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Physiognomy of gdańsk after ii world war comenius project

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Physiognomy of gdańsk after ii world war comenius project

  1. 1. Natural Treasures of Europe XX LO GDAŃSK POLAND Physiognomy of Gdansk after II World War This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This pulication reflects the views only of the authors. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.
  2. 2. 90% buildings located in downtown were destroyed during II World War. The most precious architecture was ruined in March 1945. Because of that, the majority of them was rebuilt or reconstructed. In this town many new modern and well-designed housing estates are very quickly built. Gdańsk is one of the most valuable complex of monuments in Poland. This city is mainly extending towards its south parts.
  3. 3. For 7 years, until 1991, a new housing estate which is called Jasień was being built. There are 1476 apartments (detached- houses, semi-detached houses and blocks of flats).
  4. 4. Gardenia is a new and well-designed housing estate district in Jasień.
  5. 5. Twenty years ago there were arable fields and not many detached houses. Now there there are huge development ventures. In every big piece of land people are building new housing estates. Mostly buildings have not got more than four floors. Łostowice
  6. 6. Since 2000 Łostowice has been nicely develping bacause of many new and beautiful detached or semi-detached houses.
  7. 7. Orunia Górna
  8. 8. This is PGE Arena Gdańsk.
  9. 9. PGE Arena Gdańsk is a football stadium built in 2008-2011. It is located in housing estate which is called Letnica. Lechia Gdańsk, a football team is playing their matches there now.
  10. 10. Piecki-Migowo is a middle- west district commonly called Morena. It is on morena hills which height is under 100 metres above sea level. This housing estate is situated near the Trójmiejski National Park. Our school- XX Secondary School in Gdańsk is located right here.
  11. 11. Przymorze is a housing estate in the north part of Gdańsk. There are many shopping centers but we can find there also many nice houses.
  12. 12. A wavy block is a type of building which looks like a wave. They are only in Poland and Italy. In Poland they were built in sixties and seventies.
  13. 13. This building is 32 metres high, 13 metres wide, 860 long and is world-famous. It is the second longest object in the world. In Gdańsk we have seven wavy blocks in Przymorze and one in Nowy Port.
  14. 14. The tourist center of Gdańsk is Main Town because of the old mounumets which are there.
  15. 15. Although these buildings were built before II World War, they were later renovated because during the war they were destroyed.
  16. 16. Sources: http://www.mmtrojmiasto.pl http://www.trojmiasto.pl http://pl.wikipedia.org http://www.gdansk.pl http://morena.mojeosiedle.pl All the photos in the presentation were taken on our own.