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Cognizant's 20th Anniversary as a Nasdaq-Listed Company
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Cognizant's 20th Anniversary as a Nasdaq-Listed Company

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Cognizant Celebrates 20 Years as Nasdaq-Listed Company; Executives Ring Closing Bell: https://cogniz.at/2Mml93T

As we mark our 20th anniversary as a Nasdaq-listed company, Cognizant is hard at work envisioning and building the digital economy. We do so to support our clients, many of which serve as the pillars of the global economy. With Cognizant as their partner, they’re combining their assets and knowledge with powerful digital technologies to generate new revenue streams, new operating models, and entirely new ways of delighting their customers. As a result, these clients are emerging as a new generation of digital heavyweights. And we’re investing aggressively to continuously build new capabilities to help them Win With Digital.

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