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Content Maturity Model

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ComBlu recently researched content maturity models and extrapolated information from multiple sources and augmented these findings with our own institutional knowledge.This infographic summarizes this research and presents a roadmap for growing content competencies inside organizations.

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Content Maturity Model

  1. 1. Approach Process Organization Culture Content Management Distribution Best Practices & Governance Content Analytics Twitter.com/ComBlu 312-649-1687 ComBlu.com Copyright ComBlu, Inc. 2014 Publish or Perish Strategic Roadmap Well-oiled Machine Sales Enablement Create and push content frenetically and randomly Tactical content production Traditional Marcom structure Wild, wild west Decentralized systems and multiple structures Owned Ad hoc roles and processes Web traffic and activity stats Alignment of content roadmap to buying center Content mapped to purchase path with defined processes for who, what, when, where, why Editorial Boards Customer-centric Federated taxonomy Extended ecosystem: earned, owned, shared, paid Defined processes: Persona, topic modeling, content journeys, audits, drive-to approach and evidence-based action plans Tracking performance against decision journey Personalize content to behaviors and patterns Content curated for individual or company Chief Content Officer and publishing structure Customer obsession CRM integration Topic and personalized hubs COE Behaviors and predictive modeling Drive-to conversion assets and eCommerce Content automation at scale Integration of content org with sales, marketing and technology Customer LTV eCommerce integration Dynamic content distribution at point of sale Cross-functional sales and marketing integration Sales-ready leads and conversions Content Maturity Model