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Strenghts defining moments

  1. Strengths - Defining moments
  2. Be honest, open and courageous. 
 Personal Development Protocols Show respect and listen – hands up What is said in the room stays in the room
  3. Challenge 1: Push ups Find your own space on the floor with enough room to do push- ups. This first challenge is to see who in the class can do 50 push-ups. ’“no cheating, backs and knees straight, keep up with the count or you’re out ”

  4. Challenge 2 Laughing VS Non-laughing
  5. Debrief 
 After experiencing these two challenges, what have you noticed about the meaning of the word „strength‟? List as many strengths as you can How is strength defined in different ways? Who here in this room believes they have strength? 

  6. Defining moments a point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified.
  7. Steve Jobs
  8. Harvey Milk
  9. Pair up and find your own space facing each other on the floor. Take a moment to think about one „defining moment‟ from your own lives. This would be a moment when they felt more energised, in flow and overcame all odds to rise above a challenge or achieve something. Your defining moment
  10. Homework Describe your defining moment What strengths did you use?
  11. Using ‘Strengths’ every day Write down five strengths that you identify as your own. Write down what percentage of the time you use this strength Write down an every day moment in your life that stands out when you feel you use some of your strengths at 100% or thereabouts. 
 Imagine what the future and particularly this year look like if you used your 5 strengths at 100%? 

  12. What could you do to practice your strengths more on an every dat basis?