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Bpr Ppt 8th Feb2011

  1. The Times that we live in… Highly Competitive Stressful Growth oriented Rapidly changing environment Need rapid adaptation
  2. Self The Demands of Today’s Lifestyle Due to our pre-occupations, stress and strain our health suffers ……. Spiritual Intellectual & Emotional Friends & Relatives Finance Leisure Work Environment Health & Fitness Career Physical Family Society Humanitarian
  3. NOW… It is possible to know which organ of your body is dys-functioning and making you more prone to ill health even before you physically see any noticeable symptoms. It empowers you to take preventive measures & also plan your Personalized Wellness Program It also helps in striking a better balance in the other facets of your life Through ….
  4. BPR System - A unique CE Certified German Device
  5. Features, Advantages & Benefits of BPR System Payback fast and easy. Less expensive than most other diagnostic and biofeedback systems. Affordable Immediate effective use. Operates in Windows format. Simplistic Energy imbalances can be easily seen on the Biopulsar. Helps in preventing illness. Help clients improve their energy weaknesses before they manifest into a physical symptoms. Preventative Medicine Can be operated by staff. Suitable for all levels of users. Easy to Operate Compact and easy to take anywhere! Operates from a laptop and fits into a carrying case. Portable Ask the energy specialist and a seasoned system user. Staffed by an expert Doctor and Educator Support Hotline Ability to record client's progress over a period of time. Documents all parameters read Record and Replay Function Ideal for accurate meridian & pulse diagnostics and in-depth biofeedback analysis. All the sensors are measured at the same time and in real time (500ms) thereby reducing errors. Simultaneous Measuring of 50 Hand Reflex Zones in Real Time Ideal for: Remedy & Product Testing, Pulse Diagnosis (TMC, Ayurvedic, etc.), Aura and Mental as well as Holistic and Psychological Counselling, and Control Therapy to name a few applications. Other systems give generalized reports on data read including possible symptoms, remedies and treatments; whereas, the Biopulsar can be used to gain deeper insight into the body and mind connection. Reflex Zone Biofeedback of Complete Body via 50 Organs Instant view of 50 organs (body parts) and their energy levels. Can be used by licensed professionals and therapists wanting a tool to analyze organ vitality levels. Pure Pulse Diagnosis Exclusive only to the Biopulsar. The only system on the market that measures 49 organs via the reflex zones. Indirect Meridian Testing Repeatability of Vitality Measurements. Accuracy in ability to analyze full body analysis. Over 140 Measuring Stations Several years ahead of any other energy diagnostic system. No other alternate system technology in the market is as advanced in its capabilities. State of the Art Technology Benefits Advantages Features
  6. Basis of ATM-BPR System
  7. Business Drivers - USPs : Refer The FAB (Features, Advantages & Benefit) slide . No threat of any Serious competition for next few years Technology advanced Critical Tool to: Design specific individualized Health & Fitness Programs. Hence adds value as well as get Client’s involvement to existing Health & Fitness programs. Design specific individualized Corporate HR Programs. Patient Compliance & Therapy Progress Management for all segments. HENCE Complementary support tool for all Health & Wellness Practitioners. Valuable insights into an Individual’s : Specific Organs Energy Level status + Physical (43 Organs) & Mental Health Profile = Entire perspective of Individual’s Physical & Mental Health. Providing guidance on therapy / treatment for one’s progress, health & happiness. Suitable for all - Children, Healthy, Health & Fitness Enthusiasts as well as sick Persons. Non-invasive Test in One Minute . (No Medicines, No Syringes, No Electromagnetic Radiations.) Applications Functions
  10. The Times of India .. 13 th November 2010
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  13. For More Information Contact: Shettigar V Director Kanchanjunga Healthcare Pvt Ltd Tel : 022-64518341 Email: [email_address] http:// We welcome you for a hands-on-experience to our First Model Centre in India : ‘ My Wellness Centre ’ … The Next Level in Wellness and Well Being