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5 Must Have Sales Pro Tools

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Sales is tough and if you’re not prepared or have the right tools in place, every day can seem like the first day. So how can you become a top producer rather than dreading coming into the office?
During this Small Business Marketing 101 webcast, we'll break down 5 tools every successful sales pro has in their toolbox. We’ll tell you how to uncover new leads for your business. You’ll walk away with:

• The number one selling mistake
• The mindset successful small business owners must have
• A sample schedule for your office

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5 Must Have Sales Pro Tools

  1. 1. 5 Must-Have
  2. 2. Lora Ullerich Brand Journalist @coleinformation Session Framework •Stumbling blocks •Tools for success •5 action points
  3. 3. Housekeeping • $50 Giveaway • Dashboard questions • Get Social: • @coleinformation • Facebook.com/coleinformation
  4. 4. 4 • Cole Information Then & Now • Published in 1947 • Blue Book • Criss-cross directory of addresses and phone numbers • Invaluable information for: • Telemarketing • Debt collection • Law enforcement • Today, web-based lead generation for small business.
  5. 5. Sales is vital More Sales = More Opportunity •Bigger Budget •Larger sales team •More Products/Services •More flexibility
  6. 6. Sales is Tough •Timing: •The ability to deliver an offer when the consumer is likely to be most interested. •Relevant: •Respond to the customer’s unique needs, desires, preferences, attitudes, etc. •Personalized: •Tailor it to your ideal customer.
  7. 7. Combat the Sales Stigma Photo by bonkedproducer Flickr Creative Commons License •Pushy •Annoying •Rude •Dishonest •Hard to handle
  8. 8. Tool Elements •Inform •Consult •Resource
  9. 9. Photo by Chris Devers Flickr Creative Commons License
  10. 10. Optimistic Mindset Erase • Negative thoughts • Doubts words Replace with • “I can do this” • “Absolutely”
  11. 11. Current Lead Source • Target market • Marketing lists • Networking groups
  12. 12. Social Networking Best Practices •Current picture, experience •Regular updates •Join groups, discussions
  13. 13. 15
  14. 14. 16 What Should You Post: •Quotes •Fill in the blank •Questions •Pictures
  15. 15. 17 What Should You Post: •Quotes •Fill in the blank •Questions •Pictures
  16. 16. 18 •88% of consumers consult online reviews prior to purchase. •88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. •61% will recommend a local business via word of mouth •37% via Facebook •12% Twitter •10 Google+ Source: BrightLocal 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey
  17. 17. Effective Communication Build Relationships • Listen • Find Solutions • Educate • Get Personal Action Items • Ask open-ended questions. • What are you trying to accomplish? • Not every call is sales-related. • People buy from people they like & trust.
  18. 18. Gain Focus •Schedule •CRMs •Calendars •Templates •Voice mail
  19. 19. Productivity •“Hi and thanks for calling (your business or service). We appreciate your message and look forward to meeting your needs. Right now we are busy providing high quality service to another customer. We want to provide you with that same level of service. So please leave your name, number, a brief reason for your call and most importantly, your email address as this is the first way we will respond to your message. Thanks and have a great day.”
  20. 20. Sell Cupcakes… •Not the recipe. •Give high-level facts •Avoid confusion •Elevator speech •:30 customer-focused info Flickr via zigazou76
  21. 21. Bonus: Follow Up •Takes 42 hours for follow up •1.63 call back attempts •50% never called/emailed •Best practice: 6-9 call back attempts Source: Insidesales.com/responseaudit
  22. 22. Bonus: Follow Through •Be organized •Make goals •Daily •Month •Quarterly •Have a clear vision •Use resources
  23. 23. Five Action Points • Attitude check • Lead source • Communication • Productivity • Presentation