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  1. when LEGO caught the Cluetrain how adult fans changed a kids toy company
  2. The views in this presentation do not reflect the opinion of anyone but the bonehead you see standing in front of you. These opinions certainly don't reflect the opinions of any clients or employers (especially that drunken cabinet maker from high school - man that guy was weird). If any of the information in this presentation is helpful, that's due to the sheer brilliance of the speaker. If anything is incorrect, questionable, or problematic, blame my past employment agreement for not allowing me to properly share the deeper details of the project with you. Nothing in this agreement is a trade secret, but if the insights scare you, please don't sue me.
  3. The Social Web a story
  4. Back to the Future....
  5. the dream
  6. the dream job
  7. “a powerful global conversation has begun.”
  8. “markets are conversations”
  9. inside Fort Business
  10. “what do you mean you don’t know?!?”
  11. 4 problems
  12. back to the Cluetrain...
  13. Cluetrain Manifesto #52 “Paranoia kills conversation. That’s its point. But lack of open conversation kills companies.”
  14. “we don’t accept unsolicited ideas”
  15. what is “secret”?
  16. skip the NDA
  17. discomfort lack of trust protectionism
  18. #77 “You’re too busy ‘doing business’ to answer our email? Oh gosh, sorry, gee, we’ll come back later. Maybe.”
  19. rity! ajo m
  20. the minority?
  21. “fans are weird”
  22. ... yes, fans are weird.
  23. but when this is the perception...
  24. ... time for a culture shift.
  25. OLD WAY Company Customer
  26. MORE RECENTLY Company Customer
  27. TODAY Higher Calling Company Customer
  28. LEGO... a creative medium
  29. #50 “The org chart is hyperlinked, not hierarchical.”
  30. air cover + tenacity
  31. Cluetrain Manifesto #85 “When we have questions we turn to each other for answers.”
  32. Cluetrain Manifesto #72 “We like this new marketplace much better. In fact, we’re creating it.”
  33. “you’re insane.”
  34. is it worth it?
  35. back to basics
  36. $500 + 5,000 pieces
  37. design it, buy it, receive it
  38. live it, play it
  39. Wired
  40. Better Building Experience Cooler sets Multiple Ages Healthy Bottom Line
  41. Paranoia kills conversation Small groups can mean big power Air Cover + Tenacity = Success Community solves its own problems
  42. image credits • Delorean: • Stop Sign: • Secret: • LEGO Sand Castle: • Klingon: • Aircraft Carrier: • LEGO Sets are (c) The LEGO Group • All other photos are used with permission or are (c) Jake McKee
  43. how LEGO caught the Cluetrain Jake McKee Chief Ant Wrangler Ant’s Eye View 214.566.5957