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Helping P&L managers, plan, track and communicate in real time with their teams so that they achieve their strategic objectives

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  1. 1. Product Overview Put your strategy to work Helix is a collaborative goal management software. It helps your organization communicate what is delivered and by whom, to ensure you successfully meet your upcoming targets. It enables you to work in a unique cross organizational and cross project-portfolio approach. Click here to see Helix in action (2 min) “Using My Single Point we moved from spending two weeks on gathering the data, and one hour left for making a decision to one hour spent on getting the data and two weeks to properly making a decision, My Single Point is our strategic compass” Deputy CEO, Central Bank in EMEA (Integrated to PPM, CPM, SAP) "We saved 25% in direct expenses, investing our savings in P&L and diverting operational expenses to capital investments which significantly improved our time-to- market" Yehuda Grossman, Senior VP and CIO, Menora Mivtachim Structure Goals and Accountabilities  Structure your organizational goals, cascading from the strategic plan, down to specific goals for each business unit.  Split and delegate your goals to your management team, by assigning them measurable targets.  Continuously track goal progress based on aggregated actuals.
  2. 2. Manage Goals Execution  Set timely distributed targets for each goal, and add supporting deliverables and milestones right on the same view using a single timeline.  Define the contribution of each deliverable and milestone to your targets to ensure efforts are aligned with your goals.  Clearly communicate the goal plan across the organization, to establish commitment of the participants.  Track the execution of milestones and KPIs, and see their impact on the progress of your goals. Collaborate within Context  Run effective digitalized meetings around goal execution, including managing decisions, action items and documents, all with full audit.  Enable the goal team to communicate and collaborate in the context of the goal, crossing the barriers of organizational structure.  Access real-time information from your mobile.
  3. 3. Act on Insights, Not on Data  Get concise insights about the progress of your plan, including the root cause and possible impacts.  Keep a focused discussion with the relevant managers around insights, to quickly resolve impediments, and to stay on track.  Stay on top of what's important, by listening to the feed of insights, and joining the conversation. Technical Capabilities  Integrate your existing operational and BI systems to stream actual performance data.  Mobile access to insights, conversations and quick updates.  Highly available and secure, either on-demand or on premise. What Makes Helix Unique? No other solution brings together goals performance and what is done in order to achieve them, across the organization and across the project portfolios. Helix is remarkably simple to use, making it the standard tool for P&L managers to drive their enterprise. Benefits  Manage your business from a single point  Drive your management team towards effectively meeting their goals  Establish collaboration and accountability across business unit Within a month you’ll ask yourself how you've managed without it! Vision: We are here to revolutionize how enterprises manage their business by reshaping the way goals are planned, communicated, executed and achieved. Customers: More than three dozen blue-chip enterprises in the financial, Telco and Healthcare verticals. www.itaasc.com | info@itaasc.com | 18 avenue Jean XXIII, Rixensart, Belgium