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The launch of the wb750, st96, and smx f70 at ifa 2011 in berlin

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The IFA is a global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, and presents the latest products and innovations. Let’s take a look at the newest Samsung products, WB750, ST96 and SMX-F70.

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The launch of the wb750, st96, and smx f70 at ifa 2011 in berlin

  1. 1. ULR : http://www.samsungimaging.net/2011/09/02/the-launch-of-the-wb750-st96-and-smx-f70-at-ifa-2011-in-berlin/The Launch of the WB750, ST96, and SMX-F70 at IFA2011 in Berlinby Jonathan KThe IFA is a global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, and presentsthe latest products and innovations. Let’s take a look at the newest Samsung products.WB750The WB750 is the latest camera in the WB series and it launched this year at the IFA.The WB750 is featured with 24mm wide 18x Optical Zoom (Smart Zoom 24x), 12.5MP BSICMOS sensor, Dual Capture (Full HD video 10m Still), and so on.)Featuring their own innovative in-house sensor, lens, and DSP three key component.
  2. 2. Samsung WB750’s specifications:- 24mm wide 18x Optical zoom (Smart zoom 24x)- 12.5MP BSI CMOS sensor- Dual Capture (Full HD Video + 10M Still)- Full HD Recording 1080P, 20fps movie recording- Creative Movie Maker- 2D/3D Action Panorama Shot- 3D Photo- Smart Filter 3.0, Magic Frame- Intelligent AF Bracketing- FD+FR+FT- HDR (High Dynamic Range)- Smart auto 2.0 with Smart FlashWhat are some great things about the Samsung WB750?1. 18X Optical Zoom (Smart Zoom 24x), 24mm WideWith an 18x Optical Zoom, 24x Smart-Zoom and 24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens, it joinsthe WB750 as the perfect accessory. The zoom and the lens guarantee a powerful opticalperformance so users never miss a special moment!2. 12.5 MP BSI CMOS SensorAs we mentioned in the beginning, the WB750 boasts its latest BSI SMOS sensor and it’s forimpressive low-light performance. The BSI CMOS sensors are twice as sensitive asconventional CMOS sensors, which mean less light is needed for properly exposed photos.Pictures are sharper with minimal noise and distortion so even if lit only by the soft glow ofa candle, your photos will be sure to match your memories!3. Dual Capture (Full HD Video + 10M Still)The WB750 provides the Dual Capture function with Full HD video for incredible depths ofcolor and detail. Users are able to take 10 MP photos while recording video in full 1080pHD quality.4. ETCThe WB750 offers Full HD Recording which means you don’t need to carry your digitalcamera and camcorder from now on. Leave your camcorder behind and still create homemovies worthy of your 1080p HDTV! This camera shoots 1920x1080p Full HD video at 30frames per second with life-like colors and is extraordinarily sharp. Furthermore, its H.264format allows longer recording than a camera with MJPEG video allows. There are a lotmore than these functions! For examples, there’s Dual Capture (Full HD+ 10MP Still),Panorama Shot (Live/Action), 3D Photo / 3D Panorama, and HDR functions.
  3. 3. ST96The ST96 is a slim and stylish compact camera which incorporates the latest highperformance with fun features to enable creative and colorful shots from everyone.It features a 14.5 megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor and Dual Capturefunction which helps all different level users create great images; a 26mm wide lens with5x Optical Zoom plus Live, 3D, and Action Panorama Shot functions to cover any newsurrounding(s) or a party to remember in-depth and brilliance; and high speed shootingoffers users to capture moving subjects such as jump shots. The ST96 also boasts Full HDVideo Recording in order to share videos with friends and family in the same brilliantdetail.A function called the “Creative Movie Maker” is for you to be a movie director! Users don’teven need to transfer the photo to a PC! In just four simple steps, you can create acustomized slide show complete with effects and music!
  4. 4. SMX-F70Let’s briefly look over the SMX-F70 that was also launched at the IFA 2011.The SMX-F70 is a new family camcorder which makes great quality video even with anaffordable price. The SMX-F70 is a new family camcorder that captures great quality videoseven with an affordable price.What’s so special about this SMX-F70 camcorder is that it is the only SD camcorder on themarket to offer a CMOS sensor with progressive recording. The F70 offers HD recordingallowing users to capture dynamic videos in intense detail. This camcorder is featured witha powerful 65x intelli-zoom and 52x optical zoom, Schneider Kreuznach lens so that everydetail can be recorded. All family members can use, enjoy, and play with this year afteryear!As said before, Samsung has announced the launch of the latest three products: the WB750,ST96, and SMX-F70 at the IFA 2011 in Berlin! All three products produce incredible qualityimages and videos with awesome features and functions.