The Jenkins Group Dean Witter / Morgan Stanley Design firm: NWS Architects Lake Point Center 5 Design firm: Heitman Architectscmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Commercial Projects
  18. 18. LEED NC Certified Anixter Design firm: Heitman Architects 3M Midwest Distribution Center Design firm: Heitman Architects 2007 AIA “Distinguished Building” Award Mary Kay Midwest Distribution Center Design firm: Heitman Architects The Pampered Chef Design firm: Heitman Architects 2002 “Build-to-Suit Project Team of the Year” Awardcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Industrial Projects
  19. 19. Lake Point Center 5 Design firm: Heitman Architects WMS Gaming Design firm: Heitman Architects Laborer’s Pension Fund K & M Printing Design firm: Heitman Architects Design firm: The Jenkins Groupcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Interiors
  20. 20. Health Care Design firm: Heitman Architects Manufacturing Design firm: Heitman Architects Blackrock Medical Office Building K & M Printing Retail Design firm: The Jenkins Group Adaptive Reuse Design firm: Heitman Architects Woodgrove Festival Felsomatcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Miscellaneous Projects
  21. 21. Crosspoint Building 1 – Revit Interior Rendering Crosspoint Building 1 – Revit Exterior Rendering Crosspoint Building 1 – Revit Detail Crosspoint Building 1 – Revit Exterior 3Dcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Revit
  22. 22. Crosspoint Building 1 – SketchUp Rendering Crosspoint Building 1 – SketchUp Renderingcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 SketchUp
  23. 23. Commercial Industrial Manufacturing Corporate Interiors Crosspoint Building 1 Kelloggs Mazak Blue Cross Blue Shield Fishers, IN West Jefferson, OH Elgin, IL Itasca, IL 115, 300 s.f. 1,142,000 s.f. 55,560 s.f. 36,000 s.f. Meadows Business Park 7 Pampered Chef K & M Printing Kraft Foods Addison, IL Addison, IL Schaumburg, IL Addison, IL 104,800 s.f. 780,900 s.f. 36,500 s.f. 75,100 s.f. Arboretum Lakes 2 Anixter DS Containers Plante Moran Lisle, IL Alsip, IL Geneva, IL Elgin, IL 153,000 s.f. 457,500s.f. 236,200 s.f. 62,000 s.f. Esplanade at Locust Point 3M MDC Blue Cross Blue Shield Retail Downers Grove, IL DeKalb, IL Chicago, IL 900,000 s.f. 410,000 s.f. 138,000 s.f. Woodgrove Festival Downers Grove, IL Dean Witter / Morgan Stanley Ray-O-Vac Fetco 135,000 s.f. West Valley City, UT Dixon, IL Lake Zurich, IL 400,000 s.f. 562,600 s.f. 139,950 s.f. Chase Plaza Buffalo Grove, IL Lake Pointe Center 5 Pier One Imports Health Care 95,000 s.f. Indianapolis, IN St. Charles, IL 158,000 s.f 300,000 s.f Blackrock Medical Office Bidg Adaptive Reuse Darien, IL Lake Pointe Center 3 Mary Kay MDC 103,000 s.f Felsomat Indianapolis, IN Hoffman Estates, IL 93,900 s.f. 135,900 s.f. Schaumburg, IL Christ Hospital 34,700 s.f. Oak Lawn, IL Laborer’s Pension Fund Butterfield 550 Various renovations & addition Rauland Borg Westchester, IL Aurora, IL 36,000 s.f. 550,000 s.f. Mt. Prospect, IL Good Samaritan Hospital 210,100 s.f. Downers Grove, IL Various renovations & additioncmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Partial Project List
  24. 24. John Edgeworth – President, Edgeworth Laskey Properties LLC……… “Chuck has worked on a number of projects for our development company and I would not hesitate to hire him again. He has been lead architect on several office buildings and received many positive comments from contractors, subcontractors and other team members. He is very skilled, personable, and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend him highly.” October 7, 2009 Steve Neil – Vice President, NWS Architects, Inc……….. “Charles was an extremely proficient detailer whom we entrusted to assemble the overall project, manage the technical staff and over see construction for what turned out to be the single largest project the company has completed while maintaining schedule and budget. We would strongly recommend Charles and welcome him back if the opportunity arose.” October 7, 2009 John Weis - Project Architect, Harris Architects, Inc.……… “Chuck was my immediate supervisor at Heitman Architects where he was the manager of many projects that I was involved with. He is a good leader and mentor, an expert building envelope designer and detailer, as well as highly organized and a proficient AutoCAD user. He has the ability to assemble and manage productive project teams. He is skilled at addressing and resolving issues related to complex building detailing. In my experiences with Chuck, I learned a great amount of information and problem solving skills which furthered my knowledge and confidence as a young Architect. I would enjoy working with him again and highly recommend him.” October 12, 2009 Robert van het Hof - Project Manager, Ware Malcomb......... “I recently crossed paths again with Chuck after having worked with him at my previous firm. Chuck has made great strides in modeling with Revit Architecture. He has taken college courses and has completely modeled previous CAD projects in Revit on his own time. The models were very detailed and complete. I was pleasantly surprised to see he embraced this industry-changing software so well.” March 3, 2012cmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336 Recommendations
  25. 25. References Lee Anderson AIA LEED/AP CSI XYZ ARCHITECTS, INC. Standards Director/Specification Writer 630-555-5555 224-555-5555(Cell) lee@XYZarchitects.com John Edgeworth ABC+CDE PROPERTIES President 317-555-5555 john@ABC+CDE.com Chuck Reising MNO ENGINEERING President 847-555-1555 creising@mnoengineeringltd.comcmytzen@gmail.com847-436-2336
  26. 26. Pitch Book Example Rich Wescott Sales / Marketing
  27. 27. Increasing SalesGrowing The Business How Can Rick Wescott Contribute? trick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  28. 28. Agenda Background information Accomplishments Key Competencies Career & Personal Goals Value Add Planning Execution Next Stepsrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  29. 29. Background Information - Rick Wescott Personal Additional Information Training • BS - Indiana University • Xerox Professional Selling • Management Skills • North Hoffman Estates • Strategic Selling • Married 31 Years • Microsoft Office 2007 • 1 Daughter at Purdue • National Accounts • Financially Stable • Sales Management • Valid Drivers License • Negotiation Seminars • Well Traveled • Interviewing • Fit and Healthy • Management by Objectives • Toastmastersrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  30. 30. Background Information - Rick Wescott Positions Held • Director of Strategic Sales (ID Label Inc.) • Vice President Sales (SATO Labeling Solutions America, Inc. • Director of Sales (Checkpoint Systems, Inc.) • Value Added Reseller Manager (Checkpoint Systems, Inc.) • Major Account Manager, Mobile Printing Systems (Zebra) • Key Account Manager (Zebra Technologies Corp.) • Regional Sales Manager (Graphic Technology Inc.) • Account Executive (Graphic Technology Inc.)rick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  31. 31. Background Information - Rick Wescott Accomplishments • Grew First Sales Territory from $650 Thousand to $4 Million • Grew First Region from $20 Million to $42 Million • Secured a $5.3 Million order for in store RF portable printers at SEARS – Total Account Sales @ $10 Million with Labels • Closed/Facilitated Thermal Printer Sales @ $10 Million at General Motors, Delphi and Motorola • Grew Sales at the Checkpoint Bar Code Solutions group from $18 Million to $25 Million in less than three years • Started at 3 Companies in Sales and was ultimately promoted to Management rolesrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  32. 32. Background Information - Rick Wescott Key Competencies • Basic Sales  Approach/Finding the Business  Survey/Qualification  Presentations  Proposals  Close • Large account Sales  Call Planning  Excellent Presentation Skills  Strategic Selling  LAMP – Value Added Business Reviews  Rallying the Resources  CRMrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  33. 33. Career & Personal Goals – Rick Wescott Missions and Objectives • Utilize my skills, experience and network to make a difference at a company. • Contribute to the growth at that company in a big way • Be a good fit with the culture and chemistry at a can do company with a motivated supportive management team • Maximize my income by gaining extensive new businessrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  34. 34. Value Add - Sales Methodology Call Planning Call Execution Sales Sales Strategic Selling Time LAMPrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  35. 35. Effective Call Planning CALL PLAN/ACTIVITY REPORT Date: • Industry Account: Direct/Indirect: Opportunity Name: Business Partner (if Indirect): Opportunity Description: Country/Region: • Amount: Target Accounts Account Manager: Close Date: Opportunity Status (Open/Won/Lost): Consumables: • Printer Model: Pre-call Research Labels/Keypad Membranes Printer Quantity: Services: Service Contract/Printer Installation Call Attendee Name(s), Title(s): • The Message Purpose of Call: • Single Calls On Prospects Objectives: • Define The Opportunity Outcome of Call/Action Items 1. Resource • 2. Purpose 3. 4. 5. • Objectives – Min & Max 6. Concerns 1. • Tools used 2. 3. Position in Funnel (Before Call): Contact Qualify Develop Close Complete • Outcome Position in Funnel (After Call): Tools Used: Quality: Contact Qualify PPT Pres: Develop Close Video: Complete • Next Steps Literature: Samples: Hardware: Other:rick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  36. 36. Proficient Call Execution • Your Story • Qualification (Finding the Pain) • Listen, Listen, Listen! • Presentation • Rallying the Company Resources – Right People – Right timerick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  37. 37. Value Add Strategic SellingBlue_Sheet 11232010.xlsx1.Single Objective2.Ideal Customer3.Adequacy of Position4.Competition5.Buyers • Economic • Technical • User • Coach6.Wins7.Base Covered8.Strengths and Weaknesses9.Possible Actions10.Action Planrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  38. 38. Value Add - Large Account Management Program Periodic Business Reviews 1. Current Business Status 2. Accomplishments 3. Current Projects 4. Account Support 5.What is new at our Company? 6. What’s New at XYZ Company? 7. XYZ Company Goals for Next Year 8. What Can We Do Better? 9. Summary 10. Action Itemsrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  39. 39. Value Add Summary 1. Increase Sales through Effective Call Planning • Opportunity Identification • Objectives within Call • Next Steps 2. Call Execution • Qualification Finding The Pain • Listen, Listen, Listen! • Presentation • Rallying the Company Resources (Right People, Right time) 3. Execute winning Business Strategies • Business Planning • Strategic Selling 4. Build Long term Business Relationships • LAMP • Value Added Business Reviewsrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  40. 40. Sales PLAN Highlights Target Areas of Growth Goals Objectives Sales Plan highlights Strategies Executionrick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  41. 41. Increasing SalesGrowing The Business Next Steps? trick.wescott@att.net847-337-7921 Sell By Process
  42. 42. Pitch Book Example Ruth-Ann McKellin Quality Assurance Management
  43. 43. Ruth-Ann McKellin February 13, 2012Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 43
  44. 44. Who I Am…I am a business process expert recognized for my passionfor efficiency and effectiveness. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 44
  45. 45. What I Do…I partner with internal and external stakeholders tocreate the business process transformation necessaryto increase profit, reduce cost, and improve quality. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 45
  46. 46. How I Accomplish This…I accomplish this by• providing breakthrough Business Process improvementswithin strategic projects• incorporating Performance Measures to support theongoing processes• implementing Change Management to prepare theworkforce for change and to make the new environment“stick.” Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 46
  47. 47. Successful Quality ImprovementRequires All Three Elements Process Improvement Organizational Performance Change Measurement
  48. 48. Responsibilities and My Approach Responsibilities  My Approach ◦ Identify opportunities to ◦ I work with stakeholders improve existing processes to identify and prioritize and/or create new opportunities to reach processes to progress quality, efficiency, and toward established goals. effectiveness goals. ◦ Serve as a liaison between ◦ I compose teams of all stakeholders to stakeholders, who are implement desired changes involved in – by fostering developing, implementing, a communications, coordinati nd sustaining changes. ng efforts and facilitating These representatives are progress. informed and integrated. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 48
  49. 49. 1) My Interpersonal Style Inquisitive mindset ◦ I am naturally curious, always asking “How?” and “Why?” Servant-Leader management style ◦ I remove blocks so my team can excel. Excellent verbal and written communication skills ◦ I have these skills in both German and English Ability to interact with all levels within the organization ◦ I communicate and work effectively with staff level to Board members. Expert facilitation skills. Excellent customer service, negotiating, and team building skills. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 49
  50. 50. 2) My Working Style Strong analytical, organizational, and planning skills High attention to detail Excellent problem-solving skills ◦ I apply data analysis and creative insights to develop solutions to complex issues. Ability to work efficiently and set priorities under time constraints Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 50
  51. 51. 3) My Technical Expertise Project management skills ◦ I have extensive experience in project management and am also formalizing this experience by getting the PMP certification (in process). Knowledge of industry recognized business process improvement methodologies ◦ I keep current with Lean Six Sigma, TQM, BPI, Kaizen, etc. and am a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Strong business process modeling and analysis skills; ability to analyze and document complex business processes ◦ I have expertise in business process modeling and use quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. I am Chair of Business Process Improvement for the local American Society of Quality (ASQ) chapter. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 51
  52. 52. 3) My Technical Expertise Solid knowledge of business process fundamentals, assessment and redesign methodology, Business Process Management concepts and practices ◦ I have used standard BPR and BPM methodologies for many years. Knowledge of organizational and/or business change management principles and methods. ◦ I teach Organizational Behavior and Change Management at the MBA level and have applied the principles and methods in all my projects. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 52
  53. 53. References“Ruth-Ann McKellin is truly one of the smartest people I know! She possesses thepatience and process expertise to quickly ramp up to SME-level knowledge of thevarious parts of an organization, exactingly hone in on root issues, and thus constructoptimal solutions for successful resolution. Her approach is both warm andprofessional, and at the same time, direct and without sugar coating. If you valueintegrity, tenacity and the wit of someone who “gets it”, Ruth-Ann McKellin is someoneyou want on your team.” April 15, 2009Christine Resko, Senior Corporate Recruiter - IT, DeVry Inc“Ruth-Ann is an outstanding leader and business management consultant with both astrategic perspective and the ability to execute well at the required level of detail. Withher excellent process skills, technical vision and business acumen, she has earned therespect of all those around her. Ruth-Ann is one of the most impressive, forward-thinking, and visionary people I have had the pleasure to work alongside.Ruth-Ann is very knowledgeable, extremely competent, and provides new insights on"old data". She has an in-depth knowledge of the tools and methodologies available toher. Ruth-Ann is the type of leader that would tell you how it was and not skatearound issues. She is a great asset to any organization and I would work with heragain, given the opportunity.” November 2, 2007Marci Rakestraw Business Advisor (Relationship Manager), DeVry Inc. Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 53
  54. 54. References, continued“Ruth-Ann is one of the most logical and rational people that I have had the pleasureto work with. Her abilities to think in an intellectual capacity provided great benefit tothe organization. She is very professional and her output of work was exceptional. Icould always count on her to provide strategic thought for the business. Herinteractions with her customers were superb in that she was able to provide solutionsfor the challenges they faced on a daily basis. I really enjoyed working with Ruth-Annand would do so again if the opportunity arose. She is definitely someone you wouldwant to have on your team.” November 1, 2007Christopher Meyer, Manager-IT PMO, DeVry Inc.“Ruth-Ann and I are both members of the Chicago Area Lean Six Sigma LeadershipNetwork. Ruth-Ann is continuously adding new insights to our meeting discussions andis very articulate expressing her ideas. Her positive attitude and her striving forimprovement motivate everyone in the meeting to match her efforts. I strongly feelthat she would be of value to any company or group that has her as a member.”January 26, 2012Tom Newton, Manufacturing Project Engineer, Trainer,Writer, Rauland-Borg Ruth-Ann McKellin 847.702.7707 ram@mckellin.net 1/31/2013 54
  55. 55. Pitch Book Example Ken Sepos Sales / Printing Professional
  56. 56. Power Statement! COMP NAME Logo-they love flattery!Use an image they COMP LOGO relate to!
  57. 57. Restate the Job Description! COMP NAME
  58. 58. What can I do forthem to make them successful? COMP NAME Successes: how did I do it for prior companies!
  59. 59. Check Markssay, “yes, I have that! COMP NAME
  60. 60. Keep your brand on every page!
  61. 61. What else doyou have that they shouldknow about? Keep it to things THEY need!
  62. 62. Strut your Stuff! CLIENT NAME NOT DISCLOSED
  63. 63. Based on the jobdescription, wh at qualities doyou bring to the job?
  64. 64. How would you start doing what they need?
  65. 65. Bring it all together! Graphics help convey ideas!
  66. 66. Questions create discussion! COMP NAME COMP NAME COMP NAME COMP NAME COMP NAME
  67. 67. EMAIL Address Phone contacts Make it easy forthem to call now! COMP LOGO