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Pecha Kuch – Trips You Should Definitely Make In Your Lifetime- By Sanjay P A

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Pecha Kucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (six minutes and 40 seconds in total). Compassites held Pecha Kucha session as team activity. This session is about "Trips You Should Definitely Make In Your Lifetime" *All company names, product names, logos, images included in this presentation may be registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. No copyright violation intended on images sourced from Google searches.

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Pecha Kuch – Trips You Should Definitely Make In Your Lifetime- By Sanjay P A

  1. 1. Welcome to Compassites! Copyright © 2012 www.compassitesinc.com Copyright © 2005 - 2013 Compassites
  2. 2. Pecha Kucha Session On Trips You Should Definitely Make In Your Lifetime Copyright © 2012 www.compassitesinc.com Copyright © 2005 - 2013 Compassites
  3. 3. Pecha Kuch Session by Sanjay P A Lifestyle And Culture Of Coorg
  4. 4. Trips You Should Definitely Make In Your Lifetime
  5. 5. Scenic Beauty Of Kashmir • Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent • This is the view of Dal lake in Srinagar • Boat houses are available and can be booked online. • Kashmir is also very famous for Kesar and they are expensive too.
  6. 6. Ride a bike from Manali to Leh The journey is a paradise for true blue bikers. Offering one of the best routes to ride in the world, this majestic highway stretches for over 475 Km. Summers in Leh Ladakh stretch from June to September. Ride a bike from Delhi to Leh Distance: 990 km Travel route: Delhi- - Chandigarh -- Mandi - Kullu - Manali - Rohtang La - Kokhsar - Tandi - Keylong - Darcha - Sarchu - Pang - Upshi - Leh .
  7. 7. Go for a Yak Safari in Ladakh. • Yak Riding is popular and exciting experience in Ladakh. • In winter there will be lot of snow about 4-5 feet's. Travelling is very difficult hence Yaks were domesticated. • Nomads used this mode of transport but now it has become a tourist attraction. • Yak ride up the hill is fun.
  8. 8. Camp out in the Thar Desert • Say goodbye to hotel rooms and stay in the dunes of Thar desert. Shacks are amazing and fun to stay in. • The Thar Desert is undoubtedly one of the major attractions • Camel ride during the sunset. • Evening cultural programs/folk music will be on.
  9. 9. Catch the Beating Retreat at Wagah Border. • Get a dose of patriotism • Attend the "Lowering Of The Flags" Ceremony at the Wagah Border. • It is the only road crossing the border of India (Punjab) and Pakistan. • Celebrate the extravagant ceremony that occurs here every day before the sun sets.
  10. 10. Go river rafting in Rishikesh This is the adventure sport for the masses. Even if you haven't done it before, with a short briefing from some friendly rafting instructors, you'll be taking on the rapids of the Ganga in no time!
  11. 11. Go party at the Sunburn Festival in Goa Under the open skies amidst the scenic surroundings of Candolim Beach, grove endlessly to heart-thumping music along with thousands of young people from across the globe. Dates : 23rd of December through to the 27th of December 2014
  12. 12. Take a jungle safari to Corbett National Park • Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 • Named after a great hunter of man eaters. • It is just a day away from Delhi, it is a must visit destination to get away from all the hustle & bustle of the city.
  13. 13. Take a boat ride in the Sunderbans. A 300 year old temple, a crocodile’s den, the largest mangrove eco-system in the world, they are known for breathing roots and it a land of white tigers. They are also one of the large fishing grounds in India.
  14. 14. Go catch the Aero show in Bangalore. 27 countries bring the best of aerospace technology in the world to Yelahanka, Bangalore. What's more, they show it off for everyone to go "Woah!" at. The aerobatics are a must watch! This is a 3 day or a 5 day even.
  15. 15. Attend Dasara in Mysore. The ideal place to celebrate the grandeur of Dasara is the majestic Mysore. For at this time, the city is beautifully lit up and the entire city partakes in the merry making.
  16. 16. Take a drive through the forests of Bandipur Bandipur is a Tiger Reserve in Mysore, Karnataka. The best part about it is that you can hire a jeep to take you through the preserve and chances of Tiger sightings are really high!
  17. 17. Visit the temple & boulders of Hampi. Visit the ancient temples in Hampi! Marvel at the architecture and intricate stone carvings that tell a thousand stories. This was the capital of the Hindu empire,Vijayanagara, who ruled the south India during 14th to 16th century AD.
  18. 18. Start off on a trek to Dudhsagar Falls. waterfall located on the Karnataka & Goa boarder. Instead of taking the normal route to Dudhsagar Falls, trekking would be great to enjoy the nature. Konkan railways pass on the bridge of this falls.
  19. 19. Go to Gokarna & do nothing! Relax on the lazy beaches, take in the scenery and pristine waters and enjoy yourself by doing just about nothing.
  20. 20. Backwaters of kumarakom and alleppey
  21. 21. Cycle through the Nilgiris in the month of December.
  22. 22. Mist covered hills of kodaikanal
  23. 23. Go scuba diving in the Andamans. With its silver sands and clear, turquoise waters, the Andamans are heaven for water babies. Go for a scuba tour & swim along the vibrant fish & corals.
  24. 24. Visit Coorg, the Scotland of India.
  25. 25. Thank You Offices Bangalore Dover Online Email : info@compassitesinc.com Web : www.compassitesinc.com