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ICT as Business Development Service

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Presenting some basic concepts and lessons from common VCD, BDS and ICT4D publications to help orient our C4C program

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ICT as Business Development Service

  1. 1. ICT inEconomicDevelopment: Focus onValueChains
  2. 2. Livelihoods and chains
  3. 3. Actors in and aroundValueChains
  4. 4. Present ICT based VC services in C4C funded project:• Co-ordination within producer organizations (Kenya, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Mali), or• between producer organization and buyer(s) (Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mali)• Certification (Zambia (Organic Export), Bolivia (Local Organic, aided with GPS) and Quality management (Burkina Faso)• Access to Crop Protection information (Bolivia, Kenya)• Marketing (Peru, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso)
  5. 5. Successful market based ICT projects(according to Hystra)• Focused on customers’ ability and willingness to pay, rather than on identified social needs and supposed demand.• Built from the ground-up through a trial and error, flexibly evolving based on end-user feedback.• Capturing adequate share of customer’s mind and wallet (through a related set of services) to recoup investment and to minimize marketing expenses once an ICT channel is built.• A wide range of services, combining varied revenue streams. ICT4D is a low price-high volume market, with unit price of each service in the order of magnitude of a few cents to a few dollars at best.
  6. 6. Somebasicguidelinesonmarketconfo rmity:• focus on changing processes and behavior and not just solving identified problems• avoid taking up functions that are part of the business cycle (i.e. take care not to substitute local entrepreneurs)• work with existing commercial initiatives and do not establish new marketing channels that are not sustainable, even if they offer fairer terms for farmers during the project life span• do not set up interventions which compete with existing business and other services, unless you are very sure about their viability and sustainability• address market imperfections and withdraw when markets function
  7. 7. ICT service transactions. Provider- Customerrelation?