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Principals product challenge

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Extra information relating to my idea for a portable gait analysis application.

Useful links as in presentation:

A comparative study between the current systems by myself (please download for best reading):

The Vicon system website:

Coda system website:

Silicon Coach website:

Gait analysis:

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Principals product challenge

  1. 1. Gait Analysis Software Idea By Conor Sheehan
  2. 2.  The Idea Function People who will benefit Current Alternatives Comparison to Alternatives Continuing to Built Upon Useful Links Summary
  3. 3. “To design a portable gait analysis softwareprogram that would run on Tablet PCs, utilisingtheir inbuilt cameras, (or alternatively on aLaptop with a suitable external camera).With this device seeing its primarily functionaluse in hospitals and clinics, giving clinicians atool to quickly analysis a person’s gait, whileinstantaneously getting feedback from thestreamed camera.”
  4. 4.  So what actually is gait analysis and how will it be incorporated into a device such as a Tablet PC? First gait analysis is: “the systematic study of human locomotion, using the eye and the brain of observers and improved with augmented instrumentation for measuring body movements, mechanics, and the activity of the muscles. Gait analysis is used to assess, plan, and treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk.” How will my device work? The application will work with a Tablets camera, it will display the person being captured on screen while the operator (clinician) positions the device and can select landmarks on the screen allowing points to be placed and hence lines drawn and angles calculated. These points will then be able to follow the person (on screen) and after a set distance compare the results (step length, distance, angles etc.) against a normal range and also give suggestions of the problem areas. It can then later be used to compare follow up results.
  5. 5.  Although not an exclusive list, these professionals would be most likely to benefit most from the use of this device, as gait analysis is a key part of their work and currently is widely only analysed by eye. The list includes: ◦ Physical Therapists ◦ Podiatrists ◦ Prosthetists ◦ Orthotists ◦ And Doctors in related fields
  6. 6. Vicon System Coda System Video Camera with Visual Silicon Coach Software used after ObservationAbout Fully set up lab, Sees use in some Fast video capture Most widely used mainly only for clinics, manly only that itself can be method, as isMethod research, large for 2D imaging and replayed (good for considered “free” space consumption force analysis and patients who tire and faster than special patient easily) Software setting up cases only sees benefit in equipment research currentlyCost Up to a million High Cheapest Hardware N/A pound+ costs and program of minimum costsPortable No Yes, but equipment Yes N/A consists of about 30kg+Ease of use Requires Requires Simple recording Requires highly specialised training specialised training method, and trained eye and and understanding and understanding software knowledge of equipment if any of equipment if any application is a hardware problems hardware problems basic and easy to arise arise useData Output Accurate 2D and Accurate 2D and Basic results with Can be highly 3D results, with full 3D results, with full all measurements accurate but all factors and all factors and having to be observations may parameters parameters inserted manually also, not be considered considered and so long length quantitative or of time for use objective
  7. 7.  About Method: ◦ My idea is to allow for a small Tablet PC and camera be used in a clinical environment as an accurate and needed tool for video capture, that further allows for review and gives suggested problems and then solutions based on the present data. Cost: ◦ As I am incorporating the device into a tablet and so the cost mainly lies in that (average tablet price about £250-£300 for a well built device), the other element would be the price of the application, that could not be decided until it is actually created. But overall the end product would be in the £300 (Tablet and application) range bracket (estimate). ◦ But for the future a solely exclusively designed medical Tablet device is my goal to design that would allow for a more optimized product for its setting and should lower the overall cost. Portability: ◦ It is one of the key concepts of my device to be portable and be used in hand by the professional. Ease of use: ◦ Like most modern technology, I wish to make it as easy to use as possible and be able to be used straight away when picked up. Data Output: ◦ Another concept I have already discussed is that the software will run with the live stream of the camera to give results at the end of the video capture. Again unique to my idea.
  8. 8. What my objectives are with Currently thethis device from start to idea:finish. With help, advice and brainstorming for best way forward Designing of Implementing and Putting it into production and selling Software testing the Product to the Health Sector For the future design a full Medical use Tablet allowing uses in other medical areas, not just gait analysis.
  9. 9.  To finally reiterate all what my idea is, how its different and my motivations that I hope will drive it forward. The idea is to create a portable gait analysis application that could be used on both a Tablet or PC with use of a camera. The devices primary role is as a tool to quickly analysis a person’s gait in hospitals and clinical settings. The idea is unique in that it will bring together the areas of: ◦ Portability ◦ Cost ◦ Ease of use ◦ And quick data output And finally I have a strong self motivation and commitment to this idea and I strongly believe in the need for it and so hope to push this idea forward to see it in use one day soon.
  10. 10.  A comparative study between the current systems by myself (please download for best reading):http://www.slideshare.net/conoranthony/gait-analysis-report The Vicon system website:http://www.vicon.com/applications/gait_analysis.html Coda system website:http://www.codamotion.com/index.php Silicon Coach website:http://www.siliconcoach.co.uk/#0 Gait analysis:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gait_analysis