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Are Customers at the Heart of Your Organization?

  2. THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY . . . is inextricably linked to the inner workings of your organization.
  3. A customer-centric organization always boils down to one thing -- CULTURE THE KEY PIECE OF THE PUZZLE
  4. . . . Has direct impact on customer experience and ultimately revenue. BUT, it can be the biggest challenge to overcome. STATE OF CULTURE
  5. SYMPTOM CHECKER DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION HAVE AN UNHEALTHY CULTURE? SY M P TO M S T R E AT M E N T S O w n e rs h i p m e n t a l i t y L e a d e rs h i p m a t u r i t y D u e l i n g m e t r i c s S h a re d K P I s S i l o e s Wo r k f l o w s L e ga c y A g i l i t y S h i ny p e n ny B e s t f i t If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, seek treatment immediately for the sake of your customer.
  6. REMOVE THE WORD “OWNERS” FROM ORG CHARTS Promote an environment that is leadership oriented. Multiple people can contribute leadership and it will begin to soften the political tone and tug of war. CUSTOMER IMPACT: Studies validate that happy employees have direct impact on customer perception and experience.
  7. MARKETING V. SALES A STORY OF DUELING CONTENT KPIs Meet Marketing Amy. She is measured on generating awareness through content, but isn’t meeting her consumption and amplification goals due to high registration bounce. Meet Sales Joe. His performance is measured by the quality of his leads, so he gates content with an extensive registration form. He’s happy with the small percent that converts because he has deep information on them. Group success will boost future collaboration because teams can begin to share in their achievements. CUSTOMER IMPACT: Collaboration between sales and marketing will improve the decision journey experience and accelerate the path to purchase.
  8. Siloes will not magically go away. Become a workflow expert and develop a MarketingOps mentality. COPING WITH SILOES CUSTOMER IMPACT: Organizational inefficiencies and a lack of collective empathy become the customer’s problem sooner or later.
  9. THE CMO AND CIO FRENEMIES If your hands have historically been tied by IT, now is the time to forage a strategic partnership. The CIO knows that digitalization and Big Data will continue to drive major technology investments. Form a “Legacy to Agility” strategy: Work smarter, faster, together. CUSTOMER IMPACT: They expect the best and same digital experience regardless of device.
  10. BEWARE OF THE SHINY PENNY CUSTOMER IMPACT: The desired experience drives technology decisions, not the other way around. What is the optimal marketing tech stack for you? Be pragmatic. Gather requirements. Evaluate for best fit.
  11. Getting the cooperation and alignment of your sales, marketing, customer service and IT will take time. It will be hard at first but success breeds success – so start slowly, show results and gain buy-in. The ultimate winner will be your customer. IT TAKES TIME
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