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My Single Point performance management

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My Single Point is a leading supplier of Enterprise Execution Software. Our Blue-chip customers use My Single Point to translate their strategy from the board-room to execution across the enterprise. Our modular platform ensures business goals and directives are effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization.

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My Single Point performance management

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Innovation Execution Performance Management Budget Portfolio Management Project Portfolio & Demand Management Resource Governance (Demand vs Supply)
  2. 2. 2 3 Turn the most complicated projects into smaller pieces with assigned accountable actions. Integrate your corporate strategy into the daily work plan. Cascade projects and assignments throughout your organization to ensure clear communication with relevant KPIs to streamline your strategic execution. 1. Define the strategic plan 2. Break down the plan to measurable KPIs and assign them to the relevant owners 3. Define the frequency of sampling, targets and checkpoints 4. Manage any corrective actions in the event of off-target KPIs PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: GUARANTEED NAVIGATION OF STRATEGY EXECUTION My Single Point’s Performance Management enables the clear definition, granular understanding and adoption of all corporate goals and activities assigned with relevant KPIs. Whether you start from the top, bottom or both, every manager and employee across the organization becomes part of the company’s strategy execution, and is accountable to connect strategic goals with their day-to-day work routine. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Your company is undergoing business transformation – a massive reorganization, a merger or an acquisition. With so many activities are going on, the risk of losing sight of strategic goals is high. Why not simplify the processes by integrating accountability and transparency by adding strategic goals into the daily work plan? A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO ENSURE STRATEGY EXECUTION FOUR SIMPLE STEPS TO ENSURE STRATEGY EXECUTION
  3. 3. 4 5 END-TO-END STRATEGY EXECUTION MADE FAST & SIMPLE Furthermore, when linking this pillar with Product Portfolio and Demand Management, all projects and initiatives will be directly linked to KPIs as part of the business case. This allows a “what-if” modeling simulation to answer questions such as “What would the business impact be if a particular project was cancelled.” With My Single Point, the language of change, expectations and KPIs are found on the same dashboard. Information is cascaded in all relevant directions for effective communication. This is in contrast to working in a non-productive, siloed way like on departmental spreadsheets. Thanks to its structured flexibility, decisions, and suggestions for changes can be discussed and agreed upon using this unified forum while working towards common goals. Most importantly, My Single Point turns competing groups into a single company, focusing all the energy and resources on strategy implementation resulting in better performance and improved results. Each pillar of My Single Point can be deployed quickly, with a proof of concept ready within a few days or weeks. There is no programming, scripting languages or technical knowledge required. Most users need just an hour or two to master the system, and with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can customize it easily to accommodate changing needs as you move forward with your plan. Take the smoother, easier path with My Single Point Strategy Execution Suite which adds structured flexibility to a large, complex enterprise. Get tangible results when you implement wide organizational integration with the company’s strategic objectives. MAINTAIN FOCUS ON THE PLANNED VERSUS ACTUAL STRATEGIC GOALS CONNECT TRANSFORMATION GOALS TO BUDGET, RESOURCES, CAPABILITIES AND RISKS, PROVIDING END-TO-END CONTROL OF THE STRATEGIC EXECUTION ENABLE EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION ACROSS THE COMPANY AROUND THE GOALS SIMPLIFY A COMPLEX PLAN AND DELEGATE ACCOUNTABILITY WITH TRANSPARENCY FOR EACH OBJECTIVE EVEN IN TIMES OF COMPANY-WIDE CHANGE, BY USING MY SINGLE POINT’S PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PILLAR YOU WILL:
  4. 4. DATA CAPTURE |DATA MODELING (EA) |WORKFLOW | WHAT-IF MODELING DASHBOARD & ANALYTICS |BI-DIRECTIONAL INTEGRATION | BUSINESS LOGIC ENFORCEMENT Strategy Execution Performance Management Budget Portfolio Management Innovation Execution Project Portfolio & Demand Management Resource Governance (Demand vs Supply) THE FIVE PILLARS OF SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY EXECUTION 6 7 The full My Single Point Strategy Execution Suite contains five modular pillars, each offering the innovative tools to achieve your transformation goals. Companies can choose to start with one and then add more. Or, you can choose to implement the whole package from the start. Each pillar is customized to your needs, you don’t have to adjust your company to the tool. USE MY SINGLE POINT FOR COMPLETE CORPORATE ALIGNMENT IN YOUR STRATEGY EXECUTION THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS Budget Portfolio Management supports your annual planning and execution to align your strategic goals, work plan, budgets, and resources. Resource Governance gives you a clear picture of available resources, human resources, skills, and knowledge in the proper organizational structure to support your strategic goals. Project Portfolio & Demand Management ensures that new projects or demands from business units and IT align with corporate strategic goals. Ensure projects are clearly planned and understood before you start them. Innovation Execution encourages innovation yet keeps proposals consistent with your strategic goals. 1 . 2. 3. 4.
  5. 5. info@msp-gs.com www.msp-gs.com ABOUT MY SINGLE POINT (MSP) My Single Point is a leading supplier of Enterprise Strategy Execution software. Customers use My Single Point to translate their strategy from the board-room to execution across the enterprise. Our modular solution ensures business goals and directives are effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization to guarantee a strategy’s success. For more information, write at info@msp-gs.com or visit www.msp-gs.com